Monday 12 August 2013

Rory and his frogs

Rory has been busy all summer taking are of the tadpoles and frogs.  He has found it fascinating watching the life cycle of the frogs and how they develop.  

Checking out the frogs in the little makeshift pond, until a bigger one can be built for them.

Rory is delighted to see that at least three have made it their home.

Rory was surprised to find a couple of frogs have made the water mill their home and stops to see how they have settled in.

In conversation with Freddie Frog.

Rory has been enjoying some time with Kermit and the Festival Frog he got given from Henry - they have been exploring the garden for any damp places frogs might hang out.

Maud and Hamilton, two of Rory's frog friends have been busy nurturing the tadpoles in the nursery while they have been changing from tadpole to frog.

They have done such a good job, there is currently only one little frog left ready to make it out in the big wide world!

Rory was delighted to find a fun website full of interesting facts and activities all about frogs.

It is called All About Frogs and is a wealth of information.

Another interesting frog websites is

BBC Nature Wildlife Facts which good as it is UK based.


  1. Rory will certainly be kept very busy with his new frogs and nursery. Love his outfit, it's perfect for blending into the background so not to disturb the wildlife.

  2. It's good to see that Rory's frogs are thriving well even though the weather has been very hot in the UK....he has a nice selection there and some very unusual species!! ;)

  3. This post brings back exciting memories of my childhood (and O and A level biology studies) when collecting frogsprawn and then watching it hatch into tiny tadpoles....although I was always very sad when this happened as I knew that I had to return them to their original pond so that they could feed natually and grow into frogs.
    Not sure if this still happens nowadays with the youngters of today. A pity if it doesn't as it's always so interesting.
    Good though to see that Rory is still keen and enjoying nature at it's best.

  4. Rory is now an expert on frogs. He did it very well. The Frog House is fantastic. Rory has yet to tie the shoes!

  5. Love your garden treasures!


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