Saturday 4 October 2014


Before rain stopped play today a group of boys managed to get outside to ride their bikes, and skateboards.

Rory has grabbed the scooter.  

Gwilym is pleased to have his matching socks that as Henry predicted were indeed knitted up for him last night!

Francis is thinking about riding the bike.  

Looks like Gwilym has abandoned the skateboard and headed off to ride the tricycle that Bobby was riding.

You can't ride it like that.  Bobby tells Gwilym.

Why not?  It is easier like this.  Gwilym tells Bobby.

Henry and Peter discuss skateboards...

...while Peter gets ready to use his foot to get a little speed.

In the meantime James has decided to ride the bike Henry was originally riding.  It seems Gwilym and Bobby are still in discussion about how to ride the tricycle!

Oh okay!  Sighs Gwilym

He tries to get on the tricycle the 'proper way'.

See!  It is too difficult to ride this way.  He tells Bobby.

Bobby reaches out a hand to steady the tricycle.

Connor is riding another skateboard, whilst Daniel and Hamish are still in deep discussion.

Gwilym is still struggling to get on the bike...

I give up!  He cries. I just can't do it.  I told you it was easier to ride it the other way.

Bobby agrees with him.  You are right.  Do you want to ride on the back while I pedal?  He asks.

Gwilym hopes on the back of the bike and holds on to Bobby.  This is much more satisfactory.

Yeah go Bobby!  He yells.

Not in my ear Gwilym!  Remember you are just behind me.  Bobby tells Gwilym.

Hamish and Daniel look like they are getting quite animated.  I wonder if they are discussing the plans for the tree house.

The boys had a grand time outside and Henry's scheme of getting them all together in one place so they could start discussing the tree house building project worked as Daniel and Hamish started discussing ideas straight away.  As the rain started to come down they put all the bikes and skateboards away and sat down with some morning tea, paper and pens to draw up some plans.


  1. Looks like there is MUCH activity happening on the new patio Certainly a super smooth surface for skate-boarding and trike riding!
    Great to see your lads out enjoying themselves.

    1. It is GREAT having a smooth surface to play on as the boys will testify to! Never seen quite so much activity!

  2. We had the rain too, but by mid afternoon the sun was shining. There were so many boys and wheels on the patio in these photos so I hope they played good avoidance tactics as they whizzed around. I am glad they saw a silver lining to the rain - planning time for that tree house.

    1. A fantastic day today so I am sure there will be lots of plans afoot once the grass dries a bit..

  3. Great fun (what w can see of it - dial up is sow and difficult to use, I forgot!). Give the girls a chance, though lads!

    1. Oh yes the dreaded dial up....we forget don't we? The girls are all busy it seems....


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