Tuesday 30 December 2014

Secret Santa Swap - Post Three: What others Received.

Doll Mum has blogged about what she sent and received and can be seen in these two posts here (Part One) and here (Part Two)

Doll Mum - Sent to Marijke in Canada

Doll Mum's beautiful daughter holding the gifts received from Secret Santa Rosie.

Sunday 28 December 2014

Boxing Day Knitting

After having a busy Christmas Day I had a lovely lazy Boxing Day - I did some knitting, watching DVDs, reading and snoozing!  

This is the little aqua tunic dress I knitted, which is now on my sales page.

Such a pretty blonde Sasha!

Friday 26 December 2014

Secret Santa Swap - Post Two: What others Received.

This is letter written to Santa: 

 Dear Secret Santa
My Sasha group live in Australia so Christmas is very hot. It would be great to have a new summer outfit that is sewn by the secret Santa as I do not sew! My Sasha babies would especially love a new outfit but happy to receive something for Sasha or Gregor size if that suits you better. Sasha babies would love shoes.  Many thanks.

Taking this request on board, these are the gifts I made for Sonya for the Secret Santa Swap.

Dress with matching pantaloons for Sasha (which could also be worn with a top), Matching dress for baby Sasha with shoes and some assorted toys and a Christmas stocking- not pictured.

Sonya sent a lovely photo of her Cora and baby Tilly wearing the dresses and enjoying the toys.


Next up we have photos of the lovely gifts Marijke received from her Secret Santa (DollMum) 

Kiltie, Cora, Sasha, Ffion and Rowan, are playing with the skipping rope that arrived for them from Dollmum.

Marijke writes:  Here are the Christmas photos, except for the chocolate, which is partially eaten! Secret Santa Dollmum (Anna) sent clothing for the boys and a baby, as well as toys. Caleb got dibs on the jeans, better than the girls’ jeans, because his have pockets on the bum. Bastiaan decided as he was blond, and blue suits blonds, he should get the royal blue long-sleeve T-shirt. And Mimmi, with her dark colouring, looks wonderful in her short, spotted, rose overalls; because it is winter, she is wearing them over a sweater. Her hat was given to her by another person for Christmas, and she refuses to remove it.

Bastiaan, Caleb, Gregor and Rufus admire the boat Dollmum sent, it is raining enough today that there are lots of puddles out there, but none of them have rain-gear as yet so they will have to test it in the bath.


Next up we have the gifts received by Miss Laird from Sadie.

The first one is of the lovely gifts sent to my daughter by Sadie - there's a wonderful co-ordinated outfit with top, tights and a really lovely hounds tooth pinafore. Also a pretty party dress with a bow and a super pair of shoes which go with both outfits. There are also some little toys for Cora to play with. 

We hope you agree how well Cora looks in her new togs and would like to say a really big THANK YOU to Sadie for these thoughtful  gifts.


Rosie's Secret Santa was Rochelle, and this is what she writes about the gifts received: 

Next up a few words from Audrey, Erica and Clara -

To thank Rochelle for her kindness we've sent you a few pictures.
Our Mum knits ...a lot, but she doesn't sew very well! So we asked for some skirts from Secret Santa this year.

Just look at the beautiful skirts which Rochelle sent to us, we hope you agree they match so well with our sweaters.

And to keep Mum busy there was a lovely ball of Alpaca wool - she's says it will make one of us a really soft sweater.

Also in our parcel were 3 chocolate bars - one for each of us - Oh oh what's Lonely up to?

So many, many thanks to Sadie, Rochelle and to you Lorraine for organising another successful swap.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful 2015



 Melissa wrote that Sadie was very excited to receive a gift from so far away as her Secret Santa - Sonya, resides n Australia.

Here is Sadie's Cora dressed in the lovely outfit she received - loving the Koala on the bag and of course the one in her arm!


As mentioned earlier this month, Ginger's Finn opened his presents BEFORE Christmas Day!   Ginger reveals all here

Finn looks very happy with the fabulous gifts received from Secret Santa Rosie.


A few more still to come...

