Friday 31 July 2015

Sasha Festival 2015 - Souvenir & Hostess Gifts.

The final post of the 2015 Sasha Festival.

We received some great souvenir outfits at gifts at the Sasha Festival.

First of all we got this bag filled with some maps and brochures of the area, out Festival Journal, a pad, pen, some cream and some peppermint sweets.

The all important journal, beautifully made and designed by Rosemary Shortell with lots of lovely information and patterns inside and very colourful!

Our auction 'paddle' and our pinata.

Little package with pad, pen and peppermints

We were given a kit set to decorate a cowboy hat and vest to our own design

This was received during the CFA and Bluebonnet Charity Tea, along with a lovely china cup and friendship teabag - the china cup I had to unfortunately leave behind and the friendship teabag, must have got taken out of my suitcase when customs searched it!  Shame as I was looking forward to trying it when I got home and it had a lovely little message attached to it as well that I never got to read properly or keep.

The little popcorn pack was made by the children for the 'film night' on Friday evening when Sadie Shea presented her film about 'Molly the travelling Sasha' who travelled around Texas and was one of the raffle prizes.

Our table hostess gift on the Saturday night was beautifully presented in pretty bags - I got roses!

Jackie K was the table hostess on my table.

We received this cute little shorts and shirt - all were different.

Caleb chose to show off this cute little set - perfect for summer - if only the weather were warmer!

Our souvenir outfit was presented in this box - what an original presentation.

Lots of goodies inside!

Just look at these!

Peter was delighted to get to wear the Cowboy outfit first.

It is complete with handcuffs and a Texas Sheriff badge.

Plus a saddle and rope - what more could a cowboy need?  Now where is Stratford grazing and will Henry let me ride him? wonders  Peter 

Saturday night as mentioned I sat with Issie and Anne Santucci

Their table hostess gift was presented in this lovely bag

Red Gingham!

Sweet outfit in red gingham - we all received various colours.

After the Santucci's fabulous Gotz display it seemed only right that one of my Gotz girls got to wear this cute outfit.

Marcia did the honours.

There was much oohing and aahing over our Sounvenir outft 

Beautifully presented...

A lovely heirloom dress and petticoat made by Lynn Blanchard.

Tiny buttons and buttonholes at the back. 

There was much discussion amongst the Sasha girls as to who was going to wear this beautiful dress and in the end it was decided that Sophia should as she had done all the modelling for the various Sasha Festival Auction items donated by myself and Trish Smith.

She was rather overwhelmed and thrilled to wear such a pretty dress.

Doesn't she look a treat?

Lastly we were allowed to help ourselves to some mason jars at the end of the Festival if we wanted them.  I took a couple as I very seldom see them here and knew they would be great storage jars - thank you!

My sincere thanks go to all who contributed, made and designed these fabulous souvenirs for this festival.  We were absolutely delighted with them.

Lastly I added to my Sasha Festival Charm bracelet that we were given at the 2013 Sasha Festival in Cincinnati.

A longhorn cattle head seemed rather appropriate!

From left to right:
2015 Fort Worth, Longhorn Charm, 2012 Stratford, Shakespeare Charm, 2013 Cincinnati Sasha Charm, 2014 Phoenix, Arizona Charm and on the end is a little pair of footwear which were given to me just before last year's festival as a thank you for taking some items to the festival, so it seemed only appropriate to go on this bracelet.

Thursday 30 July 2015

Sasha Festival 2015 - Sunday Morning: Raffle & Helper Drawings & Goodbyes.

Sunday morning seemed to come round all too fast.   After breakfast we had the final Helper drawings and the all anticipated Raffle drawings - of which there were three.

The Helper drawings were first...

Boo looks for the lucky winner.

Groups were gathered round at various tables waiting with anticipation to see who would win Helpers and the Raffle

Dawn & Brenda

The time we have all waited for - the announcement of the raffle.

Unfortunately I only managed to capture one almost decent picture of a raffle winner  - not sure why this was - perhaps it was something to do with the leaping around that was going on by at least one of the winners! ;-)

A ticket is drawn....

A lucky winner!  Jenny was thrilled to have won one of the raffle prizes...

Jenny won Sasha and her beautiful wardrobe and accessories

Molly the Cowgirl was won by Carla who was very excited!

Charla (I'm not sure who was more excited, her or her grand-daughter!) won the baby.

During the morning it seems Henry met a new friend....

She looks at him shyly....

....and takes his hand....

Susanna gives Henry a cuddle.

Henry meets Jackie Pitts' lad and they enjoy a good chat

What a great Festival!

Various people had to leave straight after the morning finished, but others went out for the day and returned to the hotel in the evening and a very larger group gathered in the late afternoon/early evening for drinks and chatted about their time.  For some it continued well into the very late evening!

Pictures of Festival Goodies tomorrow!