Sunday 27 November 2016

Sunday Summary - Knitting and Sewing over the last week.

The productive theme continues.

Emily is modelling a Christmas dress 

The back does up with three buttons.

A Christmas Jumper/Sweater modelled by Susan.

It sparkles in the sun!

Does up at the back with a half opening and three buttons.

Maddison says this dress is a keeper for sure!

It goes perfectly with her pink boots.  

Next up some sewing.... 

Emily models this fun Christmas dress - can't believe how fast this time of year is!

Sophia looks pretty in the blue snowman dress.

Maddison is modelling the Christmas Village dress - this is already sold.

Again she is modelling another dress (yes I know the pink boots don't go with the dress, but try telling Maddison that!)

Emily in green snowflakes.

Some non-Sasha knitting..

Matilda (who I think will become Tilly) is wearing a dress knitted for her just in time for Peggy Sue's birthday party.   She has been in a box for a whole year so was very pleased to be let out, although was rather tentative... 


There is much excitement here at Rose Cottage as we approach December and the annual opening of the Advent Calendar...I wonder what it will be this year?!

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Peggy Sue's birthday and blogger changes.

Peggy Sue's party posts are over on my other blog...

The morning of the party.

The party itself...


On another note this morning I went to my blogger home page to check my blogs, only to discover to my horror that the whole layout has changed - and not for the best.  Instead of being able to see at a glance which blogs have comments, and my reading list, you now have to 'click' a 'tab' to see the blogs individually and the different instead of one glance to see if there are any comments for example, you now have to make up to four applications.  So to check all four of my main blogs I have to execute up to 16 different moves/pages.   Now perhaps for those with just one blog it is not a problem, but for me, with different blogs to suit different readers and interests it is a nightmare.  I have been blogging for 10 years now and so this is a real shock to the system.  It will certainly put me off using it.  So I will either have to amalgamate it all into one blog, as I really don't need all the extra work this new layout will involve or find a different platform.  Whether that be my own website (I do have one from my Cavy showing and breeding days) or another site, I don't know.

Why do they change things?  I am sure those that do, don't actually USE it.  Change for the sake of change - it really wasn't necessary.  I used to find blogger one of the most user friendly blogging sites there is.  Not any more.

So will be thinking on what to do next.  

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Henry does some baking.

It is Peggy Sue's birthday party tomorrow Henry.  Maddison tells Henry.

Are you ready to do some baking Henry?  Emily asks.

Yes, I have my book that Aunty Dorisanne gave me a couple of years ago at the Sasha Festival.  Henry tells Emily.  It has all sorts of good recipes in it and tips on how to do things.

Brilliant!  The girls chorus.  We can help you as well.

They get the things ready that they will need and put on their aprons - although Henry would have preferred a more 'boyish' apron, he relented and put one on to help keep his clothes clean.

Henry is thrilled to be operating the sunbeam mixer...he has seen the others use it before.

Not too fast Henry.  Emily tells him.

They turn the oven on to get it up to temperature.

Next I need to melt the butter.  Henry says.

He carefully holds the pan while he stirs the butter.

Emily puts the tray in the oven while Henry holds the door open for her.

How long do you think they will take to cook?  Henry asks.

About 45 minutes I think.  Emily replies.

A little later....

The cakes are out of the oven.  

These look good.  Maddison says.

But as with all baking....

There are dishes piled up in the sink.

Do you want help with the washing up Henry?  Maddison asks.

Yes please!  Henry says.

Maddison dries the dishes.

They enjoy chatting while they do it.

They can't wait for the party tomorrow and wonder who will be coming.

Sunday 20 November 2016

Sunday Summary - this week's knitting and sewing..

Henry is pleased to have a new sweater - it is his little Ruru (or Morepork) sweater and he is going to have a hat to match it.

'Ball Game' jacket.  Knitted with some of my lovely New Zealand Merino wool

Some new balls of yarn were bought (even though I am supposed to be using my 'stash' only, this variegated wool is such fun)

Of course once bought, I couldn't wait to start knitting with it.

A Christmas sweater

A dress for Maddison.  She thinks this will be a fabulous dress to wear to Peggy Sue's birthday party.

'Mango Sunrise' this dress is available to purchase - will be on my 'Muriel Makes' Facebook page as well as in my Etsy shop (or can be purchased direct from me via my blog)

The light is so bad at the moment it is difficult to get the true colours to show.

Here is another picture of the dress on Sophia.

'Lime Sorbet' another little dress available to purchase.

Peggy Sue's birthday party dress - she was allowed to try it on briefly for size.  

I have also been busy sewing - although I think it was this that gave me a huge pain flare up earlier in the week.  Must work out what I am doing to cause it.

Five more Christmas dresses have been cut out and are currently 'in progress' - pacing myself with these ones to avoid another pain flare up.

Lastly my Secret Santa Swap has been made and is on its way...