Tuesday 7 October 2014

The boys are getting kitted out for the colder months..

I am currently in the process of making my boys matching sweaters, caps and socks.

So far I have finished making a set for Henry, Gwilym and now Pierre.

Pierre loves red, so it had to be red for him.

He has also got on his red trainers.

This outfit is made with 100% New Zealand Merino wool which is just wonderful to knit with.  It has a lovely soft feel to it.

Look matching socks!

I think he likes his socks!

Sideways look.

The sweater has a half opening up the back which buttons up.

The cap.

Below we have Gwilym wearing the set I finished a few days ago.

This wool is a mix of NZ Merino, possom and alpaca and again is lovely and soft to knit with..

He is pretty pleased with his socks as well.

The colour is Teal which seems to suit him.


  1. Looks like these warmer Winter woolies have started to come just in time for this sudden change in the weather.
    Do I take it then that each boy going to have his jumper, cap and socks knitted in his favourite colour? Someone's going to be rather busy then!

    1. Well I am not sure if they will all have their favourite colour....but yes there are jumpers, caps and socks planned for all the boys...it is a long term project though as I want to finish a couple of jumpers I am knitting myself that have been 'works in progress' for far too long!

  2. Wonderful knitting Lorraine - the boys look cosy and happy in their new autumn / winter clothes. It makes me think of getting back to my knitting again, too busy at the moment with work and voluntary project and small craft projects involving felt or wood at the moment but maybe in a month's time I'll be in a position to knit again...

    1. Thank you. I only knit in the evening when DH and I watch a DVD...I need to keep my hands busy as it distracts me from any pain.

      I can well imagine you are very busy at the moment with your various craft projects! Yes you must pick up your knitting again soon when you are able to.

    2. I wish I was busy with craft projects - work and voluntary project are taking full attention at the moment so my CnS table will not have much on it this time (very limited editions of anything).

  3. I love Pierre's outfit. The colour is the same cherry red as my primary school outfit He's clearly proud of his matching socks!
    J xx
    PS how many sets wil you have to make?!

    1. I'm not sure how many sets I have to make as some are partially done - either need just caps, or socks...as I essentially started this project last year... I must work it out!

  4. I am certain Pierre loves that outfit! Such a lovely red and he even has matching socks!! How very nice for him especially since it is getting cooler. Gwilym is just a very, very handsome boy. I love him! He looks fabulous in the teal color and he has matching socks too. Your boys look very happy to have their new outfits! :) xxx


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