Saturday, 30 April 2016

Pretty in Pink - 2011

A week of 'Pretty in Pink' is currently featuring on FB so I thought it would be fun to reminisce and go back over the years and post photos of my girls 'Pretty in Pink' for each year since 2011.  It is certainly interesting going back and looking at these old photos, seeing things I have made in the past, and the way my photography has improved.  It is also fun  to see who has stayed and who has moved on.

All clothing is made by me unless I say otherwise.

Monica in a lovely smocked dress she arrived in.




Sweater knitted by Jane W,  leggings by me.

Emily in a dress made by myself.

Bethany (no longer with me)

Liebe (before I knew how to pose her properly by the looks of things!)

Lucy (no longer with me) in a Dolly Doodles Outfit 

Maisie (no longer with me)

Maggie (no longer with me) wearing a cardigan and matching beret (I can't remember the person who knitted this) jeans and t shirt made by myself.



Five out of nine girls still with me!

Friday, 29 April 2016

Knitting & Sewing Round Up on Friday

I think my sewing and knitting mojo might be slowly coming back... although I should have known one good day wouldn't necessarily mean I felt good the following day!

I have finally started making some clothes that will be available to purchase at the Sasha Celebration Weekend.

First up Stevie is modelling this fun summer outfit

Perfect for those hopefully sunny days of summer.

Next up is this tulips top teamed with polka dot 3/4 trousers with decorative hem featuring the fabric from the top.

Modelled by Stevie

Next up is another Tulip top of a completely different style teamed with stretch leggings.

Modelled by the lovely Maddison

A lovely light lace weight wool top with needle corduroy skrit.

A sweater for Gregor - knitted with some of the lovely 100% NZ Merino wool I bought back with me


Now for some non-Sasha clothing - which is what actually helped me get back in the mood for sewing.

Black tulip dress for MSD Blue Fairy

Going for a much more casual look.

Sweater (knitted with some of my lovely NZ Merino wool) teamed with a pair of grey stretch jeans

A 'gillet' knitted with some more lovely NZ Merino wool

Polka Dots on Black - dress for MSD Blue Fairy 

Because it was cold she needed a little cardigan/jacket. This was knitted again with some of my NZ Merino wool that I bought back with me.

Something on a smaller scale.  A little dress for Bleuette Hazel.

And smaller again!

A little top for Alicia Makie.  Knitted with the same Lace Weight NZ Wool that Maddison's top was knitted wth.