Monday 27 August 2012

Just Released!

HIARCS Chess Explorer is an exciting new chess database, analysis and playing chess program for PC Windows and Apple Macintosh computers. It offers an innovative and intuitive new graphical user interface with powerful features together with the reigning World Chess Software Champion HIARCS 14 chess engine. This unique combination is refreshingly easy to use and includes many new features for chess preparation, analysis and training for players of all abilities from beginner to Grandmaster. It has specialised features to help weaker chess players improve their chess including special realistic weakened opponents, a chess coach which can demonstrate mistakes, show improvements and help you improve your chess.

For expert chess players HIARCS Chess Explorer has many advanced features not seen in other chess software. 

The new features can help you analyse your chess games, improve your openings and prepare for your opponents.

You can read more about these products on these links:

Sunday 26 August 2012

A little Sewing for Sasha.

I haven't really done any Sasha dressmaking for months now...probably since before the festival.  So today I thought I would make up a little outfit for Sasha (my first Sasha doll)

Saturday 25 August 2012

Frogs & Cricket

What are you doing Rory?

I'm playing with my frogs. 

Do they have names?

Umm...Rory thinks....Not yet


Later on the boys get out the cricket set that had been ordered some months ago and arrived just a few days ago.

Do you want to have a game Henry?  Rory asks.

I do, Henry replies.  I just don't really know much about cricket.

No, neither do I.  Rory replies.

The boys discuss what to do about their lack of cricket knowledge when along comes Jack.

Jack picks up the bat.  Hey guys, are you going to have a game of cricket?  He asks.

Do you know how to play?  They both ask Jack.

Yeah, sure... Jack replies hesitantly.  Shall we go outside to play?

We can't.   Look at the weather.  Henry says pointing at the sky outside.

It sure is grey and wet out there.  Rory comments.

Suddenly there is a rumble of thunder.

I don't really think it is cricket weather somehow.  Says Henry.  Perhaps we could see if we could find a book on how to play cricket.  I'm sure the rules are really complicated...all those unders and overs and outs and wickets and stuff.  

Still it is good weather for frogs... Rory notes.

Sunday 19 August 2012

Boys playing

The boys have been playing outside today.  How they have managed it in this heat I have no idea!

Henry is on the scooter while Bobby is on his trike.

Hey where is Rory?

"I'm coming....can I ride on the back of your trike please Bobby?"  Rory asks.

"Okay, hop on and hold on tight!"  Bobby tells Rory

"Hey there Mum, look at us!"  Rory calls out.

Next thing I know they are having a running race!

Beats me how they could even think about running today.

Looks like Bobby is taking the lead... hope it doesn't end in tears!

Thursday 16 August 2012

'Wanna be a Rock Star' & a UJ Thank you

On Tuesday we had to go into London to the pain clinic so afterwards we went to Covent Garden for a look around.  I'd hoped to get some more photographs than I did but realised I'd left my memory card out of my camera (again!)  I seem to be making a habit of this.  I managed to get three photos to store on my camera at least.

This guy fascinated Henry as he couldn't quite work out how he could hold that position.  He was going to ask for a photo with him, but by this stage we'd realised we'd no card.

After watching the Olympics and part of the opening and closing ceremonies, Henry was sure he could do AT LEAST as well as some of the wanna be's and has been's and decided he 'wanted to be a rockstar'.

Well turns out my husband Mark is rather a softie when it comes to Henry...

and bought him this guitar!

Henry has already started practising fancy riffs on it!  Just as well he doesn't have an amplifier yet, saves our ears!


Now I was very remiss the other day and forgot to mention in my post that featured Rory wearing the Union Jack shorts, that these were very kindly sent to Henry from Kendal.

Kendal had originally wanted to give them to Henry to take to New Zealand, but unfortunately they weren't ready in time.  She had then hoped to give them to him when we visited in July, but again they weren't ready and finally they arrived the other day and Henry kindly said Rory could borrow them, although he said he would DEFINITELY be taking them to NZ next time we go.

Henry and Rory would like to send a big Thank you to Kendal for these fantastic fun patriotic shorts.

Monday 13 August 2012

Harold meets some of the family.

