Monday 31 October 2011

Sasha Secret Santa Swap Now Closed

The Sasha Secret Santa Swap is now closed and the letters to Santa (emails) are ready to be sent tomorrow morning (I've worked hard at them today, rather time consuming work!)  I am awaiting on three letters...hoping they will arrive tonight.

I haven't had much chance to sew the last few days, what with one thing or another...I have been doing a little knitting in the evening and have half finished a cardigan I am making.  I am hoping to have it finished by the end of the week, but it is slow going at the moment as my arm is misbehaving!

I did make this dress last week though and forgot that I hadn't taken a picture of it.

Hmm...taking a photo with flash in the evening isn't very conducive to making the most of your colouring is it?

I'm guessing this lovely girl is from around 1972/74.  She has pumpkin coloured elastic in her legs (rather appropriate for today!) and has a hook and bar neck assembly.  I think she has a slightly sad look to her...I will have to get Henry to cheer her up, he is usually pretty good at that!

Friday 28 October 2011

Denim Pinafore and blouse.

So what dress and blouse did Henry model yesterday?

Well rather than publicly publish his humiliation which would really be too much I have took some photographs later with one of the girls wearing it.

The dress is fully lined and could in fact be reversible if so wished.  Although I forgot to take photos of it the other way.  The bodice/body of the blouse is also lined and it does up at the back with press studs.

I thought I'd combed madame's fringe...obviously not!

Goodness hair everywhere! 

I have some more material cut out to make another pinafore, some jeans and a skirt...hoping to do some sewing today once I'm feeling a bit brighter.  

Thursday 27 October 2011

Beware Pirates bearing Gifts! What a surprise!

After the indignities of being used as a model today for a blouse and dress!  Henry was in rather a sulky mood when we got home from quilting group.  I was supposed to be putting the wadding and backing on the quilt top I finished last Thursday but discovered to my annoyance that I wasn't supplied with enough fabric for the back!  I was rather annoyed and frustrated as I bought it as a 'kit' a year ago...  Fortunately I always have fabric with me to make other things if the need arises.

Anyway Henry's sulky mood soon dissipated when he discovered there was post waiting for him! 

I think my husband was rather surprised when some post arrived for Henry as well!

Wow Henry, I wonder who sent you something?

Very exciting indeed...

Mum look at this!

I've been invited to join the crew of the 'Jammy Dodger'.

Can I, can I, can I please?

Of course you can Henry.

Look it is in blue as well - cool!

Standing to attention...Do I have to learn to stand to attention?

I'm not sure Henry, but you certainly look very smart when you do.


Thank you Tobias and the Motley Crew :-)

Monday 24 October 2011

Some naughtiness

Now I've been a bit naughty this last week or so.  I know, I know, I am not supposed to be spending any money, especially when I have none coming in...although I did sell something for £2.00 on Evilbay the other day - not that that really is going to go an especially long way towards helping me!

Anyway, be naughty I have been, extenuating circumstances is my claim to blame.

Pretty in Pink,  when I saw this lovely cardigan and jumper made by Ebayer 'postiesbabe'  along with the blue fairisle jumper on Simon in yesterday's post I just couldn't resist...

I think it really suits this lovely Sasha repaint by Shelly.  I think she has the most gorgeous eyes.

Although the red shoes, don't really go with the rest of the outfit, but as you know there is a serious shoe shortage in this household!

Now just who is this beauty?

My friend Margaret (Ebayer Justsew1940, who incidentally makes the most wonderful clothes) decided to sell this doll and when I said what a shame I wasn't allowed to buy any more dolls...(well not this year anyway), she kindly said I could pay for her in the New Year. When Margaret heard my health news last week, she sent her to me early as a surprise!  Thank you so much Margaret, I love her, she is really special.

Now this is why she was wearing the red shoes, as I think this dress I made the other week, suits her really well with her really dark black hair.

The kindness of people I have met through blogging and the Sasha community is wonderful and I feel very lucky to have 'met' such lovely people.  Thank you to all those who have been emailing me and leaving me such nice comments.  It really has helped.

Sunday 23 October 2011


I've had complaints among the ranks that Henry is having all the fun what with trips and modelling all the clothes etc..  so today I thought I better give Simon a turn.  He chose the Blue & White Snowflake jumper to go with a pair of jeans made this morning.

