Tuesday 31 December 2013

For Sale - Needle/Pin Corduroy Dresses.

The last sewing for 2013!

These three dresses are all available for purchase. 
 My models and their shoes and socks are not included in the sale.

Please email me if you are interested (Details on my Sasha Doll Clothes For Sale Page)

All seams are overlocked/serged.  Elasticated sleeve cuffs, lined bodice and hand sewn hem.

£15.00 plus p&p

1.  Red Teddies - needle/pin corduroy dress.  

2. Pink Paisley style needle/pin corduroy (SOLD)

3.  Blue Teddies - needle/pin corduroy (Sale Pending)

Monday 30 December 2013

Gifts for the visitors.

I managed to finish the rest of Emrys and James' Christmas gifts today.

Knowing their Mum likes teddy bears as well, I thought I would make them a teddy bear waistcoat each.

Emrys is currently wearing the blue one, along with his new knitted socks.

James is wearing the red waistcoat and is quite pleased that it matches his new socks!

Don't both boys look smart?

Henry has put on his new hoodie by Dolly Doodles that the boys gave him.


He is very pleased with it.

It is a very wet day today and the boys were at a bit of a loss as to what to do...until they remembered Henry still had a gift to unwrap in the event of a 'Rainy Day' and today sure does qualify!  

You can read about it here.

Sunday 29 December 2013

Can it get any shorter young lady?

Stevie and Weaver spent some time outside today - it was cold, but the sun was shining and they seemed to not feel the cold too much.  

Weaver is wearing her new Sashapotamus skirt and has teamed it with various other items of clothing she found when rummaging around in the drawers.

Sadly Stevie's purple skirt didn't arrive with the same order - there was a bit of a hiccup with the payment not being claimed and I didn't realise until after the order had been sent, so it will be here later in January.  As a result I had to make her a skirt that 'looked similar Mum'.  By that she meant short and in corduroy fabric - this was as close as I could get!  Seems the girls think the shorter the better as well!  I'm not sure I will actually let them go out in public 'dressed like that!'.  

Seems white stockings were the best she could find...she wasn't especially happy with them and has put in an order for something darker.

Not sure quite what they are discussing, I took this with my zoom lens as I didn't want to snoop.

Stevie has borrowed one of the boys sweaters by the looks of it.  

I think she actually looks surprisingly good in it.

Friday 27 December 2013

2013 Sasha Secret Santa Swap Gifts Received - Part One

All of the Sasha Secret Santa Swaps have been received and most have sent in photos - still waiting on a few and I will post those as and when I receive them.    Some really lovely gifts were sent and received as you will see. Thank you to all who took part and thank you all for being such wonderful generous swappers, I think everyone got really amazing gifts and all the Sasha & Gregor kids look very happy with everything.

Bronwyn received from her Secret Santa:

A pretty polka dot dress with matching panties.

A fabulous little treasure box full of treasures.


Next up Gillian received this lovely outfit and toys for her baby Elias

Such an adorable sleep set and what a cute train!


Ginger received this snug outfit for her gorgeous girl Hope

Just love the festive boots as well!  


Next up we have the following message from Lauri with regards to her Secret Santa Swap that she received.

Gracie took a picture of our quite stunning pressies from Father Christmas! (Our Sashas & Gregors are particular about calling him by the British name, I have been told.) 

`From L to R:
Martin is wearing the lovely hat and scarf set. Whoops! Martin is a bit of a devil. He's discovered the flap in Robin's jimjams! Robin and baby Hamish are wearing matching warm turtle onesie pyjamas. They're brothers, so they love to match. Baby Hamish has claimed the stocking which contains a puzzle and a tiny teddy! Next is Hugo wearing a beautifully knit pullover and matching hat with the expertly sewn cream corduroy trousers. On the ground surrounding Baby Hamish we find a giant bucket of Sasha-sized sweets (Gracie is going to hide them as soon as the photo shoot is over), as well as a beautifully knit layette of hat, cardigan, and bootees for Hamish to wear on his next outing. The bigger boys are going to do the puzzle books. 

Such an amazing and generous gift! Mrs. Santa deserves a lot of thanks from us! :-) The boys are going to have an absolutely wonderful Christmas this year! 

hugs from Lauri & Gracie & the Gregors


Miss Laird received a wonderful package.

I've copied the message that came with the photos.

Cora got a beautiful hand knitted hat and cardigan in her favourite colour - mustard.These matched the clever reversible skirt. 
There was also a lovely cord pinafore with tights. 
Cora was delighted with her little cat bag - she hopes she'll soon have a kitten to put in it !!??
You can see she is wearing her Canadian maple leaf pin. We greatly enjoyed reading about London, Canada. She hopes to visit there some day and would love to see the Inuit Gallery.
She really enjoyed the chocolate lolly ( sorry it didn't last long enough to get in the picture)
Many thanks to Carol L and her Sashas for these lovely presents.


Rosie also received some fabulous presents

She writes:

As you can see my poor Baby had only a nappy to wear so she was really excited to get a wonderful pair of Sashapotamus PJs.
There was a little play mat and a cuddly friend looking out from a Christmas stocking. Also in the stocking there was a cute  bird whistle. 
Baby and her new friend enjoyed singing along with Elmo (their favourite Sesame Street character)
They had such fun and sang until they were all tired out so they had a little sleep under the Christmas Tree.
Thank you Brenda for these lovely gifts you really thought of everything my Baby needed.


Sheila received a wonderful package from her Secret Santa

A very cute sweater dress with matching hat, white tights.  A lovely Christmas stocking filled with goodies, a trunk, a straw Swiss tree ornament, shoes that will fit a toddler and candy for Sheila.  She also writes: "So many nice gifts, not sure my kids were that good this year!"  

They must have been Sheila! 


Carol got a parcel that her 

Her Sasha couldn't wait to open it.

Wow, look at this wonderful outfit!

Very classy Sasha in her new outfit.


Secret Santa took note that Sonya has a much warmer Christmas than most of us and sent the appropriate items for such weather!

Fabulous outfits indeed!

DollMum was the Secret Santa for Sonya and she has blogged about both what she sent and received here.


This is the parcel I received:

A couple of pieces of fabric, some ribbons, two pairs of panties for the girls and two waistcoats/vests and ties for the boys and some  cake accessories.

Francis and Simon model the waistcoats and ties.

The one Francis is wearing is reversible 

Ziva offered to model the panties but ONLY if her face wasn't showing! ;-)


These are the gifts I sent.

I think I am speaking for everyone when I again send a big Thank You to everyone for their gifts.