Friday 21 February 2014

Valentines Swap - Four

A quick post before Henry and I head off for our adventures.

This is the lovely swap gift that Carol received from Lesley

Tuesday 18 February 2014

An arrival!

There is a knock on the door this morning and a little later Henry discovers something in a little bag...

What is this?  

Henry sits down and to his surprise a little head is poking out.

Oh hello, who are you? He asks the little fellow.

Well read all the little notes that have come with me and they will tell you all about me!

Henry opens the little card and discovers that the little bear is a Trojan Teddy.

Oh wow!  I wanted a little Trojan Teddy friend!  Henry exclaims.

The little bear has come equipped with a Bear Travel Visa and Henry is delighted that his new little friend will be able to travel with him.

Henry tells him all about his upcoming adventure to Australia and New Zealand and the little bear skips with joy and excitement.

I think these two are going to be great friends.

Isn't this bear just the bestest?  Henry asks.

Thank you Gil, Billy and Trojan for helping to get my new little Trojan ready for his adventures.

We are going to have great fun together.

Little Trojan waves as well...

Now, let me introduce you to the others.  Henry says to his Trojan teddy as he wanders off.  We will have to think of a good name for you as well.  What do you think of.....?

More information about Trojan Bears can be found here.

Monday 17 February 2014

Henry repacks and Stevie gets some new shoes.

Phew!  I managed to convince Henry that he really didn't need to take quite as much as he was....

He has conceded to take only one pair of trainers - the black pair this time.  He has cut back on the shorts, and trousers and shirts, plus is only taking two of the four spades/rakes that came with his bucket.  It now all fits in his case, including his rain coat.  

Brenda sent him this case before his travels in 2012 and it has been well used and is the idea size.  

Henry checks the weight and thinks it will be within the guidelines.  So he is all for his mother she hasn't even started thinking about what to take yet!

Stevie was intending to travel with Henry this year but has decided that she would rather stay at home with the others...I think she is a bit fearful about leaving home again.  There is no fear of that Henry reassures her.

He is sad that she won't be travelling with her, but understands that travelling isn't for everyone.

She too is wearing her fabulous New Zealand emblem t-shirt.  She is wearing new purple shoes that arrived today that match the t shirt and skirt and she is indeed very pleased with them.

The way to the girls heart is shoes it appears!

52 Weeks: 6 & 7

6:  Light Painting

Look this painting is so light I can lift it over my head!

7: Shadows

Having fun with shadow play.

Sunday 16 February 2014

Henry is packed!

Henry has been busy packing his clothes over the last few days - he has had to weed some out...I explained that he didn't really need his Superman outfit, and two pairs of sandals...I don't think he needs three pairs of trainers either, but having a harder time convincing him of that...still we have a few more days yet.

Footwear, pyjamas, socks, underpants, shirts, trousers and dungarees.

T Shirts, joggers (camouflage), hoodie, knitwear and shorts.

Swimwear, sunhats, raincoat and sleeping bag and pillow (tucked inside the sleeping bag)

Hmmm...isn't it all supposed to fit in your case Henry?  It did last time we went to NZ!  Granted we didn't take the sleeping bag that year, but the bucket and spades DID fit in your case....

I think he might have to do some more cutting back before we leave.

Do I really have to leave some things behind?  It really is ALL necessary!

I'm afraid so Henry, what doesn't fit in your suitcase or backpack will have to be left behind...

You can leave the sleeping bag out though and we can pack that separately. 

Okay, I will see if I can resort the clothes...

Valentines Day Swap - Three

Betty received this lovely dress and underwear from her swap partner Pat.

Harley Sasha showing off her new dress

waving to Mississippi

No modesty here

Thank you

Pat received this fabulous outfit from Betty.

I forgot to add the second gift that Joan received from Monica

Joan writes:

This is the lovely assortment I received from my Valentine Swap Partner Monica.  Lovely leather shoes for Sasha, socks with red bows, a pretty little notebook, and a card with a felt heart.  Thank you Monica.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Wellington Boots & New Zealand

Henry is all but packed and excited about his upcoming trip.  

His new 'gumboots' arrived today ready to wear on the farm in NZ.  

He is wearing his New Zealand t-shirt, drawn & designed by the Sailor (my eldest son Steven) and kindly printed on t-shirts by Sashapotamus.  I also have a t-shirt with this design on that The Sailor brought home for me this weekend.

Thursday 13 February 2014

Valentines Swap - Two

I had hoped to have received more photos by now, but this is all I have so far.

Barbara received this lovely lot of goodies from Jackie

Cleo received this pretty dress from Sheila

This is the lovely dress that Monica received from Joan.  Monica's blog can be found here.  

I only have a week before I go away to visit my parents so any other swap gifts received, please send me the photos so I can post them on the blog for others to see and enjoy.

Thank you

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Travel bag for carrying Henry

While at the Sasha Festival last year we received a great carry bag for the Sasha and Gregor dolls.  It was a great idea but I wanted to 'improve' it slightly for our next travels.  It needed to be more usable as a bag as well as a carry holder for Henry.  So I wanted to make one with more of a gusset, pockets inside, not so long a handle strap and also so that when Henry was being carried that the rest of the bag could be used as well.  What tended to happen was that when he was in the original one was that his body would push towards the inside of the bag and as such  the bag would only fit papers in - which was ideal for the festival folder, but for not for more regular use when I wanted to be able to carry a camera, binoculars, snacks and a purse.

I think I achieved my aim.

I have had this purple spotted fabric for a long time just waiting for the right thing to make with it.  It is nice and sturdy.  The bag is fully lined and has a couple of pockets inside it.  I also added dome poppers to hold it shut should I wish it to.

Henry trying it out for size.

Pocket, and pen holder.  I used my old crafting labels.

Smaller pocket on the other side.

Dome/Popper closures.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Valentines Swap - One

The first few photos of the Valentines Swap.

I made a reversible pinafore

Little heart fabric with heart buttons - this is the lighter side

and the redder side.  I was paired with Janet.

Paloma tries it on, first the lighter...

and then the darker...she decides the darker suits her best.

I also sent a little set of valentines cards - teeny tiny style, but forgot to photograph them.

The lovely gift that I received from Janet

Which suits my wild child Ziva perfectly!

Lesley received a wonderful quilt from her partner Carol

Looks like someone is snug underneath it already!  Imogen seems very happy with her new quilt.

So far so wonderful fun gifts, looking forward to seeing more!