Friday, 31 May 2013

Giveaway Winner Announced!

I received an amazing 34 entries for my 2nd Blogivesary Giveaway - thank you to all who commented and entered.  It was wonderful to get such interest and of course lovely to read your comments and encouragement - it all helps to make a brighter day and I really do appreciate those that make the extra effort to leave a comment, either directly on my blog or personally.

I used the Randon Number Generator found here and the number generated was number 19 which was Beth.  Congratulations Beth on being the winner of this Giveaway.  I had hoped to put the picture on my blog, but wasn't technically minded enough to work out how to do it!

Beth please email me and let me know your full name and address and I will get your little 'Kiwiana' dress in the post to you first thing Monday morning.

More 2013 Sasha Festival Donations.

I finally got round to making the raincoat which is part of my contribution to the Donation that Rosie Shortell has organised for the 2013 Sasha Festival.

There are a few other things that will go with the collection as my contribution, but I don't want to completely spoil all the surprises!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Liebe in Denim

In October 2009 I made this bag for a young girl's 13th birthday party. 

I have had the scraps from the denim that I used to make this bag floating around ever since - sure that I could use them for something, although not quite sure what as they were quite small scraps.  Today I thought I would make see what I could salvage to put with some other green scraps I had to make an outfit.

I made a beret - a bit more fabric was used for this than I would have liked as I made a mistake the first time!

I used a little left over lace - just the right amount to lengthen the top slightly.

I teamed it with a pair of light pink JJ Shoes to bring out the little pink flowers in the leggings, but not really sure it has quite achieved the look I was hoping for so might try some different colours.

Such a lovely girl, looks like she might be here to stay :-)

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

It's happening!

So Henry is bouncing with joy at the thought of his next overseas adventure!  
Yes we are bound for the USA and the Sasha Festival in July.

My commitment to selling some of my most beloved dolls paid off both my credit card debt ( I can only begin to tell you what a relief and feeling of peace that brings), and has allowed enough extra for me to go the festival.  Some of you may remember my bare all post here on 'thoughts, debts, obsessions and what to do about it! way back in September last year.  Well although I made some attempt then to sort out the situation - and nearly did, I didn't do it properly - I didn't fully clear my debt and of course it crept back up again to giant proportions this year.  I knew that there was no way I could continue like that for both my peace of mind and also if I ever wanted to go on a trip such as the Sasha Festival, so set to achieving my debt free goal.

So thank you to the lovely people who have bought my dolls and offered them such wonderful homes. It has been very sad to see them go, but also a feeling of relief, that only someone who has been a similar situation can probably fully appreciate.  Two still to leave soon....just waiting for their journey date and two unsold, but hey they can stay if they really want to.   I still have a couple of instruments to sell and I am hoping that I will achieve selling those as well - I can then put that aside for other expenses.

Of course after the festival I won't have anything left over, so will have to think of some ways to earn a little bit of 'Sasha Spending Money'  as I know (like we all do) that I will want to treat myself and my little clan every now and again. I will do what others do and only spend what is in my paypal account.  No more evil CREDIT CARD! I have decided I will start sewing and knitting to sell in earnest having only really dabbled in it every now and again. I will sell under the label 'Muriel Makes' which is the name of my lovely Singer 201K Sewing Machine and a name I have used for the last few years (selling at craft fairs before I stopped doing them) when making and selling other craft type items such as bags, purses, etc... I will of course have to continue to pace myself against BAD pain flare ups - but I am learning more and more what makes the constant daily pain worse.  The doctors and specialists have made it quite clear that I will probably have this problem with pain, well pretty much from now on (oh that is encouraging) and the doctor has said he will fully support me with any applications I make for some kind of disability allowance, but somehow I just don't feel 'right' doing so plus from what I have read and heard the government don't make it easy to achieve this any more and at this stage I am not sure if I could cope with being told 'your condition doesn't meet our criteria'.  So many people out there with Chiari Malformation (CM) and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) and the resulting Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) that often accompanies these issues are in a similar situation.  Crazy as MS is recognised and certainly CM has almost identical symptoms!  Hey and I'm fortunate enough to have CM, TOS & CRaPS!  How lucky is that?!  However, whatever way I look at it I have the pain, have learnt to live with it, now have to accept that it is a part of my life and to get on with things.  Sure there will be both good and bad days, but that is just part of the package that is me, and hey, it could be far worse!   But that is enough of that.  This is a Sasha blog!

So in between planning for this trip, I have the swaps to organise - and have had quite a few people sign up already which is great.  Remember only two days left to sign up for this swap!  Plus I am going to start planning the sorts of things I am going to make to sell, trying to develop my own style.  I very much like making the studio type dresses and outfits so these will of course be included and I want to focus on using both vintage fabrics for these plus New Zealand fabrics for other clothing for both Sasha and Gregor.

