Sunday 31 May 2015

Donations! Sasha Festival 2015

Someone who deserves a mention is Trish Smith.  She made a substantial donation of over twenty items of clothing to the Sasha Celebration Weekend and I thank her very much for her generosity and kindness.  I didn't get to photograph those items individually as there were just too many of them and I didn't get the time.  However, it has been very much  my pleasure to be able to photograph the following items that Trish Smith is kindly donating to the Sasha Festival in Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas this year for the Children's Fund Auction. 

Pretty floral dress and smocked apron/pinafore made by Adeline Salvesen 

Pretty purple checked & floral short sleeve dress made by Patchwork Pansy (sadly now deceased)

Pretty purple checked & floral short sleeve dress made by Patchwork Pansy (sadly now deceased) 

Lovely blue smocked long sleeve dress made by Boneka

Simply gorgeous needle cord smocked winter dress made by Boneka 

Summer dress made by Jackie Hewitt (sadly now deceased)  

Green dropped waist dress with belt, made by Jackie Hewitt (sadly deceased) 

Set of four:  Skirt, top, pants & jacket, made by Boneka.  

Set of three items, green cord pants, floral top and quilted jacket made by Boneka.  

Mix and match set consisting of pretty floral blouse, dungarees, skirt and pinafore dress with panties, made by Margaret Goodby of JustSew.

Lovely pink winter coat and matching hat

Sophia had a busy morning modelling all these gorgeous outfits!

Trish has also donated some more lovely outfits that will be available especially for the children who attend the festival to purchase with their pocket money. Again all proceeds also going to the Children's Charity Fund.  

Saturday 30 May 2015

Pretty in Blue on a Saturday afternoon.

This pretty girl just loves to wear blue and she is certainly as 'pretty as a daisy' for sure.

Wearing a pretty smocked dress with matching panties and hat made by my dear friend Kath in Australia and her lovely BetsyMay shoes she is enjoying some time out in the garden.

Taking her hat off so we can see her pretty face and gorgeous hair better.

Contemplating the garden.

Love this shot of her.

Wednesday 27 May 2015

My other Trendon Brunette - Monica

Re-introducing the lovely Monica, my 1971 Brunette Sasha that joined the Sashas here at Rose Cottage back in the summer of 2011.    She has slightly falling hair so doesn't get 'played' with as much as the others and I try to limit changing her clothes to just the four seasons, plus occasionally she will model some clothes.

I bought her from Shelly at Sasha  Doll UK  and the following two photos are taken from her stock photos that the talented Shelly took.

She came wearing a pretty smocked dress made by Patty.

How could anyone not fall in love with that charming face?

Of course back in 2011 I was still learning how to photograph these dolls and my photos don't always do her justice!

Her arrival photos.

One of the first dresses she modelled was a Christmas dress that I sold.

She is a beautiful model and a delight to photograph.

In 2012 Monica modelled the Sasha Festival Donation that Norvell and I put together.  Norvell made the lovely smocked dress and provided the shoes and socks and I knitted her cardigan, made from NZ wools and added the Pukeko.

Monica modelling another summer dress in 2012

Wearing a blue corduroy dress and yellow coat.

The dress I made in the winter of 2012.

Monica modelling the white dress I made for the 2013 Sasha Festival.

Here she is wearing the lovely dress that Norvell donated to the 2013 Sasha Festival that I won in the auction.

It is really beautiful.

Looking bright and cheerful in her New Zealand native animals print dress.

Wearing an outfit I made in 2014

This is the dress she was wearing last week....she was glad to be changing out of it in to summer clothes.

She models a short sleeve tunic dress I made for an order.

The other dress made to order with short sleeves.

I think I will have to make her one to keep!

Lastly the dress she has changed into for this summer.  A pretty smocked dress made by Karen.