Jean Jensen Shoes for Sasha & Gregor

Sadly Jean Jensen is no longer with us, but she will forever live on in our memories and on the feet of our beloved Sasha and Gregor dolls.

On this page I will feature the wonderful shoes that belong to my family of boys and girls as well as a couple of outfits she made us.

You can also find more wonderful pictures of Jean's shoes at the Jean Jensen Museum found here.

Henry wearing his fabulous hiking boots made by Jean especially for his first trip to New Zealand in 2012.
These boots have been well travelled.  Henry has worn them hiking around New Zealand, walking in Cornwall, while in France and also in the USA.

Jean went on to produce more of these fabulous boots known as 'Henry's Hiking Boots'.

Susan on the right is wearing the wonderful tassel boots and waistcoat that Jean made for me for the Secret Santa Christmas Swap in 2011. Sasha on the right is wearing a pair of Jean's 'New' T Strap shoes.

Peter is wearing a wonderful pair of Jean's Lederhosen and boots.

Harri (Jenni's lad) and Peter wearing their Lederhosen by Jean Jensen.

Last year Jean kindly made a pair of matching shoes/boots for the twins Connor and James - she was given free rein to decide what colour and style to suit them and did a fabulous job!


 Rory's Euro Walking Shoes.

Next the girls shoes - all the girls shoes I have are very summery colours.


  1. Hi do JJ shoes fit the 17" Sasha dolls? I must have dolls with very big feet as I have sent for 3 pairs of shoes and none fit! The were not Jean Jenson ones but I am scared to order any more as I'm in danger of ending up with a closet full of shoes that don't fit anyone. Paula

    1. Hi Paula,

      Most of my girls are now the smaller Sasha dolls, but I do have a couple of the 17" Sasha dolls and JJ's shoes do fit. The best thing to do would be to email Jean and let her know the problems you have had with the other shoes and I am sure she will be able to make sure she either makes or sends you shoes that would fit your girls. She is ever so nice and helpful and her shoes are really great.

  2. Thanks so much for putting Jean's shoes together to see. They are just beautiful. The top stitched sole was new to me, and I only have a pair or two. But I love the clean tucked shoes, too.

    Most of my Sashas are the larger size, and I often use American Girl-sized shoes if I have chunky socks with co-ordinated colors. There's not a huge number of cobblers making AG shoes, but there are some wonderful artists on Etsy who are making cool boots and espadrilles for the 18" dolls. If any of those artists are in this group, let me know!

    1. Hi Phyllis, I am so pleased you enjoyed seeing them altogether. I set this page up when Jean was still with us with her contact details, and then altered the page when she passed. She made such beautiful shoes.

      Will certainly let you know if I here of any AG shoes being made as I too have AGs.

    2. Where! Do I buy these shoes??????

    3. Sadly jean passed away so you can't buy these anymore, but there are quite a few Sasha people who now make shoes. Marti Murphy is one and you can find a link to her blog on my side bar 'Sasha's Vintage Boutique' or look on Ebay. Good luck!


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