Thursday 25 December 2014

Sasha Secret Santa Swap - Post One: What we received.

Henry wrote the letter to Secret Santa this year and this is what he wrote:

Dear Santa,

This is Henry here, I thought I would write the letter to you this year.   We are all happy for surprises here at Rose Cottage, but I do know that the babies and toddlers in our family lack clothes, especially the boys, in fact poor Claudius is STILL wearing his sailor suit!   which seems strange really….so perhaps this year it would be better if you concentrate on them.  But really we don’t mind what you surprise us with.

Probably not much help…well I can tell you which babies and toddlers live here of course.

Alfie and Oscar are the two baby boys.
Claudius and Ollie are the two toddler boys.
Amelia, Grace and Linda are the three baby girls.
Bonnie and Erica are the two toddler girls.

With lots of love,

Well a delightful package arrived from Santa and the kids were up bright and early to open it.

Well a delightful package arrived from Santa and the kids were up bright and early to open it.

Henry was delighted to have a package with his name on it.  I think his generosity at thinking of the others first, made Santa want to give him something as well.

He got a great pair of socks!  

Before we had a chance of taking a photo of Baby Amelia with her package, it seems she had opened it!

Oh that looks pretty Amelia.

With a little bit of help from her big sister, she had her new outfit on, and I must say she looks very pleased with it.   Thank you Santa!

Baby Grace is slower at opening hers....admiring the packaging first and listening to the paper crinkle

Oh look a wonderful knitted 'onesie'.   That should keep her warm this winter.

Ah, what a cutie.

Stevie was delighted to get a gift and couldn't wait to open it and put it on!

Wow, I don't think I have seen anyone change quite that quickly before Stevie!  

What a great dress and coat.  She loves it.

Thank you so very much Secret Santa (aka Ginger)  We just love our gifts.

There was a special gift for me as well....Ginger, I mean Santa knows me so well....BUTTONS!

More posts to come of what others received....

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Advent Day Twenty Four - Christmas Eve

There is much chatter around the Advent Calendar and Scene this morning.

It's Christmas Eve!  Can be heard from many excited voices.

They are all discussing what might be behind the calendar door today.

Monica is of course convinced it is Santa, so the girls suggest she gets to open the door

Monica feels very lucky to be doing this.

She reaches in....

That's it....you can do it, the girls encourage her.

What has she found? They all lean in and look eagerly.

She starts to pull out the package.

That certainly looks like what she predicted...

Yes it is Santa! She cheers, as do the other girls.

Before they can blink Monica has Santa out of the package and put together.

She holds him up for them to see...

Look he has his quill pen and gift list.  She tells them.

Now where shall I put him?  She asks.

Ah, down here will be good, right next to the sleigh.

The girls resume their chatter.

They are so pleased that it really was Santa behind the door today.

Of course that still means the mystery of the orange objects remains unsolved!

Charlotte thinks they look a bit like the things Dad uses to clear the ice of the windscreen...or maybe to strip wallpaper....but she really isn't at all sure, so doesn't want to voice her thoughts.

Happy Christmas Eve!

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Advent Day Twenty Three.

Hi Rory, shall we open the door for today?  Henry asks.

Can we?  Rory replies.

Of course, why not?  Henry says.

Well I just thought as we had both kind of opened one before....  Rory says.

Oh that is no problem.  Mum said it is okay. Henry reassures Rory.

Here it is.  Henry says.  I wonder if it will give us the answer to the mystery of the orange objects?  

Henry reaches inside to retrieve the gift with Rory eagerly watching.

Well this doesn't look like the answer. does it Rory?  Henry says.  Still looks like fun!

Henry shows Rory the little car that was in the package after he has made up the little Christmas box which he has carefully put on the floor.

This looks like a super fast racer.  Henry states.

Sure does.  Rory agrees.

Right, where shall we put them?  Henry says as he and Rory walk towards the scene.

Over there should do nicely.

Henry puts the little present with the other beside the tree and puts the car down at the front.

There are lots of toys now aren't there Henry?  Rory says.

There sure are.  Henry agrees.

Lots of toys for the children to play with on Christmas Day.