Friday 19 February 2016

Knitting Round up for Friday

I haven't knitted a lot this week - I have had to 'frog' (undo) a couple of projects when I realised I just didn't have enough wool to complete them, so a bit of wasted time!

One item I am really pleased with is a little yellow 'Party Time' dress for Sasha knitted from a Golden Hands pattern I have been meaning to knit for a while.  I just wish I'd had enough of the yellow to knit the little yellow matching coat.  I will knit this pattern again though so will make sure I have enough for both items next time.  Plus I will be able to improve on it next time as well.

Sally was pleased to get to model the dress and she found the perfect matching shoes in the shoe drawer as well.

I took a few more photos this morning as a new lens for my camera arrived and I wanted to experiment with it.

Sally is my wide faced 1972 Trendon Sasha I bought from Ted Menton back in 2011 I think it was.

During the week I also knitted a tank top for Gregor, but I decided it was a bit too 'pink' for the boys so at the moment Peggy Sue is wearing it as she said she was cold and wanted to put something over her dress.

I think this would look quite nice on one of the brunettes - I just need to work out what would go with it!

I did some 'tiny' knitting and made a little cardigan for Xanthe Phylica

As well as a little cardigan for Wren, which looks good with her denim dress.

Sunday 14 February 2016

Valentines Day.

Valentines Day didn't start off too well for poor Henry

He seems to be staring rather dejectedly at something on the floor...

He looks very sad, and was pretty much in tears....(as was I if truth be told!)

What was he looking at?


Yes his hair.  He has so little left now, we are both finding it hard to cope with!  It is rather devastating.

So he was feeling pretty miserable.

But someone had noticed and didn't like to see him sad so set about trying to make him feel better.

What is that behind your back Peggy Sue?

She walks towards Henry with determination to make him feel happier.

I wonder if she will succeed as he sure does look rather miserable.

Henry looks up at Peggy Sue and wonders what she wants.

She hands him a card.

He opens it up...

...and reads it.

Thank you Peggy Sue, that is really sweet.  Henry says to her.

I don't like to see you sad Henry.  She tells him.  Don't worry, we will still love you no matter what.

She shyly gives him a kiss.

Oh, how sweet.

Happy Valentines Day!

Friday 12 February 2016

Knitting on Friday

The first of my Friday Knitting Round Up Posts, encouraged by a few friends and also the recent award.  

I knit pretty much every evening - I have found it helps to keep  my hands busy, I actually hurt less, or at least am distracted somewhat from the pain by doing something with my arm and hands than if I just sit and watch something.

This week I have knitted two garments, a purple dress and a little pink cardigan.

Peggy Sue was the first to model this purple dress as she had matching purple shoes so insisted it was a 'must have' dress.   

Next  Cora wanted to try it on and it contrasts beautifully with her dark skin.  She also had found a pair of purple shoes to match!

Pretty girl

Cora enjoys a walk in the garden as it is a relatively mild afternoon.

She meets up with Tui Renate who is also wearing a newly knitted cardigan. 

It is a soft 'baby' pink colour with shimmery highlights in it.  Difficult to photograph.

Tui Renate has teamed it with a skirt made a few years ago with some vintage fabric I had.

Trying to capture her pretty face is difficult at this time of the year - the light isn't the best.

I don't just knit for Sasha & Gregor, I also knit for both larger and smaller dolls.  

Next up some of my 'other doll' knitting completed the last couple of weeks.

I knitted this little Lace effect dress which also fits Kish Riley

I have been enjoying some 'Tiny Knitting' and have made a few dresses for my little AI doll Xanthe Phylica

Knitted on UK Size 16 needles with 2 ply.

A cardigan is just what is needed for the cooler weather.

A dress for Hitty Anne.

Just before Christmas I decided it was high time I finished some of my own WIPs starting with a hooded jumper I started in NZ a few years ago.  I don't do a lot of 'big person' knitting any more as it tends to hurt my arm a lot, but I have discovered the 'Knit Pro' needles and they really make quite a difference.

Next was another cardigan I started in NZ a couple of years ago.

I finished a small red jumper I had started too many years ago to remember - I didn't like the way the wool knitted up, but bit the bullet and got to it and that too was finished before Christmas

I knitted my son a Christmas jumper at his request and choosing.

Finally a project I am still working on that I must have started...ahem ... about 15 years ago is this patchwork effect jacket. It came to a halt as I discovered I had run out yarn - and of course they no longer produce it.  Fortunately I was able to track some down via Ravelry and I hope to finish this in the next week if I am lucky - I only have the sleeves to do, oh and the button band - perhaps it won't be finished until April!