Saturday 23 August 2014

Molly & The Little House on the Prairie

Molly is a fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder and just loves the Little House on the Prairie stories.  She has been wanting a dress in the style of Laura's dresses for a long time and I finally got round to making one for her earlier this week, ready for her to wear on a day out on Thursday.  She knew we were going to see DollMum and her daughter and have a  'Cowboys, Country girls and Indians' themed day and so thought it would be just perfect for the occasion.  An apron/pinafore is still yet to come, but she seemed okay with that as we both agreed our first two prototypes just weren't quite what was wanted.

She wanted to show off the dress which suits her perfectly.

Of course she had to have her hair plaited just like Laura's as well.

So whilst the fabric is not quite in keeping with the time period, we are making do with what we have in our stash rather than buying more, it doe suit the style of dress.

Fortunately she Molly found a  pair of red lace up boots in the shoe cupboard and thinks they go quite well with the dress.

Molly is such a sweet girl.

As such, there are rather a few photos of her!

Molly eventually decided that enough photos had been taken and returns to reading her book.

Monday 11 August 2014

Boy in Garden - 13

Yes, it is finally Henry's turn to feature in my 'Boy in Garden' series....I caught some shots of him today while he was having a wander around the garden...of course he delighted in pointing out things that needed doing...the grass has grown a huge amount in the week we have been away and thus the lawn needs mowing.  Yet despite that there are huge cracks in the lawn.  He thinks the pallets leaning up against the tree are not only good for climbing, but might make ideal tree house building material.  The pond needs the green growth clearing somewhat as well.  I did explain that I had been busy all day clearing out, cleaning and rearranging the Cavy shed today, while he and others seemed to be oblivious to the hard work that had been going on....

Sunday 10 August 2014

Henry in Wales

Henry has just enjoyed a week away in Wales and has posted the first of his holiday photos here  (Click on the word 'here' to be taken to the page.