Saturday 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

Wishing all our USA friends and those who celebrate elsewhere a......

Friday 30 October 2015

A New Girl.

Finally she arrived - after a longer wait than expected!  A sister for Amber.

Amber is there to welcome her new sister.

She puts her arm round her and tells her she will be made to feel very welcome here.

Although late in the afternoon with no light a couple of compulsory 'arrival' photos were taken.

A sweet yellow eyed, with lashes, Gotz girl - one that has been on my wish list - just need to find a pretty blonde one day now!

The following morning after hunting through the clothes she came up with this dress I made some time ago to wear.

I think blue suits her better.

I haven't really had a doll I felt suited this dress before so delighted she looks so good in it.

She even found a matching coat to wear!

A little big, but will be nice and warm in the colder weather.

Different angles

Lovely girl.

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Amber in Autumn

It is Amber's turn this year to wear this pretty smocked dress by Kath.  I love the Autumal feel to it and the colours suit her well.

She is wearing her new gold shoes that I bought on Thursday when in London with a small group of friends.

Monday 26 October 2015

Secret Santa Swap Sign Up.

Yes it really is that time of year again!

  ‘Secret Santa Christmas Swap’  

Exactly the same format as last year.

So how about it folks, a swap especially for this time of year?  

It’s that time of year for letters to Santa, or just simply a wish for winter for those who don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas.  It would be lovely if anyone who wants to join in can, regardless of faith or beliefs. 

This is how it works.

1. You will write a letter to Santa (or Make a Wish) for Sasha, Gregor or Baby Sasha/Gregor.   WE do need to know the size of the doll you are asking for J

You can ask for up to 5 items, BUT SANTA WILL ONLY SEND 3. Remember we never got everything we asked for either!!

Keep in mind that not everyone participating can sew or knit. So you can ask for things like toys, hats, blanket, pj’s, outfits, puppy or pet, teddy bear, books, play food, dishes…etc…you get the idea.  For example, my Sasha and Gregor kids are desperately in need of socks!  Or if you are happy with surprises, just say so. Please note down if you have any allergies for example, are a diabetic and can't eat sweets/chocolate so that your Secret Santa is aware of this.

2. After you write your letter you send it to me (via email:  lorraine(@) {removing brackets} ) You must send the letter by Saturday 31st October 2015.  Please include your postal mail address so I can give it to your Secret Santa.  If you could also include in your letter what type of wishes you feel you would be best a fulfilling (eg. Shopping, knitting, sewing, crochet, woodworking etc…) that would be very useful.


3.  Once I have all the letters I will assign them to your Secret Santa and forward the information to that person by Monday 2nd November 2015.

4.  All swaps must be mailed by Friday 27th November 2015. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE AWARE OF THIS DATE - SO AS TO AVOID ANY UNNECESSARY DELAYS. This will allow you four weeks to prepare your package and to allow plenty of time to get to Sasha/Gregor or Baby by Christmas, especially important for those posting overseas. Please remember no more than three of the items should be sent, and a small item for the Sasha/Gregor/Baby’s mummy is always appreciated. Keep it fair for everyone. 

5.  Please if you are paired with an overseas partner, mark the item as a GIFT (as that is of course what it is) with a LOW value so that those in the UK especially don't get hit with a customs bill.  Thank you.

5. If you have any questions, please contact me and ask and remember most importantly…HAVE FUN!

Please remember there is a separate page for the Secret Santa Swap 2015 which will contain all these details plus the list of participants.  It can be found on the tab at the top of this page and also by clicking here.

Sunday 25 October 2015

600 Years!

Commemorating 600 years since the Battle of Agincourt

Saturday 24 October 2015

So what happened?

It was a lovely afternoon and the two bigger boys were just 'hanging out' as usual.

Henry approaches

Hey guys, do you want to come up  the tree house with me?  He asks.

Hamish looks at Bobby.

Sure why not.  They agree.

They head off in the direction of the tree house.

They boys 'playing it casual' as they don't want to appear to keen, but were actually quite pleased Henry suggested it.

Bobby volunteers to go up first.

As he climbs up he is completely oblivious to what is covering the trap door entrance....

Is he going to notice before it is too late?

Doesn't look like it!

Arghhh!  He cries


He scrabbles around trying to brush the cobwebs off his face....not even noticing that one of the spiders is on his arm!

Then he sees more cobwebs.....

and the skeleton through a haze of cobwebs and he lets out an almighty scream!

He scrabbles down the rope ladder, lightening fast.

Henry and Hamish are shocked!  What has happened?

He starts running and screaming at the same time, gabbling on about ghosts and ghouls and Hamish not really knowing what is happening picks up on the fear and starts screaming and running as well

The boys run for it.

Poor Bobby trips over the small fence as he takes off and falls head first.