Henry was very relieved to know that his little stowaway friend from the Olympics is allowed to stay, although it must be said it is getting rather crowded here!  Still I've been assured he really is a well behaved fellow and doesn't take up too much room, or make too much assurances on how much or WHAT he will eat though!

"Come on Harold I will introduce you to some of the family"  Henry says to Harold.

"Do you think they will like me?"  Harold asks.  "They won't be scared of me will they?"

"Of course not" Henry reassures Harold.  "How could anyone be scared of you with your lovely smile and friendly face?"

"Hey Rory, this is Harold, he came home with me on Monday from the Olympics.  He knew there wasn't long left of the games and didn't want to be left stranded there"  Henry explains to Rory.

"Hi Harold"  Rory says.  "How come your name is Leo?  Surely all lions are called Leo"  

"Of course they aren't"  replies Harold.  "That is just a fairy tale and fallacy.  We have all kinds of names just like you do.  Harold is a good old English name I'll have you know!"

Meredith wanders over to find out what is going on...she had heard rumours that there was a new member of the family.  How Henry had managed to keep Harold secret for a whole week is anybodies guess".

"Oh, you are a friendly looking fellow, and rather handsome too"  Meredith tells Harold.

"How do you do, young lady" Harold replies giving a bow.  "Pleased to be at your service"

"What a gallant lion you are"  Meredith tells him.  "Are you going to be staying with us?"

"Oh yes I certainly hope so" Harold replies.  "My Olympic days are now over, and what a time it has been indeed!  I am well and truly ready to live in a family home now and will do my best to protect all of you."

"Would you like to hear about all my adventures while at the Olympic Venues?"  Harold asks the three.

"Oh yes please" They chorus as they gather round Harold to listen.


For Kendal:

Henry's badge.

Friday 10 August 2012

One of my Red head girls

Henry & his new friend, and of course a close up of the Olympic badge to show Kendal was going to be featured today, but a bad head has put me out of action so I thought I would just post some pictures of one of my pretty Gotz Red head girls and her gorgeous orange Vintage Sasha Dress.

Hope you enjoyed these three pictures.

Monday 6 August 2012

Henry at the Olympic Stadium

My husband surprised Henry and I last night with tickets to the Athletics at the Olympic Stadium this morning.  He had been trying all week to get some more tickets and was successful late yesterday evening!  So we had an early start this morning to get into Stratford, London.  We had a fantastic morning, although I was really tired as I had only 2 hours sleep last night.  Never mind Henry, I could here him chatting away all night he was so excited to be going again.

This is rather a picture heavy post, so I hope you enjoy it!

Not sure what this structure is, but it certainly caught Henry's eye!

Looks like someone else smuggled themselves into the Olympic stadium as well.  Didn't spot Kit there in my pocket.

The stadium was rather awe inspiring.

The Olympic torch burning brightly

Henry can't wait for all the action to start.

Not sure what caught Henry's eye, I think it was the young boy playing behind me.

Now can you imagine Henry's excitement when he saw the Henry sized Mini - I had to stop him rushing down and onto the arena and he pestered me non-stop to get him one, he thought it was so cool the way it took the disc's back to the start line.

He was sure there was someone in them driving them!

He enjoyed watching the women's hurdles and is all set to build some hurdles in the garden to have a go.

The men's 1500 metres also inspired him

Caught in action warming up!

Even though I had partly dreaded going out today as I have been a bit out of sorts lately I really enjoyed the day very much, as did Henry.

After the mornings events we took the time to walk around the Olympic park and enjoyed the gardens.

Henry wrote a message of support for Team GB and NZ and hung it up in the Olympic Garden, so if anyone is still to go - make sure you look out for Henry's message!

Henry wasn't sure what to think of the Alien

He certainly admired this though!

Enjoying a spot of wall climbing.

Strolling through the gardens

Now the highlight of Henry's visit must have been the three army guys 'begging' to pose with Henry running. ;-)

Thanks guys, you made Henry's day - sorry he wanted to keep his pin badge though, but he would have been distraught to have to give it up.

We discovered we had a stowaway from the Olympics when we arrived home....apparently Henry had suggested he come home with us