Sunday 21 June 2015

Dawn's "Sasha lunch - 'Midsummer Meet and Eat'

What a lovely way to spend Midsummers Day, but at a Sasha event at the lovely Dawn's place.  Just going to Dawn's is a treat in itself as she lives in the most idyllic place in the country and it is just so wonderfully quiet and peaceful.

A good crowd met and it wasn't long before all the lovely Sasha and Gregors were out on display for all to admire.

These two look ready for some excitement!

Just loved these two lads on the left.

Dee's lovely group.

Joyce's wonderful dolls.

Another fantastic group

Another lovely group, some of whom are Jane's lovely girls.  (Maybe all?)

Gillian's sweet foursome.

Doll Mum's group and Judith's three.

Jocelyn's group and Henry

Trish and Tricia;s girls (I think, feel free to let me know if I have this wrong)

Of course the day wouldn't be complete without a drool over Dawn's fabulous pram collection.

Sarah and her Aunt....eyeing up the lunch table...

Jocelyn and Theresa

Dee and DollMum's daughter setting up a scene.

What a cute photo!

The lovely Gillian.

Laura (whose person is Doll Mum's daughter)  and Henry walking through the garden.

Henry admires how well Laura has co-ordinated her beautiful dress with the flowers.

They continue their walk.

Having a little sit down.

Henry is impressed as Laura also likes to climb trees...even in her best dress!

Of course I had to take advantage of Dawn's most gorgeous property by walking round it and taking a 'few' photographs.  


Thank you Dawn once again for hosting such wonderful luncheon and day. Also thanks to Rosie for cooking some of the fabulous dishes that were available.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I am sure everyone else did as well.

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Some Knitwear Orders.

In April and May I knitted some orders for customers and haven't as yet shown them on her.

First up is this lovely Apricot tunic dress with matching beret.

This was a really lovely colour.

Modelled by the delightful Alice

Buttons up at the bacck.

Next up I was asked to make a couple of dresses with a longer length and short sleeves.

First up, modelled by the gorgeous Monica is the yellow dress.

I quite like this longer length and I think it looks great on Monica.

Second was a light blue dress, also modelled by Monica.

Haven't done much knitting for a while now as my arm has been misbehaving!   But hopefully will get back into doing some more knitting soon.