Saturday 31 August 2013

Glancing at Amber

Glancing up from my desk this evening I was struck by how Amber was watching me.  I had to shine the light on her to take the photos, but I think she looks really pretty with her hair down like this.  I can't believe it took me so long to try her hair down.

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Back To School Swap Gifts - Part Four

Here are Betty's pictures of her great 'Back to School Swap'  received from Anna (DollMum)

Caleb and Prince talking about the game results at Pinehurst School.

Prince congratulating Caleb for a great Game

Pinehurst logo on Sport shirt

Summer Jacket Logo

Sharing secrets

Caleb thanks Prince

A job well done

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Back to School Swap - Part Three

DollMum has blogged about the wonderful Back to School Swap gift package she sent to Betty and you can read all about it here.

Today my swap package from Charla arrived.  Thank you so much Charla it is great fun!

Henry is a great big fan of Harry Potter.  He read the books last year when Harry was staying with him (Harry Sluys that is, not Harry Potter!).  You can imagine his delight when he opened the 'Back to School' swap parcel that arrived today.  Well no sooner could you say Boo or rather 'Harry Potter' Henry was changed into his school uniform.

Fabulous gown

Harry Potter glasses

Bag full of books

Full uniform - isn't it great?!  Plus all the spell books Henry could possibly need.

Where will this lead I wonder.....?

Read about Henry's 'Harry Potter' Adventure here.

A little knitting.

I haven't knitted for ages it seems and now the weather has started to change the knitting needles have been brought out again in the evenings.  

One of the knitting groups I belong to have had a fun 60s/70s Challenge and the 'prize' for completing this challenge was a lovely pattern 'Mondrian Magic'.  A great little pattern that knits up quickly.   I have knitted the first one plain and Victoria is modelling it here.

I have almost finished a little short sleeve top that can be worn underneath this and then I will start on the multi-coloured dress.

Monday 26 August 2013

A Simple Summer Swap - Gifts Received Part Five

I posted a picture that Kirsten sent me of the swap she sent to Betty for the 'Simple Summer Swap' here  

Betty sent through some photos of her lad Rusty G in action wearing his Summer outfit and using his accessories.  They are such fun!

Climbing the highest tree




and up some more

Checking out the cave

Looking over the top.

Sorry the photos are small - the resolution is low so if they are enlarged they become pixilated. 

Happy Birthday Michelle

Back to School Swap - Part Two

Some more photos have come in of this fun swap.

First up we have the gifts that Caryn sent to Sheila her swap partner.

Everything in this photo was sent apart from the doll and the table!

Just look at these wonderful things - where DID Caryn find that cute little stapler I wonder?

Looks like she even remembered the spending money for the tuck shop!

Next are the gifts that Sheila sent Caryn.

Cordelia was thrilled with her new school dress and wonderful accessories - all kitted out for school.

Aren't these great and such fun?

Just love the shoes as well with the little beading work on the toes.

Thank you ladies for these great photos - keep sending them in!

Sunday 25 August 2013

A few makes.

Just a few photos of some things I have made recently.

Beautiful Amber modelling a white studio style dress and pantaloons.

She is such a beautiful girl.

Using some vintage fabric I found in a CS the other day I made this little pink daisy dress which is modelled by Weaver.

I think I may shorten the length....

She has a lovely face.

Making another pair of dungarees again some vintage fabric found the same day as the pink daisies.

This time modelled by Alice.

The other week I made this dress with some liberty fabric

I tried the 'blind hem' stitch on my sewing machine - not especially pleased with it, so it has since been unpicked and redone by hand.

Tilly Rose is barefoot and fancy free, or so she thinks!

A little waist coat modelled by Francis that I have made and sent to a friend.

I think I will have to make another for Francis as he was quite taken with this.