Saturday 30 June 2012

Sasha Festival - Part Two - Fabulous Sashas!

One of the talks I was especially looking forward to was Brenda Walton's.  Brenda has restrung a few of my dolls and I couldn't wait to hear all about her experiences working with these wonderful dolls.  I wasn't disappointed, the talk was riveting and Brenda was a brilliant speaker.  We were treated to have a close look of several of her daughter's beautiful dolls at the end of the talk as well and I managed to get a few photos, which I will let do the 'talking' themselves.  They are just so wonderful, each individually hand painted by Sasha Morgenthaler, all so different and individual, with their own characters.  

Aren't they just simply gorgeous?  What a wonderful collection and so very special indeed.  I fee very lucky to have been able to enjoy these dolls close up, and thank Brenda very much for bringing them and her wonderful talk.  Thank you Brenda.


I was a bit concerned on the Saturday morning when I woke up with the worst head pain yet that I would be unable to take part in any of Saturday's activities, but fortunately with some medication the pain eased off, although did last for several days.  Whether this was the result of the jolt I received when the coach driver reversed into the wall/post on the Friday afternoon I am not sure.  Sitting in the back seat, I did feel it, but hadn't expected such a reaction the following day.  Just another thing I guess I will need to be aware of.  A shame the driver didn't take more care.

Friday 29 June 2012

My waif gets hair.

Before I went to the Sasha Festival I made a request on the Sasha Mart for where to get wigs from.  I had a little Gregor Waif with no hair whom I wanted to re-wig with red hair until I learn to re-root, or can afford to have re-rooted.  Ted kindly spent some time with me discussing wigs and with emails flying back and forth between us we finally settled on one which arrived while I was away.

Well with much fiddling around yesterday afternoon I managed to get the wig to fit - I seemed to be all fingers and thumbs.  I gave the fringe a trim and then dressed my poor little fellow to see what he looked like with hair.

Here he is outside looking at the lilies that have come out to flower while I have been away.

I love the way they highlight his red hair.

He is dressed in Henry's DD outfit that I bought last year at a Sasha Fun Day at Dawn Law's and the wonderful Union Jack Festival trainers that we were given at the Festival.

Not quite the scruffy red head I had envisioned in my mind, but I like the look nevertheless.

More Festival posts tomorrow as we are off to see my son's university shortly.

Thursday 28 June 2012

Sasha Festival Part One - Dress A Sasha Competition

Having only just arrived home from the Sasha Festival after an unexpected prolonged stay with my friend Sarah, I am only now starting to edit my photos to blog about the Festival.  I thought I would start off with the Dress A Sasha Competition as Henry was desperate to show everyone his outfit as he dressed up as Shakespeare's Henry V from the film interpretation by Kenneth Brannagh.  We enjoyed watching the film and later I went back through it taking notes and studying the costume and props. I made his whole outfit including his cart, longbows, arrows and flag.  The only two things I didn't make were the sword and his belt., although it was customized to fit Henry.    Henry's  boots, trousers, studded tunic were made with leather with the back laced by leather over which he wore the blue and red velvet tunic with the royal emblems with the studded leather collar which was also laced.

Shakespeare Entries - Costumes made by Entrant

Henry V

Laura's entry was Macbeth.  I loved his 'lit' fire and if you looked into the cauldron you would have found 'eye of newt' and other delights!

This was the winning entry by Carol Sluys.

More of Henry V - 3rd place.

Geraldine's entry came second - just love the armour and the horse - which my Henry was rather smitten with and over the moon about when he discovered the horse was coming home with us!  He is now deciding on a suitable name for his new steed.

Midsummer Night's Dream.

Shakespeare Entries - Not made by Entrant

Nursery Rhymes

Winning entry for Nursery Rhymes.

Sadly my favourite entry, which was Doll Mum's Ride a Cock Horse photograph didn't come out properly as someone walked in front of me as I took the photo, which I didn't realise at the time.  However it can be seen here.

Royal Family Entries:

I think everyone will agree that the entries were absolutely stunning.  It was just a shame that not everyone got a chance to vote and that the entries weren't all in one place.  Along the back wall would have displayed them a lot better.  There really wasn't enough time to really study them properly which was very disappointing, and unfortunately I didn't catch who the winners of the other groups were.

Thursday 21 June 2012

Sasha Festival

We're all set for the Sasha Festival starting this afternoon.  Will be back in a few days to report on all the fun we will have had and post lots of photos.  To all who are going hope you all enjoy yourselves.  To those who can't attend, wish you were coming!

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Goings on...

A lovely day for relaxing in the garden.  Emily decides to relax in the garden swing chair and wonder how she can convince Mum to take her to the Sasha Festival.  'Now I wonder how I can get Mum to take me...she USUALLY takes me with Henry'  Emily is thinking to herself. 'I went to Germany and Southampton with Henry after all'.  What she doesn't think, is that perhaps it is someone else's turn to go...

In another part of the garden Sally and Amelia look like they are also deep in discussion

"What do you think Amelia, should I see if I can move the seat over to under the tree to where the swing chair is?"  Sally asks.  

Amelia seems to agree so Sally uses all her strength to move the chair.  I actually think the boys must have helped her in the end, but she is not admitting to it.

"There, that is better isn't it?"  Sally says to Amelia. "The sun isn't in our eyes now".

Sunday 17 June 2012

A good weekend sewing

Well I have indeed had a motivational and inspiring weekend.  I have spent time in my sewing studio, done a load of gardening and planted three rose bushes and also cleaned out the guinea pigs, so all is well.

I still haven't quite decided who is coming with me to the Sasha Festival, but I think it will be Molly and Alice, Henry and Simon.

So of course Molly needed a new dress.

The light wasn't right to show this dress off properly but it has a pretty paisley pattern with shimmering golds, silver and blue colours.

Some 'evening' wear being modelled by Tilly Rose...who doesn't yet know she isn't coming.

A couple of 'gymslips'.  What are these for?  Well Laura and I have some ideas....

Modelled by Alice and Tilly Rose

Just got a little bit more sewing and some knitting to finished and then I can start to think about myself!