Monday 30 June 2014

Sasha Festival 2014 - Friday: Workshops, Clinics and Baby Night

Friday was a fun filled day with workshops, table top clinics, gift exchange and of course the Friday night dinner which was 'Baby Night'.

The day started with a scrumptious breakfast with a choice of freshly made omelet, cereals, fruit, yoghurt, pastries, bagels, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and potatoes.  Plenty to choose from!  The vegetable omelet I had was especially good!

In the morning we had fun workshops where we made a Sasha size scrap book and a necklace.  I am fairly sure that everyone who took part enjoyed this very much.

Busy ladies at my table cutting out...

Sheila taking a photo of me taking a photo of her!  You know it just had to be done!

Everyone really got involved in the making of their scrapbooks.

There were lots of stickers, cut outs and photos to choose from.

As you can see from the photos everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and were thoroughly absorbed in their tasks.

This is what I made...I could have done more, but was busy taking photographs!

After lunch we had table top clinics.  This was something new this year and very successful and enjoyed by all I believe.  There was a choice of eight 'clinics' of which you chose four to attend on rotation.

The first one I attended was led by Susanna Lewis on 'Eye Painting Styles on Serie Sasha Dolls.  It was extremely interesting and we got to look at different styles of face painting with the add of magnifying glasses.

Pat, Cleo, Susanna, Dawn.

The second I attended was led by Cindy Patrick and was on Sasha Wigs.  This was an extremely useful presentation, especially as I have a certain young 'man' who will eventually need re-wigging....

Sheila had a clinic on Hair Re-rooting, and this too was very informative and interesting...who knows maybe I will even attempt this one day?

Heidi did a clinic on Care and Cleaning of Sasha Dolls

Marti presented a very interesting clinic on Upcycling - Sewing with Vintage Linens.

Another fun clinic was the 'Finding Sasha Accessories' by Cheryl.

Tom Beach presented a clinic on Sasha Photography Tips and Caroline led a clinic on knitting.

Later in the day we had the Gift Exchange.

Everyone gathered round eagerly in order to exchange gifts.  No yankee swap this year which I think many were pleased about...the gift you received was the gift you got (unless you chose to swap with someone later)  

This was the gift I received...I am not sure who it is from, but thank you if you are reading this - it looks lovely on my redhead (pictures later)

A popular place for sitting round and chatting was in the lovely bright foyer/lounge area which was also the venue for 'happy hour (or rather two hours!) each evening which was well attended!

Henry entertaining with his pterodactyl, kindly given to him by Carol S.

Pat, Ann and her daughter Dorothy.

Peggy Sue, getting to spend some time with some babies....this isn't so bad she thought....they were all very attentive and enjoyed her company.

The Friday evening dinner theme was 'Baby Night'.  The centre piece of each table held a baby themed item to be auctioned.

Our table had two hostess, Ginger and Laura who shared the task.

Ginger donated the outfit to be auctioned off.

Laura made up the hostess gift box.

Walking around some of the other tables before dinner got under way.

The outfits to be auctioned off were on the hat boxes on the centre of each table.

I think this was both outfits.

Norvell's table.

Cute fun outfit!

Hey you are wearing gingham....

Do you think anyone will notice I am not a Sasha?  
Of course not!  You are wearing Blue Gingham Peggy Sue.

It seems Peggy Sue managed to make her way down to the dinner and got a chance to chat before she undertook her babysitting duties!

Our Festival gift for the Friday night was a beautiful upcycled vintage linen baby dress.  This is the one I received, worn by Baby Amelia.

Later though...Peggy Sue is finding her baby sitting duties a 'wee bit stressful'

There are babies everywhere!

There was even a naked baby underneath this pile of babies climbing and playing with each other.

There were babies climbing, pulling, fighting, playing and even driving a car dangerously close to the edge...

Clambering for attention...

The following morning...

Oh you really don't want to go down there...Peggy Sue tells Helen...
It was a nightmare!

Be careful what you wish for Peggy Sue.