Wednesday 30 December 2015

Secret Santa Swap - Part Five

Ginger writes:  Finn loves his many gifts from Secret Santa. He was gifted lovely hand made items to include a hat, scarf, sweater, socks and wonderful cord overalls. Sister Jessie loves the stripy socks that are knitted too! The chocolates were enjoyed too!
smile emoticon
Here they are showing off their fabulous gifts.

Well done Secret Santa Emma :-)

These are the last of the photos I have received so far - please remember to send me the photos as it is fun to see what everyone received in this fun swap.

Tuesday 29 December 2015

Secret Santa Swap - Part Four

Our Secret Santa Swap arrived a couple of weeks before Christmas and the girls took charge and tucked it safely into the sleigh away from prying eyes!

Christmas morning dawned and Peggy Sue and Henry are there to help Baby open the parcel as we were hopeful that Santa had given something especially for Baby as that is what Henry wrote in his letter.  

Baby is very is his first Christmas.

Inside the wrapping paper were TWO little sacks with cards attached and much to Henry's surprise there was something for him as well.

Baby was rather surprised to find some clothes inside the package and looks up at Peggy Sue.

Yes that is for you!  She says, thinking at last she might be able to get some clothes on Baby.

She helps get Baby dressed while Henry looks inside his sack.

Ooh some fun things to share with my friends.  Henry says,

Peggy Sue looks at Baby.  All dressed .  She says....having craftily put the top on with the ties at the back so Baby can't get out of it so easily!

Baby looks up at Peggy Sue.

 Henry is looking excitedly at the trophy, balls and other fun items he has received...and is planning the next sports event.

There you go you little scamp.  Peggy Sue says.  All dressed now. 

But for how long I wonder?!

Baby is thrilled with his little Peter Rabbit outfit and rubber ducks for the bath.

With their combined 'loot' from their special Secret Santa Brenda.

Time to make an escape...Baby is thinking.

Thank you for our lovely gifts Brenda.

Monday 28 December 2015

Secret Santa Swap - Part Three

Rochelle's 'kids' were very excited with the gifts from their Secret Santa Marijke

They were absolutely delighted to receive some 'truly lovely' gifts.  Thank you Marijke.


Next up we have the lovely gifts received from Marijke from her Secret Santa Sheila

Marijke writes:

Thank you so much for once again running the swap, it’s a lot of fun. Attached are photos of my gifts from Sheila F. and my Sasha family. Sheila  sent the baby sleepers and hat, toy train, prism viewer, a ball of lovely brown and blue yarn, tiny buckles and toggle fasteners, and chocolates for me.


Doll Mum and her daughter received some great gifts from their Secret Santa Halyna.

Doll Mum writes:  The Polar Bear sweater and socks are absolutely gorgeous, the neckline and back fastening is edged with crochet.  The shoes fit beautifully over the socks.  The polar bear toy is very cute and cuddly. 

Thank you for organising the swap again.

Nicholas James was so pleased with his socks he didn't want them hidden under his trousers!

Doll Mum has blogged about Christmas morning in her house and the opening of the Secret Santa gifts over here.

Sunday 27 December 2015

Secret Santa Swap - Part Two

Halyna received some lovely gifts from her Secret Santa Julie.

She writes:

Thank you Santa (Julie), for the gift we received! Anthony was very happy to open his presents. We were impressed by the amazing decorative packaging and beautiful gifts; a pair of pants and a button up shirt, an elegant coat with a red scarf and a dear toy, the harmonica (that actually works) and a baseball glove with a tiny ball. And Santa definitely knows that I love to bake, I got a brownie cast iron skillet. Anthony received more than we ever could have dreamed for. He looks even more handsome and is celebrating the Holiday season in style. Now he is interested to learning how to play baseball and how to play the harmonica next year.

Thank you Lorraine for organizing the Swap. It was very delightful to participate.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday 26 December 2015

Secret Santa Swap - Part One

Some fabulous Secret Santa Swaps this year - with just one hiccup - a returned parcel which is hopefully back on its way to its will unfortunately be late.

I will post the swaps in parts as I get photographs and 'stories' so here is the first.

Secret Santa Doll Mum to Rosie

A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away 3 boys wrote a letter to Santa. 
They were so excited about the release of the latest Star Wars film and asked Santa if he could find them some themed T shirts. Clearly Santa knew who to ask - Doll Mum. She made them perfect Star Wars T shirts and even a Star Wars messenger bag - well they needed somewhere to put their movie tickets!
So we would like to say a really big thank you to Doll Mum for all her hard work, she even told them they could have popcorn while watching the movie - these are 3 very happy boys!

Thank you too Lorraine for organizing another successful Secret Santa swap.
Merry Christmas to you and yours - May the force be with you!

Best wishes

Thursday 24 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Twenty Four

Henry, you really should have a turn at opening the Advent Calendar, as you haven't really had a turn yet...  Junior says.

Really?  Henry says.  Well what not, it is Christmas Eve after all!

The window for today is right at the bottom so the boys get down on the floor to open it.

I wonder what is inside.  Henry says as he opens the window and looks inside.

Wow, looks like a dragon.  Junior says.

Well this is a surprise.  Henry says.  Although perhaps it was to be expected considering the theme this year.

It is a pretty fierce looking dragon!

Right I guess he can go down here.  Henry puts him down.

What do you think Junior?

I think we should play! 

The boys get down on the floor to play with the knights and dragon.

I think this is going to keep them occupied for a few hours!

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Advent 2015 - Day Twenty Three

Hamish and Bobby are 'hanging out' chatting - they are wondering what Father Christmas might bring them this year....they are pretty sure they have been good 'most of the time'.

Hi Guys, Henry says as he approaches.  I was wondering where you were.  Do you want to open the window today Bobby.  

Henry's older brother Bobby is pleased to be chosen to open the calendar today.  He has been hoping he would get a turn.  They all look for window number 23.

It doesn't take Bobby long to spot it.

Right here at the top.  He says.

He opens it.

Reaches inside

Pulls out a little bag

Some treasures in here I think.  Bobby says.

The boys look on.

Come on then, open it Bobby. Says Hamish.

Bobby opens it.

Oh look, a baby dragon and something else.  He holds out his hands to show the boys.

I think I will put it down by the treasure chest.  

He looks up.  What do you think?

Looking good Bobby.

The scene is almost complete!  One more day.