Tuesday 31 July 2012

Henry at the Olympics - Ladies Gymnastics Sunday Morning

Bright and early Sunday morning Henry set off to the train station for the journey into London to the North Greenwich Arena for the first of the Girls Gymnastics.

Henry remembers he mustn't stand over the yellow line...

He is all kitted out in his gear, ready to support Team GB.

Now what were you told about standing on the seats in the tube Henry?

One advantage of being there nice and early was the crowds weren't too bad...believe me they got horrendous later in the day!

Henry makes sure we have good seats.

Now remember again what the announcer said Henry, no standing on the seats!

What a great view!  We will be able to see everything from here.

Henry is very excited and gets a closer look.

The kind American family make sure he doesn't fall off the rails as he stands to get a closer view of all the preparation.

The seats behind us did fill up, but there were many many empty seats later on, of which I have photos!  One section alone had over 180 empty seats.  Disgraceful.  So did the afternoon session which we had put down for in our application but didn't get.  We would have really loved to have watched the English, Americans and Russians.  Such a criminal waste of seats.

Next up just a few photos of some of the action.  I didn't have my main camera with my, just my little pocket camera, but even so I was pretty pleased with how the few photos I took came out.

Friday 27 July 2012

In which Henry Practices Gymnastics

Henry is getting very excited about seeing the Gymnastics on Sunday.  He has been practising his gymnastics wearing his new gear he was given at the Sasha Festival. 

Okay are you ready Mum to watch me?

Yes Henry, I'm ready and waiting and will take a series of photos titled
'In Which Henry Completes A Gymnastic Display'

Very nice indeed Henry - definitely a Gold Medal for you.

A very proud Henry receiving his medal.

Thursday 26 July 2012

Simon's Special Birthday Gift

Simon is an early to mid 70s blonde Gregor with blue eyes and eyelashes which can just be seen.  He arrived sometime last year...I would need to check my old computer to verify his date, however I have decided that 26th July is his birthday.  Why is that?  Well because a totally unexpected and wonderful surprise arrived in the post today...and it said (forgot to photograph the card...will have to do that tomorrow)  "From my boys to yours...a little gift for your boys especially Simon.'  Well I can assure you Simon is absolutely delighted, having never received a gift before, this was certainly a real treat for him indeed.

Here he is looking slightly overwhelmed and a little shy.

Look Aunty Ellen, it is just perfect!

Thank you so much for the wonderful scooter, it is super dooper!  Watch me ride it.

I push off like this...oh...I'm a little bit wobbly...

That's better...wheee! Off I go

Look both legs standing on it!

Thank you so much Aunty Ellen, such a wonderful surprise.  I really can't quite believe it!  Don't worry I will share it...once I have had a good play first! ;-)

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Henry visits Fritz

Just over a week ago Henry went to visit Fritz.

They were both very excited and Fritz was waiting for Henry on the doorstep outside his home.

Hi Henry, Fritz says as he holds out his hand

Hi Fritz, Henry replies.  It is so good to be here, we have had a long car journey.

Come through Henry and lets go outside.  Fritz takes Henry through the house and outside to the garden.

So what would you like to do?  Fritz asks Henry.

I don't mind Henry replies shyly.

Shall we just hang around together for a little while then, while we decide what to do? Fritz asks.

Sounds like a good idea to me replies Henry.  Oh look here comes Rory.

Hi guys, what are you up to? Rory asks.

Just hanging around the boys reply

They start chatting together...

Look here comes Orlando, Rory says.

Orlando wanders over...  Hey guys, I thought you'd have the bike out by now

The boys go and get the bike and then spend their time doing what boys do best...inspecting it, talking over the pros and cons, pointing out various things, improvements, etc...

So dudes, whose going to ride first? Orlando asks

Henry!  They all chorus, knowing how much Henry wants a bike of his own.

Henry tries the bike out for size.

Hey look at me, I want a bike JUST like this one!  It is cool!

Henry rides off on it, completes a circuit and arrives back just as Rory wanders over.

Are you STILL on the bike Henry?  Surely it must be my turn now?  Rory asks.

Reluctantly Henry gets off the bike and gives Rory a turn.

Be careful Rory Henry calls as Rory rides off.

I will replies Rory...

Oh dear....

What has happened here?  Running repairs?

It's okay, it was just the chain come off. Rory reassures the boys as he fixes the bike.  Orlando doesn't look quite so sure... Fritz is worried about his bike so has a go to test it out.

He does a couple of circuits on his bike and some tricks with Orlando and Henry looking on.  Rory seems to have disappeared, perhaps worried in case the bike hasn't been fixed.

Phew!  Tis cool lads, everything's okay.  Fritz tells the lads.

A little while later Henry is in his element!

A motorbike!  Wait until Mum sees me on this Henry thinks to himself....well actually maybe not on second thoughts, she would probably have a fit!

Hey there Henry, Caleb calls as he wanders over.  Choice bike?  Is it yours?  

No, it is Fritz's bike.  Isn't it just the best? Henry replies.

Rory wanders over to see Henry on the bike and starts chatting to Caleb as well.

Do you think Mum will get us one of these?  He asks

You gotta be joking Caleb says If MY Mum won't let me have one, you can be pretty sure YOUR Mum definitely won't let you have one!

Yeah such a shame, but still it is fun to ride while we are here.  Fritz is pretty relaxed about the whole thing, you'd think he'd want to hang around to make sure his bike is okay.  Henry comments.

I think he has gone to have some scones with jam and cream! Rory tells the boys.  I forgot that is why I'd come over, to tell you that afternoon tea is ready.

Yum, Yum!  The boys cheer together Kendal's Scones Super Delicious!