Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Paris - Part Three

Day Two continued with a trip to Notre Dame Cathedral, a most magnificent building with free entry and the added bonus that you are allowed to take (non-flash) photography inside.

To really appreciate the size, scale and splendour of this Cathedral, a visit is a must!

The stained glass windows are incredible

This frieze work was incredible

A scale model replica

Equally impressive were the stone work statues on the outside

Henry was certainly awed by the whole experience.

And insisted on not one, but two photos outside of Notre Dame!

Unfortunately there was scaffolding outside so it was difficult to get a photograph that didn't include it.

Jill and I stopped for lunch in a cafe just outside Notre Dame, before we set off on the next stage of our day, a walk through the park and up the Champs Elysées


  1. Great pictures Lorraine! xxx Karin

  2. Reading with great interest your latest posts on Paris and as Maurice Chevalier sings in the film 'Gigi'...'Ah yes, I remember it well!'
    Love especially to dear Henry! He certainly seems to be lapping it all up and enjoying himself.

    Is that the artist's portrait of you in your hands? Definitely looking forward to seeing that!

    When are you due home?
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  3. Wow! How beautiful! All those stained glass windows are such a sight to behold! I'm sure in person it must have been really amazing!

  4. I'm really enjoying your trip....ok I'd enjoy it more if I were there too, but it's lovely seeing your photos...and Henry having a good time!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain


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