Saturday 30 November 2013

A Year Long Challenge comes to an end...

A year ago today I made a blog post about a 'Challenge of the Utmost Kind' that I set myself.

I think on a whole I have done really well at this.  I had a couple of exceptions...

1.  If I manage to go to the Sasha Festival
2.  If family gift me some cash to buy something for the dolls (highly unlikely!)

I did get to the Sasha Festival and bought some very special and lovely outfits while there which I showed in the festival posts I wrote up after the Sasha Festival.

I did get given some cash to buy something for the dolls (which surprised me!)

Now I wasn't perfect by a long shot.  I did have a couple of 'slips' if you want to call them that when I saw something extra special that I probably wouldn't have made myself and this actually made getting them more of a treat as I really thought about it first.  

This was a really good challenge to do for me and it kept me focussed.  I am going to continue with it as I enjoy seeing my dolls in clothing I have made for them.  Ideally I would like to make them all something for each season.

So far the girls all have Christmas dresses, and an Autumn beret. Most of them have a summer dress.  The boys all have a Christmas waistcoat and most have a pair of cords and a shirt, but this needs to be refined. I think this will be a fun project to slowly work on as and when I feel like it.

It is a great way for their personalities to shine through as well and to get to know each doll better.

Six of the boys have already started wearing their Christmas clothes...I think they are hopeful that they will get to open the Christmas Advent Calendar tomorrow...but they did it last will have to have a think on this!

Peter, Rory, Simon, Caleb,and the twins Connor and James.

Not sure I agree with all their mixing and matching there may well be some changes in the next few days!

Friday 29 November 2013

Secret Santa Swap - Posting Day!

Goodness where did this month go?

Today is supposed to be the last posting date for those Secret Santa Gifts, especially if being sent overseas.

I have to admit that mine won't be sent until Monday due to an awful pain flare-up the last two weeks which put a bit of an abrupt stop to sewing and knitting.

I hope everyone else is on track.  I have heard from a few people to say their gifts are on the way, but still many to confirm posting.

Monday 25 November 2013

Christmas Waistcoats

I was asked to make three Christmas waistcoats.

Here they are, ready to post.

Sunday 24 November 2013

Some friends enjoy Peggy Sue's party.

Peggy Sue had a wonderful party and was delighted to share it with so many friends.

DollMum sent these wonderful photos of her Sasha family joining in on the fun that her daughter had set up and arranged.  It was so lovely that she joined in the fun with us.

Looks like they too have had a wonderful party feast.

Don't they all look splendid in their party clothes.

Peggy Sue has been recovering today as can be seen  here.

Saturday 23 November 2013

Party Time - Happy Birthday Peggy Sue.

Kaya, Saige and Chrissy are on their way to Peggy Sue's party...Kaya has a bag with the gifts in.

In the meantime Peggy Sue is busy getting herself ready although she still doesn't know what for.

Oh dear my hair looks a mess, she sighs.

I'll just give it a quick comb.

Ah that is looking better.

While she is busy getting ready, being coaxed along by Little Owen there is much business happening in the other room.

The guests are arriving.

Sasha tells Lottie how lovely she looks.

Edith and Anne-Marie seem deep in discussion.

Ziva is making sure the table has enough cups for the tea.

Edith and Anne-Marie are discussing the gift they are going to be giving Peggy Sue.

It all goes quiet....Peggy Sue arrives...

SURPRISE!  They all call out.

Henry and Rory have joined the party as well and send up a very loud cheer indeed!

Peggy Sue looks rather shocked.

She covers her mouth in astonishment

Oh my goodness she exclaims.

This is a surprise.

The guests all start mingling and chatting.

Ziva wanders over to say hello to Henry, Rory and Emily.

Danni is chatting to Sasha and Lottie and Peggy Sue is talking to Anne-Marie and Edith

Kaya arrives and hands Peggy Sue her gift.

Oh thank you Kaya.

Kaya, Saige and Chrissy have given her a little teeny tiny dollshouse kit.

Saige gives Peggy Sue a big hug

Happy Birthday Sweet Peggy Sue, she says.

Amber comes over and gives Peggy Sue a gift.

A little bottle of Rose Cologne in pretty packaging

Happy Birthday Peggy Sue, I hope you like it. Said Amber

Anne-Marie and Edith give Peggy Sue a very special group portrait.

It is from Edith, Myself and Margaret, Bertie and Betsy who couldn't come.

Peggy Sue is astonished at the lovely thoughtful gift.

I shall hang that up in my bedroom she tells the girls.

Danni and Ziva watch on as Peggy Sue opens some more gifts.

Oh what fun an animal card sewing kit.  I shall enjoy doing this!

Peggy Sue spreads out all the cards to have a good look at them.

Amber watches Peggy Sue look at the special butterfly cards.

We thought you might like these as inspiration for your sketch journal.  She tells Peggy Sue.

Oh I will, they are lovely.  Peggy Sue tells them.

It doesn't take long and they start on the party food.

They are all having a lot of fun and there are more guests yet to arrive so I would imagine this party will be spread over a couple of days!

Waking up...

Little Owen wakes Peggy Sue up early...

I think he is going to have his work cut out for him, getting her ready for her surprise party. 

Peggy Sue is NOT an early person!  You can read about her waking up  here.

In the meantime the girls are busy getting things ready for the party as they too got up bright and early.

Friday 22 November 2013

Busy Baking.

The girls have been very busy today preparing for Peggy Sue's surprise birthday party.

Emily explains that they must wear aprons and have their hair tied back when they are cooking

She helps Sasha with her hair while Lottie looks on.

There you go Sasha, all tied back neatly.

Emily then helps Lottie with her hair.

Gosh you have very thick hair don't you Lottie.  I can only get the hair band round once. 

Still I am sure it will do.

Lottie puts on her apron and then goes and helps Sasha with the preparing of the ingredients while Emily checks the first batch of cakes which are in the oven.

Sasha and Lottie chat about the different types of cakes they will be making.

Emily checks the cakes to see how they are cooking.

They are looking good, about five more minutes should do it.  

She puts them back in the oven and closes it

How you get on Sasha & Lottie.  I am almost ready for the next lot of cakes.  
Just got to check the pot in the main oven.

Emily opens the oven to check on the casserole that is cooking

She is hoping it is done soon so that they can use both parts of the oven to bake their cakes.

She is very careful while she checks making sure she has her oven gloves on.

Nearly done.  She sighs.  I think the boys are going to need this later as it is so cold out.

There seems to be a lot of chit chat going on between Sasha and Lottie and Emily checks that they are actually making some progress with the mixing!

I'm just passing Sasha the milk Lottie explains.

Jolly good, looks like the mixture will be ready soon.

The girls continue with their baking for most of the day.

A lot of treats will be in store!