Friday 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Wishing all our USA friends and those who celebrate elsewhere a......

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Games & Toys for Sasha & Gregor and other dolls.

My friend DollMum has a page for the wonderful toys and games sets she makes for Sasha & Gregor and of course other dolls.  You can find it by either clicking on the picture on my sidebar, or by clicking here.  Do check it out, especially with Christmas coming up - you never know what you might find for that special Sasha or Gregor's Christmas stocking!  She has boats, aeroplanes, puppets, hobby horses, garden games sets and other fun items.

Monday 27 October 2014

Secret Santa Swap - 2014

It is that time of year again!

  ‘Secret Santa Christmas Swap’  

Exactly the same format as last year.

So how about it folks, a swap especially for this time of year?  

It’s that time of year for letters to Santa, or just simply a wish for winter for those who don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas.  It would be lovely if anyone who wants to join in can, regardless of faith or beliefs. 

This is how it works.

1. You will write a letter to Santa (or Make a Wish) for Sasha, Gregor or Baby Sasha/Gregor.   WE do need to know the size of the doll you are asking for J

You can ask for up to 5 items, BUT SANTA WILL ONLY SEND 3. Remember we never got everything we asked for either!!

Keep in mind that not everyone participating can sew or knit. So you can ask for things like toys, hats, blanket, pj’s, outfits, puppy or pet, teddy bear, books, play food, dishes…etc…you get the idea.  For example, my Sasha and Gregor kids are desperately in need of socks!  Or if you are happy with surprises, just say so. Please note down if you have any allergies for example, are a diabetic and can't eat sweets/chocolate so that your Secret Santa is aware of this.

2. After you write your letter you send it to me (via email:  lorraine(@) {removing brackets} ) You must send the letter by Saturday 1st November 2014.  Please include your postal mail address so I can give it to your Secret Santa.  If you could also include in your letter what type of wishes you feel you would be best a fulfilling (eg. Shopping, knitting, sewing, crochet, woodworking etc…) that would be very useful.


3.  Once I have all the letters I will assign them to your Secret Santa and forward the information to that person by Monday 3rd November 2014.

4.  All swaps must be mailed by Friday 28th November 2014  This will allow you four weeks to prepare your package and to allow plenty of time to get to Sasha/Gregor or Baby by Christmas, especially important for those posting overseas. Please remember no more than three of the items should be sent, and a small item for the Sasha/Gregor/Baby’s mummy is always appreciated. Keep it fair for everyone. 

5.  Please if you are paired with an overseas partner, mark the item as a GIFT (as that is of course what it is) with a LOW value so that those in the UK especially don't get hit with a customs bill.  Thank you.

5. If you have any questions, please contact me and ask and remember most importantly…HAVE FUN!

Please remember there is a separate page for the Secret Santa Swap 2014 which will contain all these details plus the list of participants.  It can be found on the tab at the top of this page and also by clicking here.

Sunday 26 October 2014

Meeting up with Friends.

The first day in October saw us journeying into London for a fun meet up with some Sasha friends.

We booked into our hotel - tiny room, but nice and clean and generally quiet!

Another view of the room.  

Once we had checked in we all met in the lounge area

Two very special toddlers!  Aren't they the sweetest couple?

Peggy Sue came along to entertain the toddlers.

She certainly has their attention.

I think she must have been telling them all about all the exciting things she had planned fro them.

Not often you see toddlers this well behaved!  I wonder what she bribed them with?!

Fortunately she kept them well entertained so we were able to go out for lunch.

We ventured off to the local pub for a meal.

After a lovely lunch we 'retired' back to the 'drawing room' or rather lounge again. Lots of talk about Sasha dolls of course and the upcoming Sasha Festival to be held in Forth Worth, Texas next year. We had lots of wonderful conversation, and plenty of laughs, it was a great time indeed.

Diane coveted these two toddlers.

I think she was saying 'mine, all mine'!  

Henry enjoys some conversation with Brenda's lovely girl who came all the way over from Texas to meet everyone.

The day finished with another lovely meal at a local restaurant before Catherine, Plum and Cathy had to catch their trains home.  The rest of us stayed the night and our adventure continued the next seen over on Henry's blog here.

Saturday 25 October 2014

An English Afternoon Tea

On Friday a small group of friends met at 'The Priory' in Hitchin for an English Afternoon Tea.

Liss and Olivia had come over from Switzerland.

Sandwiches, scones (with of course jam and clotted cream) and cakes were served along with copious amounts of tea and coffee

Delicious selection of cakes!

A lovely afternoon full of chatting, eating and drinking was had.

Henry got to meet a German Gotz girl, and the two spent the afternoon chatting.

I think they managed to talk as much as we did!

Left to right

Susan, Janet, Tricia, Liss, Olivia and Diane.

Thank you ladies for a very enjoyable afternoon!

Monday 13 October 2014

New Blog for Sasha Celebration Weekend

Some of you have heard by now that Janet and I are hoping to hold a 'Sasha Celebration Weekend in May next year.

This is completely separate from the Sasha Festivals held each year and not to be confused with the Main Sasha Festival held in Fort Worth, Texas next year and will follow a different format to these larger festivals.

I have opened up a new blog especially for this Sasha Celebration Weekend which will provide information.   Please bookmark the new blog for future updates.

You can find it by clicking here.

Saturday 11 October 2014

Fourth Sweater, Cap & Socks set

I have finished the fourth sweater, cap and socks set and it seems Peter has claimed it for himself...he couldn't wait for a matching cap to go with his other sweater and socks...I think he was a bit worried that I wouldn't have enough of the yarn left...I think he might be right as I looked today!

Again knitted with the fabulous Waikiwi yarn that I got while in New Zealand, a mix of NZ Merino, Alpaca and Possom which gives it its warmth.

