Tuesday 31 January 2012

Denim for Henry & Mini AG Trousers

Henry now has a Denim coat to take away with him, just in case he needs it if the weather gets slightly chilly...not very likely but it pays to be prepared.

He wanted a hood on it, but I'm not sure if this was quite what he had in mind!

I finished another little knitting item yesterday for the Mini American Girl

A pair of trousers to match the sweater.  Again a pattern of Hazel's.

Monday 30 January 2012

Thoughts on Sasha Collecting and a Confession...

It can be very easy to get caught up in the whole Sasha 'thing', wanting more and more dolls...there is always something different that you haven't got and would like.  The last couple of days I have done some hard thinking, partly due to a comment that was made to me a week or so ago and then when I was offered one of my 'dream dolls' from my wish list.  With more and more people blogging about their wonderful dolls and of course ebay and Shelly's fabulous Sasha site, it is very easy to get caught up in the whole 'wanting' mode, often thinking that we 'need just one more'.  But it doesn't really happen like that does it?  There is ALWAYS just ONE more of course, it is knowing just when to stop for a while and take stock and learn to really appreciate what you do have.  I think in many ways those people with just one or two dolls have got it just right.  I know I would find it very difficult to have just one or two dolls.  I am a collector by heart and nature and have always collected something in one form or another with dolls being my main hobby (besides music & clarinets) the last few years. Since my injury & operation and the subsequent nerve damage, dolls have largely taken over and given me much distraction and solace as well as helping me focus on the positive by allowing me to still be able to create things through sewing and knitting.

Anyway after speaking to a lovely friend last night I got to thinking as she helped put things in perspective for me.  In the last year I have been very lucky with the dolls my husband has bought for me, and the ones I have bought for myself.  I need to appreciate the ones I have rather than continually lusting after some more (for want of a better phrase).  I am gong to remove most of the items on my wish list - after all it just puts a type of pressure on me that I don't need.  

I have no idea what expenses I may to incur while visiting my parents so need to prioritise what is important. So although I was offered one of my dream dolls, and one that I would dearly love to own, her being exactly what I had envisioned, it is sadly not to be at this point in time.  Who knows maybe later in the year I may be in a better position to save some money to buy another doll at some stage.  But I will think first, before rushing in.

Sometimes we need a wake up call.  I believe I have got so absorbed in trying to cope with the continual pain and inability to play music, teach and work that I have tried to 'buy' my happiness and distraction, and yet really I have it all already.

Having had that wake up call, around 4am this morning, I need to tell my friends that I also have a confession to make.  Last year, quite a few months ago now, Mark bought me a 1967 NP Red Hair Ballet girl and I have felt so guilty about having her ever since she arrived.  I have felt guilty about letting him spend so much money on a doll (although she was cheaper than some I have seen!), it has seemed like madness and I have also been almost too scared to do anything with her and she has just stood on my desk staring at me unnamed...Her strings are very loose and she flops quite a lot and her fringe has been trimmed significantly, but she is still beautiful.  So I really haven't been enjoying her, or appreciating her like I should.  So silly.  

Anyway, today after receiving a beautiful outfit I bought from Ebay, I decided to start appreciating and enjoying her.  I tightened her strings, did her hair and dressed her in the new outfit that really suits her beautifully.  She has also finally been given a name, Lucy.  So without further ado let me introduce my lovely Lucy for you.

Her arrival...

Sasha welcoming her...

Helping her out of the box...

Dressed in a lovely Dolly Doodles outfit...

Finally, after some primping and tightening of strings and dressed in her new beautiful outfit, made by Wendy (ebay seller bambino*bello), Lucy finally feels like she belongs.

A stray hair over her face

 Cuddling her special teddy.

Well I bet you didn't expect that?!

Sunday 29 January 2012

Test Pattern Knitting for Mini American Girl Dolls.

As I mentioned on a previous post I have recently joined a couple of knitting groups on Ravelry.  I am really enjoying these groups and they have inspired me to do a lot more knitting.  

I've been having fun testing some patterns for a newly made friend, 'HazelRose' on Ravelry which will be available soon for Mini American Girl Dolls.  These cute little dolls are all of 6 1/2 inches tall.  The patterns are lovely and simple to make and because they are small knit up in super quick time.

First up is the cute little Gored Garter Stitch Skirt which is then teemed with:

A little sweater top.  

These patterns will soon be released as a little wardrobe set on Ravelry complete with pants and a little vest/waistcoat.  I will let you know when they are with the link.

