A Simple Summer Swap

This is how it works.

As the title says 'A SIMPLE Summer Swap' - so keep it simple - a summer dress for the girls, or a shorts & t shirt for the boys - you can add a pair of swim shorts, bathing costume, some summer accessories - whether a hat, beach play toys etc...as you wish.

Sign up for the swap by 31st May 2013 - sending me your name and address details and whether you would like something for a boy or a girl.

Swap partners announced 1st June 2013

Post your swap by 30th June 2013

If you have any questions, please contact me and ask and remember most importantly…HAVE FUN!

I will be updating participants as they sign up:

Kirsten H. ( Received)
Jenny D (Sent & Received)
Betty (Sent)
Winnie (Sent & Received)
Thelma (Sent & Received)
Rochelle (Sent & Received
Emma F.(Sent & Received)
Lora (Sent & Received)
Anna P. (Sent & Received)
Pat B (Sent & Received)
Caryn (Sent & Received)
Janice (Sent & Received)
Gillian K (Sent & Received)
Jackie P (Sent & Received)
Lorraine (Sent x 2, Received)

SWAP PARTNERS ALLOCATED - You should all receive an email from me by 1st June 2013 with your swap partner's details.  If you don't receive the email please let me know.  Any other problems or queries please also let me know.  If you want to change partners for any reason (eg...you may have swapped with them before and want to swap with someone different, please also let me know asap)  To make it 'Simple' I have tried to pair UK to UK and US to US, but there was an odd number.  Hope this suits everyone.

Thelma & Emma F
Lorraine & Anna
Winnie & Caryn
Pat & Jenny
Rochelle & Janice
Lora & Jackie
Betty & Kirsten
Gillian & Lorraine

Photos I have received so far of swap gifts sent and received:

From Anna to Lorraine:

Frog for Rory, South African Outfit for Caleb

Fun games

From Betty to Kirsten


From Caryn to Winnie:


From Gill to Lorraine


From Kirsten to Betty:


From Thelma to Emma

From Emma to Thelma:


From Lorraine to Anna:


From Lorraine to Gill:


From Winnie to Caryn:

Posts can be found here:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five


  1. hi this is such a good idea i would love to sign up many thanks shontay :)

    1. I sent you emails and a direct reply to this but never heard from you unfortunately.

  2. I would like to take part in the Summer swap Lorraine.

    Winnie in California

  3. I would like to take part in the summer swap Lorraine, but I am not good at doing new emails. thanks Thelma

  4. hi there, i have not done one of these before, but would love to join in. Please can i sign up?

    1. Delighted to have you join in Emma, please email me your details :-)

  5. I did also receive my Summer Swap Item. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, a bit behind with the updates as only got home Friday and have been busy with poorly dogs and Festival photos and blog posts!


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