Sideways view of his cap which he is pretty pleased with.

The colour suits him nicely I think.

Showing off his socks!

Trying to look 'tough'.

Now he is ready to join the other boys.

Thursday 9 October 2014

Bobby & Henry out riding.

Henry and Bobby are out riding between rain storms....several times they have had to take shelter when the rain has lashed down, but so far they have managed to stay dry.  Indiana has taken a bit of a dislike to Stratford though so the boys have to keep them a little bit apart.

Just look at Indie's ears.  Henry says.

I know, hopefully they will get used to each other.  Bobby replies.

Hopefully!  Otherwise it is going to be a bit of a nuisance, especially with them being paddock mates.  Henry states.

So what do you think Henry of the name Wisteria Wranglers?  Bobby asks him.

I think it is okay.  Henry replies. It has all sorts of possibilities.

But do you think that the name will mean the other lads will also want horses?  Bobby asks.  After all they might think it means they HAVE to have a horse as well....especially know what he is like.

Gosh I hope not, can you imagine it?  Henry gasps.  Mum would have a fit!  Especially if she has to keep reminding some to go out and feed and groom them!  I remember Mum talking of her horse riding days and how she went out in all weathers.  Come winter I can imagine a couple of the lads not wanting to budge from indoors and their 'gadgets' as she calls them.

I think Mum might not mind if we get an Appaloosa though.  
Bobby tells Henry. As she used to work on an Appaloosa stud farm.  I heard her telling a friend the other day. 

Yes but where would we keep them?  Henry asks.  It has to be close to home, within walking distance.

Perhaps we will just have to wait until we get some land or a farm.  Bobby says.

Yeah, maybe....whenever THAT might be!  Henry agrees.

Well you never know.  Says Bobby...

Henry rides off thinking Bobby is being rather optimistic in his dreams.

I can just imagine it....Bobby muses

Oh well I better get going....Bobby says.  Come on Indie, home we go....

Wednesday 8 October 2014

What's in a name?

After a wet morning it dried up enough for the boys to venture outside to play.

Come on Bobby, up you go, and then you can help us up.  The boys encourage Bobby to climb faster.

Hold your horses, I am climbing as fast as I can.  Bobby replies.

What horses?  We haven't got any down here....they are out grazing in the fields.  Pierre calls up to him.

It is a saying....'Hold your horses' means wait!  Bobby calls down.

Oh, well it seems a funny thing to say.  Why not just say wait I am climbing as fast as I can? Which you still said anyway.  Pierre asks.

Bobby doesn't bother answering...

Eventually Bobby helps the others up.

That's it Pierre.  You can do it.  Henry says encouragingly?

Do what?  Pierre asks.

Climb up!  Henry replies.

Well of course I can.  I am up here aren't I?  Pierre asks puzzled.

The boys decide to play a game.

Bobby shakes the dice.

While the boys watch the board intently.

There is a piece missing.  Gwilym says.

Is there?  They ask.

Yes, it is a blue piece that is missing. He informs then.

So there is!  It must have fallen off.  We will never find it amongst all the leaves on the ground.  Henry says.

Not much point in continuing then is there?  Pierre asks.  After all, if we can't play the game properly...

We could always make up a piece with a piece of twig.  Bobby suggests.  It is MY piece that is missing and I don't care if one of the pieces isn't the right colour.

But it won't be the SAME.  Pierre explains.

In the interests of harmony, knowing how Pierre likes to follow instructions in games just so, they decide to chat seems a bit safer....

So what do you think we should call ourselves?  Bobby asks.

Maple Leaf Boyz?  Henry asks.

No, can't be that.... Bobby replies.

Why not?  Pierre asks.  We have a Maple tree in our garden.

Well because that is the name of my other 'gang'  Bobby explains.

What gang?  Gwilym asks.

Well, it is only small.  Bobby explains.  Hamish and Daniel are in it, and um, I don't know how to say this, but they don't always want to do things like this...they seem to prefer just 'hanging out'.  

Yeah, I remember and it is pretty BORING.  Henry says.

Well we could be the Wisteria gang.  Gwilym suggests.

Of course!  Pierre says...after all this is a WISTERIA tree.

That is okay I guess....  Henry says.  But I don't really know if I like the name 'gang'.  

Well what other words could we use?  Gwilym asks.

Boyz?  Bobby suggests.

No, because that is not spelt correctly.  Pierre tells them.  Boys is spelt with an 'S' not a 'Z'.  

What about Wranglers?  Henry suggests.

Well that is a possibility I suppose, says Pierre.  Especially in this situation as,  1.  It could mean cowboy, especially one in charge of saddle horses....and seeing as you kept going on about horses earlier Bobby...and Henry wants to be a Cowboy...well it is quite apt...
Oh and 2.  it could also mean a person who wrangles or disputes/quarrels....and I guess we have done some of that as well!

The boys listen to this explanation flabbergasted....they know Pierre can be a bit of an encyclopaedia, but a dictionary as well?!

Hmmm,  well regardless of the explanation that does sound kind of goes with Wisteria anyway.  Gwilym says.  Wisteria Wranglers....does have a kind of a ring to it.

But do we all want to be Wranglers?  Bobby asks?  

Does that matter?  Gwilym also asks.

Well it might do to Pierre!  Bobby replies!

Well Wranglers are also a make of jeans.  Henry says.  And we all like wearing jeans!

Okay so we have:

Wisteria Boys - with an 'S'

Wisteria Wranglers 

Any other suggestions?  Pierre asks.

How about the Gregor Gang?  Gwilym asks.

But I am not a Gregor.  Bobby states.

Well you are kind of an honorary Gregor, Bobby.  Henry says.  Anyway you are my older brother so you must be related!

The boys continue their debating trying to come up with names....