Friday 13 December 2013

Advent Day Thirteen

Peter, do you want to help me find the door for today?  Sally asks.

Yes, sure.  It must be here somewhere!  Peter replies.

Peter and Sally hunt for the door and eventually find it....

...right down on the bottom right hand corner.

There it is!  Peter points towards it.

Sally sits down to open the door.

Oooh...look a little package inside.  She says.

Got it Peter!  Shall we see what is inside?  Sally asks.

Oh how sweet, two little rabbits and a carrot for them!  Peter says.

Peter is quite taken by the little rabbits.

A carrot to add to the vegetable collection.

Two little rabbits.

There they look like they have settled in already.  Sally tells Peter.

Look the rabbits are nibbling the hay.  Peter says.

It is getting busier in this little Winter Wonderland scene.

Sally has her Christmas photo taken.

Sally is  a 1972 wide face blonde blue gingham with a half centre part.
She is another girl who came to me in May 2011 (yes definitely a trend here for me!)  from Ted Menton in USA.  

Can you tell I really like my early 70s blondes?


  1. Those little bunnies remind me of the Lindt chocolate Easter bunnies.
    Couldn't they be eating the carrott themselves now instead of it being put into the basket or is that not allowed until Christmas Day?
    (Just noticed that there looks like there are going to be two little fox cubs as well as the vixen hidden behind the windows.)

    1. Well it seems I have no control over what happens, and these two insisted the carrot be placed on the sled for Santa to deliver!

      Yes I hope they are going to be friendly foxes...we have had enough of the variety that eat small animals!

  2. Sally is so lovely in her darling snowman dress!! I, too, thought of chocolate when I saw the cute bunnies. What a lovely scene :)

    1. Ah, how I must be deprived... I didn't see chocolate bunnies when these two little rabbits appeared! ;-)


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