The boys suffer from a serious shortage of footwear...hence the socks only attire.

A checked pocket on the back

These jeans are perfect for boys rough and tumble games.

With elasticated waist and overlocked seams these jeans (and others) are available for £5.00 (+ p&p) a pair.  Please contact me if interested.  lorraine(@)  {removing the brackets ( ) from around the @)

This pair are now SOLD but others can be ordered.

Saturday 22 October 2011

Thank you Margaret.

Henry wants to say a very big thank you to 'Aunty Margaret' for the lovely gift she sent him on Thursday.  Having a soft spot for Henry, she said she just had to send him this wonderful jumper and hat, just what he needed for his trip to London with me yesterday.  I do have photos of him sitting on the MRI machine (in horror) but I was asked not to put them on the internet for some reason.  

Thank you Margaret for your lovely thoughtful gift.

I do have some other 'Show and Tells' but will leave them for another day. ;-)

Wednesday 19 October 2011

A thank you to Kendal & a New Swap!

Thank you Kendal for your lovely kind wishes and thoughts.  I look forward to your posts and enjoy the way you present your gorgeous Sasha family.

Especially for you I've taken some more photos of my Wide Face Trendon Sasha who I believe is from 1972.  She has been restrung. She started life in the UK, then went to live in America for a while, and I bought her from Ted, and she flew back here to England.

Like Kendal's gorgeous girl, she has the young innocent look about her face I think.

Gorgeous two tone hair.

Her jumper is made by the talent Gill (Ebay member bruno0199) and I think the blue suits her just perfectly.

More news.  I have volunteered on the Yahoo Group Sasha Mart to host the Seasonal Swap for this time of year - take your pick of title, to suit all tastes, faiths and beliefs.
 ‘Wish upon a Star’ ‘Secret Santa Christmas Swap’  ‘Winter Swap’

I will set up a separate page for it on this blog and will post details both here and on the Mart, although to save it getting eventually 'lost' on the Mart, the majority of the information will be on here .  Hopefully will have the page and details set up by the end of today, or early tomorrow.

Autumn Swap Pictures Continued.

Now I know that Laura has received her swap gifts from me I can show some pictures.  I am just awaiting to here if Rochelle has received hers yet and then I can show those as well.

Molly kindly agreed to model the clothes even though she knew they were going to be given a way.

I have made several of these pleated skirts.  They look quite good on Sasha I think.

Hope your girls like the clothes Laura and that you enjoyed the swap.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Winter Warmth & Autumn Swap from Laura has arrived.

I am clearly not doing very well with my 'decluttering and tidying' lark, having been busy in the sewing studio again today.  Although in my defence I have done two more loads of washing and have ironed yesterdays washing.  why is there so much of it?  Oh and I have whipped the vacuum cleaner round the lounge, part of the hallway and kitchen.  Does that count?  I have found it very difficult to focus many things whirling around in my head as well as the pain which has been bothering me especially the last few days.  Nothing like a bit of Sasha time to help distract oneself.

I wanted to try something different today and got out the paper and pencils and had a go at drawing a raglan sleeve sweatshirt pattern.

I'm reasonably pleased with how it has turned out.  The trousers are perfect and fit nicely...

As you can see modelled by Henry, who sits on my desk by the computer.

I've put a zip in the back for ease of dressing and this has worked quite well I think.

Yes fits quite nicely.

Using the last of the brushed cotton print I had left over I had just enough to make a sleeveless bodice for a pinafore dress which is modelled by Jane, who is out on a morning walk with Henry.

The combination of fabrics works quite well I think.

Just after lunch the postman arrived with a parcel for me!

Well that is what it said on the envelope, but before I could say boo, it had been ripped open and Tilly Rose had claimed the package for herself. (Tilly Rose is my lovely re-rooted puddle eyed, pumkin stringed girl, I bought from the lovely Sarah of Vintage-Sasha.)

This is the swap gift I received from my partner Laura.  Very cleverly made indeed as the dress is fully reversible and can be worn as shown, or with the pretty flower print as shown in the photo of the jacket below which is also fully reversible.

For a girl who prefers Dungarees, I think she looks pretty snug in this outfit.

It certainly meets with her approval anyway!

Thanks so much Laura for a lovely thoughtful swap package.  As you can see Tilly Rose looks great in it.