Wednesday 30 April 2014

Another Goodbye

I never got to say goodbye and this makes me want to cry
My lovely friend who was always by my side died while I was away
My heart breaks when I think of him and not being with him at the end is something I am still trying to come to terms with, I feel like I let him down.  I told him how much I loved him on the phone...and he groaned his reply - he always groaned (his version of a purr) to me.  I hope he knew what I was saying.
I'm so sorry I wasn't with you my dear Pirate, you will forever be in my heart.

Tuesday 29 April 2014

The 2014 Kiwiana Collection

I have been busy the last week or so working with the gorgeous fabrics and yarns that I bought while in New Zealand and are pleased to be able to present the first part of my newest collection.  The boys collection will be ready in the next week or two with any luck.

The 2014 Kiwiana Collection

Clothing for sale with a New Zealand flavour exhibiting my love for New Zealand and the native bush and bird life that abounds. Hand made with care for Sasha and Gregor. All clothing has overlocked/serged seams, and lined bodices for the dresses and hand sewn hems.

The dresses with the birds on them feature some of my favourite birds, the little Fantail, the Kiwi, Tui and wood Pigeon to name a few.  The colours are evocative of the native bush, beautiful seas and abundance of blue skies and sunshine.

Kiwiana Batik £20.00 plus p&p

Kiwiana Flowers £15.00 plus p&p

1.  Kiwiana Aqua Birds modelled by the lovely Victoria.

2.  Kiwiana Black: Native Birds  Casually modelled by Stevie in her new shoes that Henry won, which she insists on wearing (not included in the sale)

3. Kiwiana Blues: Native Birds.  Weaver modelling this beautiful dress in lovely natural shades of blues and greens.

4.  Kiwiana Green: NZ & Ferns.  Modelled by sweet Sally.

5.  Kiwiana Orange: NZ & Ferns.  Modelled by Charlotte

6.  Kiwiana Flowers: Kowhai.  Modelled by Emily

7. Kiwiana Flowers: Kaka Beak  Modelled by the gorgeous Liebe

Monday 28 April 2014

Monica & Ziva in their Spring/Summer dresses

Some more spring/summer dresses.

Here is Monica in 'Cadenza' a dress I made a couple of years ago.

Monica is my second brunette and is really lovely and sweet.

Ziva is my quiet, but wild child and is dressed in 'Paua' a Kiwiana dress I made last summer.

Sneak Preview

Some sneak previews of some Sasha and Gregor clothing that will be coming soon...

Seven colourful Kiwiana dresses

Shorts, Sweater & Socks outfit for Gregor.

Saturday 26 April 2014

What's this on the doorstep?

Henry heard a noise out the front this afternoon and goes to investigate.

What's this?  He looks at a little case deposited on the front porch.

Is this what he thinks it says?  Does that mean... that possibly his lost Trojan Teddy has been found?

He bends down to pick up the suitcase to take it inside.

He sits down in a corner with the suitcase on his lap.

He opens the lid and who should pop out?

Yes!  It is his 'Missing in Action'  little Trojan Teddy friend.

Henry can't quite believe his eyes.

Henry stares at his little friend.

Who quietly whispers to him 'I'm home'. 

Henry leaps up and races outside.

Look everyone he cheers, Trojan Teddy has come home!

He is no longer 'Missing in Action'

Yippee, Hooray

Isn't he just wonderful?

I am so pleased to have my Trojan Teddy back home.

Henry was so worried he had lost him and even asked his Aunty Michelle in New Zealand to see if he had been left there, but there was no sign of him...and just when Henry was giving up hope, today his little Trojan Teddy was reunited with him.

Some more pretty girls in Spring/Summer wear.

Just a few more photos of some of the girls who have changed into Spring/Summe wear.

Looks like these two have a secret to share.

Mary Ellen and Alice

Mary Ellen


Next up we have Sally (who I forgot that I had taken photos of the other day, with Charlotte.



Again the girls are dressed in clothes that I have made them over the last few years.