Saturday 21 February 2015

Are you ready yet?

Well I'm ready!  Says Henry.... But I don't know about anyone else.

Hi Henry, I'm ready as well!  Peggy Sue informs him.

How much have you packed?  Henry asks Peggy Sue

Oh only about this much.  She replies and shows him the size with her hands.

Mum said we couldn't pack too much so that we had room to bring home some wool and fabric!  Henry tells Peggy Sue.  

Come on Mum, are you ready yet?  They both ask.

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Super Hero Henry

Henry is delighted!

Look I am a super hero!

I really am, because it says so on my pyjamas

So it must be right?

Especially as I can do super hero tricks

like this!

I also got a special super hero pillow from my friend Lola

Thank you so much Lola, I love that it matches my pyjamas

What a great idea of yours to make me a pillow and how kind of Miss Julia to show you how to make it.

I am going to take it to New Zealand with me.

PS Bobby and Hamish say hello to you too Lola.

Saturday 14 February 2015

Young Sweet Love is in the Air...

Having recently shared 'hospital transportation and room' with Emily, Gwilym has fallen head over heels in love with her....

He offers her a flower....

...and asks if she would like to go the Valentines Day Ball with him.

He tells her she would sure look pretty with the flower in her hair and offers to put it in for her.

They shyly hold hands, and head off for the dance.

A photo before you leave please!

Valentines Day Portrait.

Tuesday 10 February 2015

The BBs....The Brunette Boys!

Gwilym is heading off for 'Surgery' as his stringing um, joints are loose....he is a little worried about his upcoming hospital stay, but boys have assured him he will come back 'feeling like new'.  He can still pose reasonably well with clothes on...but without them he is very floppy...he tried to insist that he never plans of posing without clothes on so what is the problem?  His arguments fell on deaf ears however it seems.  He will have company during his stay as poor Emily is in a similar worse state of affairs as she can no longer stand up with ease.  She has insisted that he needs to come and be brave!

The brunette boys thought they would gather for a group photo before he left.

From left to right:  Christopher William, Connor, Henry, Gwilym, Nigel & Pierre

Funnily enough, Gwilym is the earliest of my boys and yet he is the tallest.    Henry is the shortest, although it isn't completely obvious in this photo as he is standing bolt upright and a couple of the other boys are 'slouching' 

Friday 6 February 2015

Henry's photo books have arrived.

Yeah!  My Year Book and my Down Under book have arrived.

One of these will be printed as a hardback and donated to the Sasha Festival in Fort Worth, Dallas in July this year.  Not sure which one yet though!

A few pages from my Year Book....

and a few pages below from my Down Under book of my adventures in Australia and New Zealand.

The photo on the bottom right hand side isn't really faded - it is just the light reflecting in from the window.

We are so pleased with these books.  

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Blue Gingham and Sailors

A couple of weeks or so ago Laura put up a photo of her blue gingham girls on Facebook, I said I must get a photo of mine at some stage and finally got round to it!

Of course could I get them all looking the same way at the same time?

There were many grumbles about how cold it was and couldn't they pose inside instead.

From left to right:  Sara, Jane, Stevie, Victoria, Sally, Charlotte & Sasha

Strictly speaking, I am not sure Stevie was a blue gingham girl as she actually came in an older blue cord dress, but she decided she wanted to join the girls anyway.

Yesterday BJ's Sailor outfit arrived.  I now have my four red head siblings in sailor outfits thanks to Vicky who made three of them.  Claudius is of course wearing his original outfit.

Very proud they are as well.

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Snow Day....Let's Play!

A little group of friends today looked out into the garden in awe.

Snow!  Just what Henry had been waiting for.

Peggy Sue joined Henry in the garden as the other girls and boys just claimed it was TOO COLD for them to want to bother - I think they just wanted to stay in bed!

Henry and Peggy Sue discuss whether there is enough snow to build a snowman yet....Henry doesn't think so.

It isn't long before Wren and Hitty Madge join them.   They started out at the same time, but little feet take longer to get where they were going.

Wren suggests they could throw snowballs.

Henry points out that it would probably not be a fair game...after all they are snow much bigger than both Wren and Hitty Madge, and as such their snowballs would be bigger as well.

Hitty Madge is secretly relieved....really playing snowballs at her age, is just not quite what she had in mind when venturing outside in the snow....although she would quite happily have helped build a snowman!

Soon they decide it is time to venture in again for a cup of hot chocolate (or milo!)


It seems a core group of my dolls want to interact together....sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to incorporate my blogs into one...that was what I originally intended, but then felt I should separate them for various reasons, but now I am not so sure.

Sunday 1 February 2015

Henry's New Club.

Henry is hard at work at his desk today.

He seems intent on whatever he is doing.

Stevie comes along...

Hi Henry. What are you doing?

Henry turns to her

I am planning on setting up a Young Collectors Sasha and Gregor Club.  He tells her.

Wow, that will be good. Stevie says.  Can I help?

Sure, says Henry.

They get to work with their planning.

Henry explains to her his thoughts so far.

I thought we could do a regular newsletter.  One in which members can send in photos, stories, puzzles and anything else that might be of interest to other young Sasha and Gregor collectors.  

That sounds like a good idea.  Stevie tells him.

I also thought that I might send them postcards when I am travelling.  What do you think Stevie?  Do you think they would like that?  Henry asks.

I do.  Stevie tells him.

What suggestions do you have Stevie?  Henry asks.

Well it would be good if we could put information in the newsletter that young people might find interesting.  Stevie suggests.

The two set to work.

Calling out to all the young people out there who might be interested in joining a Sasha & Gregor Club, please ask your parents if you can write to Henry asking for some more information.   (Parents, all emails will be sent to the adult for the young person unless otherwise told).