More coming soon....

Saturday 28 January 2012

Henry is happy.

Henry is very pleased...

His passport arrived today...

Mona May is also pretty happy today, she has realised the daffodils have started to bud...

Plus she has a new pair of trousers and cardigan

Not sure how long she plans on spending out in the garden though as it is far too cold for me to hang around out there freezing...

Friday 27 January 2012

Keeping busy, an order, a gift, some sewing and some knitting.

Beautiful sunny day today, although so very cold.  I have been busy in my sewing studio again, finishing a little white dress that someone asked me to make.  

Modelled by Angela

and Serena...

Yesterday on the way home from quilting I passed by a friends house who was unwell and gave her a little 'get well' gift

Modelled again by Serena

Yesterday evening I received an email with a photo of the lovely Lydia wearing her new dress...

I have made another dress for American Girl Kirsten...who has very floppy legs...looks like I am going to have to learn how to tighten them, as it was quite an act to get her to stand on her own.

She is wearing 'Sonata'   The dress is the same style as the one I made the other day, I have just trimmed it with navy crochet edging.

Before Christmas I joined a Sasha Knitting group on Ravelry which is good fun and then the other week I joined another lively Ravelry knitting group for American Girls and joined in with a KAL - Knit A Long.  Quite a challenge, and probably the most difficult thing I have made for a doll yet, although good fun.  It has knitted up a little large and I still have a few items to make as the set includes a hat, cardigan, socks and panties.  I tried it on Kirsten first...

Yes a little big.

Then I tried it on Samantha, still a little big, but I think it probably suits her a bit better.

Secret Santa Swap Gifts Revealed - Part Three

I haven't received pictures from everyone and have been waiting for some more, I know I have at least one other person who has said they would send me some photos.  If anyone else wants to send some in, whose gifts received haven't been seen yet, please do.

Below is a photo of the lovely knitwear that Kathy received from Erica.


Fabulous slippers and wonderful sweaters!

Erica did exceedingly well getting these knitted and sent off in time as over the Christmas period she had major surgery and has been quite poorly.  Well done Erica they are fabulous.  I hope you are making good improvement now and healing well.

Thursday 26 January 2012

The Suitcase is Too Big Henry & A Surprise for the Girls.

Henry insisted on trying out the suitcase for size this afternoon...even though I told him it was too big!

Henry, it really is too big, you will have to pay for oversize baggage!

'What do you mean its too big?' says Henry, 'I can still use it surely?'

Ah, but can you carry it?  No you can't, so it must be too big!  We will have to keep looking for a smaller one for you to manage.

Today a long awaited surprise for the Sasha girls arrived.  I have had it on layaway and it had to come all the way from Canada.  Customs of course had fun with charging me a fortune for customs duty as well!  

Still I am sure the girls will get a lot of fun out of it.  I have already been requested to make some accessories for it.

Yes, it is a wonderful Doucet pram.  It is just missing its skirt cover (I think that is what it is called) but hopefully I can make something up in black leather to suit.

In beautiful condition for its age.  Just one minor repair and two small bolts to find to fit on the inside, but otherwise it is wonderful.

They just need a little baby doll now and a patchwork quilt and blankets.

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Not quite to plan, and a little dressmaking

Aha I thought, I have found a suitcase for Henry's trip to NZ on ebay...I duly checked the size and went ahead and bid for it.  Well it arrived today, and I don't know quite what I did with my measurements, but it is too big for him!  Not by a little either...oh well back to the drawing board...  Still the little suitcase is quite sweet, I'm sure I will find some use for it.

To try and distract me from the daily headaches I have been doing some sewing again this morning.  Today I have been making some dresses, one of which is being modelled by Jane below.

Her cute shoes are made by Lisa.

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Henry's holiday wardrobe.

Four more items for Henry's holiday wardrobe :-)

A wonderful pair of sandals I ordered from Lisa, a pair of shorts, shirt and hat I made for Henry this afternoon.  

Still needed - according to Henry - t shirts, pair of jeans, sunglasses...

I better get cracking!

Monday 23 January 2012

Shorts for Henry

Henry has been pestering and pestering for some gear to take to NZ, and keeps waving his list at me...so to keep in happy today I made him a pair of swimming shorts...

Nice bright blue, red and white...

I also made him a pair of shorts with pockets on each side for any treasures he finds on his adventures.

That should keep him happy for a few more days hopefully, while I try and catch up with all the housework and tidying that needs doing and that I am so unsuccessful at!