Tuesday 30 April 2013

Going for a walk.

It was such a lovely afternoon, that Henry decided to leave alone the dare devil antics alone for the day and take his little brother Ollie and his dog Humphrey for a walk instead.

Ollie seems quite taken with Humphrey.

Where are we going?

A busy sewing day

I have been busy sewing today...

Using the rest of the Victorian Christening gown, plus part of another for the sleeves I have made another Studio Style dress

Modelled by the lovely Monica, my gorgeous brunette.

Unfortunately the brightness washed out the detail in the bodice.

I finished some mix and match outfits for the boys, modelled here by Rory

There is a red set, a green set and the black set above.  Just need to take the rest of the photos.

None of my boys got a tuatara shirt last year when I made them, so I might keep this one for them.  I purposely put the button holes on the opposite side due to wanting to feature the two heads :-)

I think Rory might want to keep this....

Next up is Henry wearing a Paua Shell shirt, alongside his little brother Ollie who has on a pair of dungarees.

I put the pockets on too low!  Never mind, I am sure Ollie won't complain.

Loving the shirt with the blue joggers.

I'm really liking Henry in blue.

I also made a little pair of shorts and a top for Xanthe (who usually features on my other blog)

Monday 29 April 2013

I believe I can fly...

What do you get when you mix this:

and boys...

Superman try outs!

I believe I can fly!

All I have to do is try!

How's this Mum?

Nearly there

Perhaps I need more height?

What do you think?

Or maybe higher?

Is this high enough?  Do you think I can fly?

Hang on a minute though, I am missing some crucial parts of my costume - red underwear, yellow belt, red cape and red boots!  I can't fly without those...Mummmmmm!

For Sale: Shame she must find a new home.

I keep changing my mind about this lovely girl, (as she was in the first group of girls my husband bought me) but really she must find a new home...partly because I need new glasses/lenses thanks to the buffoon who knocked them off my lap and stood on them as he tried to barge his way past me at a concert last week.  Selling her will at least get me HALF way there!  If you are interested in buying her please email me.  

£250 with free postage in the UK
Postage overseas will have to be added.
I may be open to sensible offers. :-)

She is a  1971 Blonde Gingham girl has pale blue eyes with lovely soft blonde silky two tone hair.  She has her original stringing which is in good order and she can pose nicely as shown in the photos below.  Her face paint is good, her eyes especially lovely, although her eyebrows are a little faded.  She has a tiny pin prick to the side of her neck which isn't that noticeable and can either be covered with her hair or repaired by someone knowledgeable, however this does not detract from her beauty.  She comes wearing her original dress with press studs and pants, although the elastic needs replacing which is common with clothing of this age.  Her shoes are later 70s Mary Janes and replacement socks.  She retains her original large silver tag. 

Sunday 28 April 2013

It's been a red kind of day...

Claudius just adores his big brother Rory and follows him around everywhere if he gets the opportunity.  I think this photo sums up how much he looks up to him.

Getting the three boys together and still for a photo shoot takes some doing!

Even cheeky Ginger George behaved  himself....I was to find out later he must have been promised a ride in trolley in the garden as when I looked out later this is what I saw:

Cousin Hamish stepped up to the occassion by pulling the trolley.

I would have loved to have known what they were discussing, but could only guess as it was too cold for me outside!

I see both Kermit and Ginger George's monkey also went for the ride.

Ah, it looks like Claudius must have asked for a ride as well.

What great boys they are!

It also looks like Judie and Julie decided to go for a stroll in the garden as well.  I wonder what they were discussing?

Saturday 27 April 2013

Liquorice Allsorts...

One good thing about not having bought any Sasha dolls for some time and also now having less is that I have been enjoying the ones I have more and 'rediscovering' them and their personalities.

I am especially enjoying Cora at the moment and when I saw this pretty dress I just had to have it for her.  I know I am on a 'Challenge of the Utmost Kind' to only make their clothes for the year (with some exceptions which can be read about on the post highlighted above) but sometimes things just happen.  I decided that I deserved to buy this pretty little outfit for her, having made rather a lot of clothes that I have given away to various people and friends and well, quite frankly that evening I was tired, sore and upset, and what better pick me up?

Well I am absolutely delighted I did and feel no guilt what so ever as it is all I expected and more and really suits Cora, who I have discovered very much likes feminine outfits and is not quite the 'tomboy' I had at first taken her for.

What do you think?  Isn't she just delightful in this gorgeous dress?

We have recently heard of the loss of another dear Sasha friend, Jackie Hyatt, one I only knew through email contact, but well known in the Sasha community and it was suggested that she be remembered through the Sasha Auction at the Sasha Festival this year.  

For some time I have had this gorgeous hand sewn Victorian Child's Christening Gown sitting in my room.  I walked past it the other day and just knew what to make with it.  It was difficult plucking up the courage to make that first cut, but once I did, well there was no turning back.  The gown had now been re-purposed to be continued to be enjoyed on someone's lucky Sasha rather than being tucked away in a draw somewhere.  

Made in a Studio Sasha Style, this gown will be auctioned off along with other items at the Sasha Festival this year.  It will be difficult seeing it go as it truly is a one off garment.

I will try to take some more photos to capture the beautiful embroidery work that has disappeared in this photo.

This afternoon when Henry heard we were going for a drive in the car he wanted to come along for the ride.

He admired the wonderful Tulips...

Later on he got up to some mischief - trying to do pull ups one handed on the window openers!

He really is quite the dare devil!