The girls are watching from a distance and quietly giggling - they hadn't really expected such an extreme reaction!

Peggy Sue is a little concerned and starts heading towards the fallen Bobby.

But he picks himself up and is off before she gets to him.

Henry ever curious about what the fuss is about bravely climbs up to the tree house.

After all there really are no such things as ghosts and ghouls, so someone must have played a trick.

He looks astonished

It really is quite good and very effective he thinks to himself wondering who could have done it.

Just then...

Alice and Peggy Sue climb up the rope ladder....

Is this your work?  He asks them.

Um...yes. they say a little timidly, not quite knowing what to expect.

Henry has a closer look.

You do know that you really scared the boys, don't you?  He asks Alice.

Alice looks down guiltily...

Yes...she replies.

Meanwhile the 'ring leaders' are quite pleased with the reaction....they are totally oblivious to the fact there could have been serious consequences...

Back down on the ground, Henry explains to Alice and Peggy Sue that although it was rather 'funny'  someone could have been seriously hurt.

What if someone had fallen out of the tree?  He asks them.  As it was Bobby tripped over and may have hurt himself.

Alice and Peggy Sue look a bit sheepish.

Well the other girls told us it would be a good idea.  They tell Henry

Yes but just because they said it was, you could have worked out that perhaps it wasn't the right thing to do if it was being kept secret.  He tells them.

Sorry Henry.  They both say.

It is not me you have to say sorry to, but Hamish and Bobby.  He tells them.  As will the other girls!

They are not looking forward to that!

Boys being boys however, Hamish and Bobby are leaning nonchalantly against the tree as if nothing had happened....after all they want their egos left intact and it was so not a cool thing to do, running off screaming like they did.  Perhaps they had been watching too many scary movies they shouldn't have been watching?!

Tuesday 20 October 2015

The Scheming Continues..Plans in Progress.

Sasha, Victoria, Cora, Susan, Sally & Weaver were deep in discussion having developed a plan they just need two willing participants to carry it out....

Alice had been out by herself in the garden looking at various jobs to do.  

She sees the girls talking and wonders what is happening and wanders over to join them.

They can't believe their luck!

Hi Alice! They all chorus as she walks up to them.  Gather round everyone let's tell Alice our plan...

The girls all gather tightly together and Susan explains the plan.  They just need another willing participant!

Over there, points Alice.   I am sure Peggy Sue will be able to help as after all she has already been up the tree house once.  She helpfully suggests.

Peggy Sue is in her own little world innocently playing on the swing chair completely unaware of what is soon to happen.

Alice and Sasha approach Peggy Sue.

The other girls watch and wait... 

Peggy Sue sees the two girls approaching and waves hello and calls them over.

The girls tell Peggy Sue the plan and she has a little giggle behind her hand.

What fun!  She says with glee.

The gather round the basket of 'tricks' that Susan and the other girls have prepared.

So you want me to put it up there?  Peggy Sue asks.

Yes!  The all say together.

Always up for a challenge Peggy Sue agrees.

Up the ladder she goes with Alice watching and Susan waiting with the basket.

Peggy Sue climbs up.  

It is easier this time, she tells them.

She climbs through the hole.

With Alice close behind.  .

Cora has come over to see if any help is needed

Peggy Sue reaches down to help Alice up.

Grab my hand.  She tells Alice who has never been up the tree house before.

They put up a black cloth.

What next?  Peggy Sue asks.

I think we need to get the basket up here.  Alice replies.

After some clever work with rope and pulling they manage to get the basket of goodies up onto the platform.

They start decorating.

Peggy Sue places some of the spiders.

Alice puts some on her side as well.

They stand back to admire their handiwork.

So what do you think?  Peggy Sue asks Alice.

I think it looks great. Alice replies.  
This will definitely scare the boys as they won't be expecting it!

They climb down.

Alice gets down first.

As Peggy Sue climbs down she pulls the webbing over the trap door hole.

Ready and waiting for the unexpected!

Meanwhile some of the girls are waiting...

Sally is a bit unsure about what they are doing and Sasha reassures her it is all just a bit of fun.

The other girls approach

They are a bit concerned that Sally might let out their secret, but fortunately it seems Sasha has managed to convince her not to.

They all discuss what to do next.

Cora tells them that they really ought to hide and wait for the boys as they are sure to be out this afternoon as it is such a good day.

Alice hides behind the mouses house.

She peeks from behind it.

Sasha and Weaver hide behind a tree.

Peggy Sue hides up a tree, knowing the boys will never expect her to be up there.

Cora hides behind another tree...

Susan joins her...

Victoria and Sally decide it is best to 'act natural' as after all the boys might think it strange if NONE of the girls are in the garden on such a lovely afternoon....

To be continued....