Sunday 27 November 2011

Sunday Sewing

The sun has been shining today and the sky is a beautiful blue.  The birds have been busy on the feeder, and Maggie, Tilly Rose and Serena have been modelling some pretty Christmas dresses out in the sunshine.



Now I better get on to the boring household chores that need to be done.

Have a good week!

Saturday 26 November 2011

A couple more pretty dresses for Christmas.

Beautifully modelled by my lovely Shelly repaint.


This lovely bright and bold coloured print dress is being modelled by Serena


Wednesday 23 November 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

A new dress will be going in my Etsy Shop in the next day or two.

Unless of course anyone wants to beat me to it!

'Christmas Holly' SOLD

Very pretty dress for Christmas modelled by Judie.

This time with elasticated sleeve cuffs.  I really like the sleeves this way.

The bodice is lined and all raw edges are overlocked/serged

Perfect for Christmas indeed.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Oliver steps out.

It is very dark and gloomy today, a thick fog only clearing around mid morning, but still very grey and damp.   THis didn't stop the little scamp Oliver, escaping outside to play after I got him to put on a pair of tweed trousers I'd just made him from an upcycled fabric from a vintage skirt.  But shhh...don't tell him it was originally a skirt, you know how boys are about these things.

Now I better go and see what he is up to.

What are you doing on the trellis Oliver?

Oh just hanging around, he replies and then nearly falls off with a fit of giggling.

It is then I realise he is out in his socks...poor boy doesn't have any shoes...well he didn't!

Oliver, I need you to come inside for a moment

Hang on a minute, I'm talking to froggy

Oliver has a new found friend, and is rather fond of him,

and the frog is very fond of Oliver, as can be seen in the photo.

Oliver, I really do need you to come inside now, something has arrived in the post I think you might like to see.

Oh wow, some shoes!  Can I have the green pair please?

Of course you can Oliver

Oliver is looking very happy with his new converse trainers and so much better than wandering around in his bare feet, or socks at this time of year.

Say thank you to Amey, Oliver, for the wonderful surprise package she sent us.

Thank you so very much Amey, the shoes are wonderful ESPECIALLY MY new pair of trainers!

Thank you indeed Amey for a super surprise today that has brightened up our otherwise dull and dreary day.

These shoes are made for walking and that is just what I'm going to do,

See you later!

Monday 21 November 2011

Sasha Secret Santa Swap Update

So how is it going Secret Santa?

My parcel is almost finished and ready to post..

Hope everyone is enjoying getting their parcel together.


Sunday 20 November 2011

Sewing on Sunday.

With the house clean and tidy, and the weekend washing done, I had a whole day to myself in my sewing studio, catching up with some projects I had on the go.

A little while ago one of the ladies from my quilting group asked if I would make an outfit for her antique doll.


Well I am pleased to say I am making progress.

She now has some underwear...

A pretty dress...

She is looking much happier now she is clothed.

Not sure whether I will make anything else or not. Will take her to quilting group on Thursday to see what my friend thinks.

Next up I offered to make some clothes for this doll here:


She really is a tiny wee thing.  I was sent a 'model' of similar size.

This is a proto-type outfit I made today.

I will also make some hats as 'Twinny' is bald, poor thing.

This wee girl looks quite happy with the new outfit.

Another of my friend's from Thursday Girl's Quilting Group asked if I would make a dress for her grand-daughter's baby Annabel.  

I don't have a model, but was kindly sent some patterns to make Annabel an outfit, so hopefully this pretty dress will fit.

The light is bad today, but it is a really pretty pink with touches of cream, white and blue.

Just need to make some matching pantaloons now.

Lastly another pretty dress to add to my Etsy Shop.

The fabric is 100% cotton, Morris Print and is quite striking on Cora.

Friday 18 November 2011

Pretty Maids all in a row

A lovely warm day it has been today, considering how far into November we are, although it is cooling down now it is late afternoon.

The girls have all agreed to model the winter dresses I have been making.

Emily - I do wish you wouldn't let your fringe hang over your eyes.

That is better we can see your pretty face now.

My repaint by Shelly, from Margaret, has on a very Christmassy dress, she is obviously far more prepared than I am!

Tilly Rose, my lovely re-root by Sarah 

Hang on a moment Tilly, before you rush off I want another group photo!