This won't happen overnight as I am aware of my limitations and need to pace myself - there is that word again!

So onwards and upwards as they say.

Plus don't forget my giveaway - entries close Friday 31st May - I have had 34 so far!  

And if you read all that you deserve a medal!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A quiet walk in the fields.

Still feeling slightly subdued from his Saturday experience, Henry went for a quiet walk in the fields yesterday.  

In amongst the rapeseed flowers which make a glorious sea of yellow.

Fortunately Henry doesn't suffer from hayfever as this plant can be notorious for causing allergies such as running nose, streaming eyes etc...

When in full flower all you can see is yellow.

Monday, 27 May 2013


I had a load of tiny patch work squares that I had started to sew together. 

 Today I decided to make a skirt with them.  

Which then meant I had to make a blouse as well!

Julie is modelling this rather whacky creation - which perhaps would have been better with a plain white shirt - might make one another day.

Light vignetting...

Antique look...


With the blouse untucked...

Sunday, 26 May 2013

The day after...

The boys were woken early this morning amidst grumbles and groans about feeling ill and having headaches...Nothing like a bit of hard work to cure of a self inflicted ill!

They have been tasked with tidying up the garden ready for the lawn to be mowed.

Molly stops to ask them what they are doing....
Not sure she got quite the response she was expecting - no they weren't rude, they just didn't have the energy to communicate!  I think they were all feeling a bit sheepish and embarrassed as well - especially Rory who has a bit of a crush on her.

Meredith and Marcia are taking their baby out for an early morning walk in the sunshine.

Especially for Kendal - pictures of their baby ;-)

They take good care of the little one making sure everything is okay.

Molly stops by to have a chat and tell them about the boys....
Meredith looks somewhat surprised to hear about what happened yesterday with the big bottle of whiskey!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Oh no!

Hey Henry, look what I found...

What is it?  Henry asks?

A great big bottle of fizzy drink - enough for at least four of us! Replies Simon.

Rory, Caleb, come over here, we can have a party!   

Not much later....

ooh...errr...I feel sick....

Friday, 24 May 2013

Swap Fun!

I thought it would be nice to host another couple of swaps as it has been some time since the last one.

The first :

A 'Simple Summer' Swap - for those not taking part in the Sasha Festival - or indeed those that are who feel they are happy to commit to a swap.  Details will be on a separate page here (also see tabs along top of page).  .  Sign up for the swap by 31st May 2013 - swap partners announced 1st June - swap to be posted by 30th June.

This is how it works.

As the title says 'A SIMPLE Summer Swap' - so keep it simple - a summer dress for the girls, or a shorts & t shirt for the boys - you can add a pair of swim shorts, bathing costume, some summer accessories - whether a hat, beach play toys you wish.  Items can be bought or handmade.

Sign up for the swap by 31st May 2013 - sending me your name and address details and whether you would like something for a boy or a girl.

Swap partners announced 1st June 2013

Post your swap by 30th June 2013

If you have any questions, please contact me and ask and remember most importantly…HAVE FUN!

The Second:

A 'Back to School' Swap - for later in the summer after the Festival is over - plus it will give time to plan and find various treasures suitable for the swap.  Details will be on the 'Back to School Swap' page found by clicking  here (or via tabs on top of page)

School Fun

Start thinking now what you might like to make and collect together for a 'Back to School' Swap

Ideas include:

Satchel/School Bag
Uniform/School Dress or Trousers/Shorts & Shirt
Musical Instrument
Painting Easel

So many ideas!  

This is how it works.

Back to School Swap - help prepare a Sasha or Gregor for the coming new school year.
Items can be bought or handmade.

Sign up for the Swap by 19th July 2013 - sending me your name and address details and whether you would like the school theme to be centred around a boy or a girl.

Swap partners will be announced 21st July 2013

Post your swap by Friday 16th August 2013

If you have any questions, please contact me and ask and remember most importantly…HAVE FUN!

Remember it is all about having fun – that is the most important thing.  You don’t have to be a seamstress or a knitter – it is perfectly acceptable to purchase something to swap if you wish to do so. 


I will post a reminder closer to the time :-)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Another Sasha Studio inspired outfit.

Continuing to find inspiration from the Sasha books and styles I made this outfit today which consists of gathered skirt, pantaloons/drawers, petticoat, blouse and headscarf/shawl.  All made from vintage fabrics or clothing.

Sally makes such a beautiful model and has such a look of innocence.

Loving the photos in sepia as well.

I am loving this photo.