Sunday 31 July 2016

'Before and After' The Boys.

This week on the Sasha Morganthaler Facebook group the theme is 'before and after' photos.  I have been through my photos and pretty much all my 'before and after' transformations have been boys.

The first was in early 2012 and was my lovely little Rory. My original interpretation of how he was going to look didn't happen at all - seems he knew exactly who he was!



Then jump a couple of years to 2014 and we have poor Pierre who came to me with only one eye.



Next we have Nigel who had greening eyes.



Saturday 30 July 2016

A Summer Music Festival.

Hey guess what?  Henry asks the girls.

What? They chorus

There is going to be a Summer Music Festival.  He tells them.

It should be lots of fun!  He says.  Are any of you interested?

Well I don't play anything... Maddison says.  But I can sing.  Of course I WOULD play Bass Guitar or Drums but we don't have EITHER of those.  

Drums?  Stevie asks doubtfully.

Bass Guitar?!  Emily says...'Yeah okay Maddison.

It's true, I'm a natural!  Maddison retorts.

Peggy Sue thinks it is best to intervene and distract them before things get out of hand.  Well I play 'cello and saxophone, although mainly 'cello of late.

I must get practising. 

Emily looks on...I can do any organising she says.  I am quite good at that.  Oh and baking, I like baking.  What about Edith?  Will she play her flute?

If we can find it.  Henry says.  Edith is worried she might have left it at school.  She is rather distraught at the moment.

Currently we have the following instruments available, guitar, piano, violin - I think that is Anne-Marie's, and a clarinet.

Lots of discussions ensue about who is going to play what and wondering what the programme will be like.  Apparently they have to submit what they will be playing for the concert programme in time for the printing.

Thursday 28 July 2016

Thousands of colours and still no match!

Just before the Sasha Festival Henry took the opportunity to see if he could find some suitable hair...

We went in several shops, the last having literally thousands of colours avaiable.

Nope not suitable

Henry waits patiently to be served

Checks out his reflection in the mirror...

So many balding places, surely they will have something here for me?  He thinks.

Well despite the variety of colours and the kind patient lady behind the counter who pulled many colours out of the stack to try and find a match, nothing was found to blend in with Henry's hair colour.

He thought he had found a 'Locks of Love' donor at the Festival as well, but the hair was too brittle.

What ARE we going to do about your hair Henry?

We were so hoping with the variety available over in the USA that we would find a match so that missing hair plugs could be filled as and when the hair comes out so that the change in Henry's hair style would be gradual and that he could retain his look which is so well known now.  Sadly that wasn't the case and with several actual rather large bald patches now we are just not sure quite what to do.

Henry's hair colour seems to be different from all my other brunette boys and most of the girls as well we have seen.  What to do is a conundrum. 

Sasha Festival 2016 - Crafts

Friday morning was dedicated to crafts and there was a good selection to choose from:
scrapbooking, making a sun visor, decorating washing/laundry baskets, decorating an apron, making bead necklaces. I think all who took part enjoyed!

I realised I haven't taken any photos of my crafts so will  have to add them here later.

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Introducing Ingrid

Introducing Ingrid, my final doll for 2015

Last year a very special girl came home with me from the Sasha Festival.  Never did I think I would be lucky enough to own a doll like this, but sometimes lady luck shines on you...the minute I saw her I knew she would have to come home with me.  She is by no means perfect and has quite a mysterious history to her, but despite her faults she has an air of reflection and tranquillity about her.

She came home with several items of clothing  of which some we (after consulting with Ann Chandler and Susanna Lewis and later Anne Votaw) believe are original.  Certainly her dress and underwear probably are and possibly her cape as well.

She 'told' me her name almost immediately. 

She enjoys a tea party with her teddy which was a 'welcome home' gift.

I made her a new dress which brings out the blue in her eyes.

For the past year Ingrid has been keeping a diary of her life and daily happenings that may take her eye or give her pause for thought, events she has enjoyed and the odd trip that she may have undertaken.  She is hoping the coming year will see more clothes added to her wardrobe!


In conclusion a mosaic of my 2015 dolls.

Links to the others: from top left to right...just click on their names.

Jasper , Baby Barney Bam BamJacobBarbaraThomas
Ingrid (above), Jemima Gotz Red Head boy, JoelLena

Sunday 24 July 2016

A New Dress for Maddison

Maddison is one of the girls I nearly took to the Sasha Festival but was pulled out of the case just before I walked out the door for the trip to the airport.  It only seemed fair that she got to wear the lovely little dress that Norvell had made.  (This style of dress was made as Norvell's table hostess gift)

She thought it went well with her favourite pink boots made by Marti.

Love the dress and the sweet little roses on it are quite apt for those that live here at Rose Cottage.

Thank you very much for the lovely dress Norvell. 

Saturday 23 July 2016

Sasha Festival 2016 - Registration & Meet and Greet

4.30pm on Thursday July 17th the Sasha Festival 2016 officially began!  We all gathered for Registration and the 'Meet & Greet'  There was a light hors d'oeuvres and cash bar and photo op displays available as well.

People begin to gather...

mingle and chat.

The ladies have the souvenir t shirts out for any who want to purchase.

Sheila and Lynne hand out the registration packs.

There were some fabulous photo op displays up for people to use after registration and into the evening.  A lot of fun. How I would love some of these amazing props!

Just loved this piano - especially as I also collect Schoenhut dolls and toys.  Sadly these just aren't available in England.

Henry also enjoyed the opportunity to 'tickle the ivories'

It was Barbie's 70th birthday while at the Festival so Marti had organised a special surprise for her.

This was fun as you can see.

A fabulous cake - of which I ended up not getting a piece due to taking photos!

Lovely smiling ladies.

Groups get together and enjoy catching up on the last year

It was  a really lovely evening and once I had nipped round taking a few photos it was great to stop and chat and enjoy like minded company. 

 Love this wonderful group of people!  The Sasha Festival for me now is as much about the people and friends I have made as it is about the dolls.