The Girls

Frido/Trendon Girls   (Photos of girls below name & description)

Meredith 1966/67 Frido Puddle Eyed NP - My dream girl.

Sarah 1966/67 Frido NP

Victoria - Trendon 1971 Blonde Gingham

Charlotte - 1971 Trendon Blonde Gingham

Sasha - Trendon 1974 Blonde Gingham, my first Sasha.

Sally - 1972 Trendon WF Blonde Gingham

Alice - Trendon 1969 Kilt

Stevie - (was Serena) Trendon Blonde - early 70s.

1971 Blonde Gingham

Sophia - Trendon Blonde Blue Gingham 1971 WF.

Molly - Trendon Brunette, early 1970s

Monica - Trendon 1971/2 Brunette Gingham

Annie Matilda - 1974 Brunette

Brenda Julie (BJ) - Trendon 1980 White Dress


Susan - Trendon Sweater Girl

Danielle - Danni  (Was Daniel, but when arrived his hair literally fell out in handfuls so he became she)  (1970 London Gregor) - Danni has since reverted back to being a boy! ;-)

Nancy - Limited Edition Pintucks girl, she was a 'weight loss' gift from my husband for losing 2 stone! What more of an incentive did I need?  I am pleased to say that over 18 months down the track I have maintained the goal weight as well.

Mary-Ellen 1969 Trendon Dungarees

Tui-Renata - Early Cora - re-wigged.

Maddison - Repaint by Shelly Baxter

Gotz Girls

Amber - Large Head, Yellow Eyed, Pony tail, early 60s

Emily - Pony tail 60s

Marcia - No Nose 60s

Liebe - Slate Eyed 60s

Ziva - Limited Edition 2001 Yamka

Barbara/Babette - Gotz 1997


Baby Grace

Baby Amelia




Iona - 'Bonnie'

Esther:  'Erica Michelle'

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