Friday 30 November 2012

A Sasha/Gregor Challenge of the Utmost Kind

Well it is official!  I have designed my badge and committed myself to doing this challenge for a year starting from 1st December, although in all honesty I have already started it.  If anyone else would like to be mad enough to join in, please feel free to, let me know and you can use the photo above I have designed to put on your blog if you have one.

I have a couple of exceptions:

1.  If I manage to go to the Sasha Festival
2.  If family gift me some cash to buy something for the dolls (highly unlikely!)

Now for two of the three dresses I made yesterday for the girls for Christmas.

The first is being modelled by Molly, who was the one of the first Sasha dolls to be added to my Sasha family and my first brunette.  I bought her from Ronny of Absolutely Sasha and to say that she is still one of my most favourite girls.

She has a sweet nature and I really love her.

Red is so difficult to photograph well I find.  The fabric is a lovely needle/pin cord sent to me by a kind lady on one of the Ravelry groups I belong to.

I think Molly is just so lovely.

Next up we have Alice, my blonde centre part Kilt girl.

She teamed the dress with blue Jean Jensen shoes and hair bands.

She is a gorgeous girl, with lovely eyes and smile.

I think this dress really suits her and she seems quite happy in it.

She is always smiling!

Well must get on, we are preparing our lounge for Christmas decorations today and I also want to get some more sewing done.

On my needles:


A little reminder that the Secret Santa Christmas Parcels should just about be on their way!

Thursday 29 November 2012

A Challenge...

Having started on my winter sweater project  for my Sasha girls and boys, has got me thinking about clothes and making them versus buying them and I have decided to make a pledge to only make my Sasha family their clothes for the next year, not purchase anything.  With one exception...if I manage to save up enough money to go to the Sasha Festival, then I will allow myself some spending money there.  Although if it is anything like the one this year I only had a budget of £25 to spend so didn't buy any clothes there anyway!    I am going to try and design a banner/photo tomorrow to display this pledge and if anyone wants to join in they are welcome to. 

My pledge will be something like this;

"A Sasha/Gregor Challenge of the Utmost Kind"

I pledge to not purchase any Sasha or Gregor clothing for a year from 1st December 2012.  Instead I plan to sew and knit their clothing only, making use of existing fabrics, yarns, and upcycling wherever possible.

I finally managed to get to my quilting group today after being unable to attend for several weeks.  I had cut out three Christmas dresses yesterday and managed to get them all sewn up today, but by the time I got home it was too dark to photograph them, so will do that tomorrow.  I have some other items that I am hoping to finish tomorrow.

As I have no new photographs to show, I will revisit a couple of older photos...

Tilly Rose in warmer weather when we had some sunshine.

The twins, Connor & James.

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Meredith finds something

Oops, Meredith discovered the Christmas tree I bought from the CS the other day for £2.50...  

Sorry Meredith, we are not quite ready to put it in place yet...Hopefully in the weekend.  Don't let the others know, it is to be a surprise!

Sunday 25 November 2012

Paris - Part Six - The Louvre

Sunday, the final day of our trip to Paris dawned grey and drizzly, but fortunately we were going to be inside all day.  First we were going to the Louvre, then we had the long coach trip home.  

So here we have photos from our morning in the Louvre, as seen through Henry's eyes.

Amazing picture on the ceiling.

Henry enjoyed being able to get up close.

Henry & Jill studying the placade.

Next Henry walks round to the other side.

A similar painting, but in reverse...

After the Louvre we made our way back to the coach for the trip home.  

We were all thoroughly exhausted!

Saturday 24 November 2012

Feeling poorly

A break in the Paris postings today as the dreaded lurgy that I brought back with me from France as managed to get the better of me today, with most of the day being spent in bed feeling rather poorly.  Hope to resume the final day tomorrow.

Friday 23 November 2012

Paris - Part Five

The final part of Day Two continued with a walk through the park...

in which we enjoyed the autumnal colours  and statues.

Where we stopped and had the most expensive cup of tea ever!

Sitting alongside this pond, and enjoyed listening to the birds in the hedge.  We then continued our walk

past the obelisk to the Champs Elysees where all the Christmas decorations and the 'Le Village des Artisans d' Art' had been set up.

There was an ice skating rink around which were wonderful wildlife displays...

The entrance to the skate park.

Amazing chocolate for sale...very expensive though, we looked only.

Just look at this chocolate tools, would have made a fantastic gift!

We thoroughly enjoyed walking up and down each side and looking at all the stalls.  Jill managed to get quite a few gifts for her family and friends.  We stopped and enjoyed a crepe.

These were amazing!  Painted shells for hermit crabs they were selling.

We watched these for quite a looked like it was planning on changing its accomodation!

We then caught the Metro to the Eiffel Tower and were pleased to see that the top wasn't covered in fog this time!

The queue was far too long to even consider going up the tower, so we had a nice walk round before we caught the Metro back to our hotel...if only it were that easy!  We got back to where we thought our hotel was, only to realise we were, slightly lost!  A long, long walk later on what felt to me like shards of glass (my feet were sooooo sore!) we finally made it back at about 9pm, exhausted!