Sunday 30 June 2013

A Simple Summer Swap - All Swap gifts should be posted by now.

Hopefully everyone has made their swaps and have posted them by now.

I will be posting mine first thing tomorrow as I forgot to post them before I went away and I just didn't get time to go to the post office yesterday.

I will start posting photos of what people have sent and received in the next few days.  Please don't forget to send in photos for me to do this as it is all part of the fun seeing what people have given to their partners.

I have been updating the swap page as I have been hearing from people that their swaps have been posted and also when they have received their gifts.

Saturday 29 June 2013

Cornwall Holiday 2013

All of my Cornwall posts are over here - and rather than reposting them on this blog as well I have decided to just link to Henry's 'Holidays with Henry' blog.   We had a lovely time making full use of our National Trust membership and visited the following NT properties:

We enjoyed lunch out each day and cream teas.  The weather could have been better....but it could have been a lot worse and on the whole we were pretty lucky with it - the worst day being the Saturday the day after we arrived.

There are also a couple of extra blog post with extra photos on 'The Balancing Kiwi' here and here

Friday 28 June 2013

Henry has been to Cornwall

Henry has been away in Cornwall for a week - he enjoyed showing Pinny all the sights and wonderful gardens down there.  His adventures will be posted on his 'Holidays with Henry' blog here.  The first two of which have already been posted.  

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Some sewing

Trying to fit in some sewing in a busy schedule where we have lots on and various different appointments and meetings as well as trying to prepare for a holiday.

Tilly Rose is modelling this outfit made from New Zealand fabric - Pohutukawa & Tui Top with cropped 'distressed' jeans. 

I love the vibrant colours of this top and think it is perfect for the summer.

This outfit is Sold.

Next up are two little dresses again made with New Zealand fabrics 'Blue Koru' design.

Danni and Alice are modelling these two dresses.

Interestingly I tried a blonde longer wig on Danni today and it REALLY DID NOT suit her at all - this IS her look.

Alice is very petite so this dress is a tad on the large size for her, but she still thinks it is fun to wear.

I have also made six pairs of jeans, three cropped and three long.

Next sewing is my swap gifts which I hope to make a start on tomorrow.   

Actually I have part of one outfit already partially made.  I hope everyone else is getting on with their swap projects.  One participant has already finished and posted hers...and I must say it looks absolutely wonderful!  But won't reveal until all the swaps have been sent and received...we have a little time yet!

Sunday 16 June 2013

Henry's Birthday - Part Two

The children all had a lovely afternoon yesterday celebrating Henry's birthday.

They sit round him while he has a look at his presents.

The presents were given to him in a handy little tub, that will be useful for his toys.

Oops Henry, looks like your foot is in the strawberry tart!

They are all excited to see what he got, and nobody notices the foot in the tart.

First of all Henry looks at his card.

Happy Birthday Henry!

He is delighted to have received a superman t-shirt to go with his superman hoodie and joggers.

He shows everyone his great new t-shirt.

Oh how cute Henry says, a hiking sheep!

Love the little ladybird on its nose.

Oh look it has a compass inside - how neat!

Henry loves compasses and has a few now!

He is delighted to get a slinky and can't wait to find some steps for it to go down.

Claudius asks his brother Rory what a slinky is.

Ollie looks on and hopes he gets a turn at playing with it.

Pinny looks on enjoying the sunshine that is coming through the window.  A brief glimpse as the clouds soon came over again and down the rain came

Saturday 15 June 2013

It's Henry's Birthday!

It's Henry's birthday today and the girls are busy baking cakes for a party later this afternoon.

Sasha turns on the oven to preheat it ready for the baking of the cakes.

Emily gathers all the ingredients needed to make the cake.  She sends Sasha off to find the flour.

Later on Sasha checks on the cakes....forgetting her oven gloves she has to close the oven and go and fetch them so she can remove the tray with the cakes on.

The girls start to prepare the table and ice the cakes.

They put pretty table cloth on and then set off to find all the other goodies that will be needed to make a good party.

In the meantime Henry tries on his new shirt and jeans.

He especially wanted press studs on this - the ones like the 'big kids' wear.  No arguments from me, much better than sewing the fiddly little studs on that are usually used.  He likes his jeans as well.

Henry was very pleased to get a slightly bigger skateboard for his birthday...

and demonstrates how he can stand on it so much easier than the smaller ones he has that he and Harry enjoyed using last year.  Unfortunately it is raining so no outside play today - but the 'kids' have loads of games out and are enjoying various board games on the floor.

Friday 14 June 2013

Pinny & Henry go to Shaw's Corner

To read about the latest Holiday with Henry post where Henry and Pinny visit Shaw's Corner go here.  Lots of photos!

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Susan models a new outfit.

I have had this fabric for a little while now and wasn't sure what to make with it.  I started off just making the short trousers/pants and then thought I would add a little top to it.

Susan modelled the outfit for me, but says she can't wait to get back into her 'signature black and white' 

I think she looks just as good in this as she does the black and white.

Henry & Pinny take the dog for a walk.

Latest blog post about Pinny's holiday with Henry can be found here

Monday 10 June 2013

Pinny has arrived!

Look a travel box!

Rory, Henry and Emily are most excited, a box like this usually means either a new member of the family or a visitor....

Rory is most anxious to see who is inside...

Come on you two he says, stop chatting and lets open it up.

Henry and Emily start to open the box while Rory looks on

They listen carefully...

Can you hear anyone in there?  Rory asks.

I think so, replies Henry.

What's this?  Doesn't look like a person to me?  Henry says.  Emily looks puzzled and Rory is astonished...

Must be for Mum they say and toss it aside.  Although I think Mum will be very happy indeed!

They all look into the box...

Oh dear....Rory steps back...

Screams and runs off...Henry and Emily just look a bit surprised...but are not worried.

Help!  Cries Rory.  A mummy and it's alive!

The 'mummy' starts to sit up, further increasing Rory's fright!

Henry and Emily are completely unfazed and help the 'mummy' out of her travel box.

Emily helps her take the covering off her face.

'Phew!  Says Pinny, that is better, now I can see.

Hi Pinny, welcome to our home.  This is Emily.  Henry introduces Emily.  She helped you take off your face and hair protector.

Thank you Emily.  Why did someone scream?  Pinny asks.

Oh that was Rory, replies Emily.  I think he has been reading too many Egyptian books recently.  

He thought you were a mummy.  Henry tells Pinny.

They have a little laugh and then Emily goes off to get Rory to reassure him.

Come on Rory, there is nothing to be scared of.  

Come and meet Pinny, she is our guest until Henry goes to the Sasha Festival in the USA.  Don't be frightened, she was just wearing a face and hair protector for the journey, us girls do that.  Emily explains to Rory.

Emily brings Rory over.

Rory, meet Pinny, Henry says with his arm round Pinny protectively.

Rory is a little shy and a little embarrassed, but says hello and they all chat for a little while.

Pinny why don't you get changed and I can take you outside to see the garden.  Henry asks her.

A little later they are wandering around the garden, heading to the rhubarb plant which Henry is ever so proud of. it is this tall!  Henry explains to Pinny as she looks up in awe.

I don't think Pinny has ever seen a rhubarb plant like this before.  

Hopefully we might be able to have some rhubarb crumble while you are here, he tells Pinny.

Oh wouldn't that be lovely, Pinny replies.

They continue their exploration of the garden

All Holidays with Henry posts will also be here to keep them all in order in the one place.