Monday 29 August 2011

Swap Poll Results.

The results for the Swap Poll have now come in and they are as follows:

A defined/specific swap
9 (60%)
A swap of talents
6 (40%)
A surprise swap
5 (33%)
An exchange type swap where items are listed.
10 (66%)

So a close draw, and perhaps we can do both! Now please bear with me as I have never organised a swap before, but this should be fun. :-)

If you would like to join in the exchange type swap, please send in your details, details and photographs of items you would like to swap and I will list them on a separate page and then if there is something you would like to swap with someone else I will put you in touch with each other. If there is anything on your wish list, please also feel free to email those to me as well, as who knows what other people might have. This is the whole idea, to exchange something you may have decided no longer suits your Sasha or Gregor etc... for something different.

The second swap is a defined/specific swap and what I envisioned was a theme, and perhaps to do with the change of seasons. So it seems appropriate that as we are coming into Autumn/Winter that the theme could be this (and perhaps Halloween for those who celebrate this - but please do check with your partner first) Of course if you are 'Down Under' and going into Spring/Summer we could also incorporate this.

I am thinking perhaps a little outfit, and some accessories if you would like to include some. The items can be hand made or bought, but please put a little thought into what the other person might like. It is a good idea to email your partner to introduce yourself and exchange ideas.

Of course I am open to different suggestions, after all this is YOUR swap :-)

If you wish to join the swap, please email me (lorraine(@) -removing brackets) answering the following questions: and I will draw the names out to match partners.



Email Address:

Blog Address:

Colours you like:

Colours you dislike:

Would you like something for Sasha, Gregor or a baby? :

Do you want to post overseas:

Any other suggestions of what sort of theme you would like?

I will keep this open a week to allow people time to email me their details if they wish to take part. I will then match up partners and email you with each others details.

The same applies for the exchange swap, to allow people to email me the items they wish to swap, or things they might like.

Looking forward to setting this up.

I swapped the ribbons around on the little white dress I made yesterday and also put a little bow on the front. I felt the other ribbons just weren't right.

Now packaged up ready to be posted tomorrow morning.

Sunday 28 August 2011

White dress

I haven't managed to do much sewing the last few days as my back and arm have just been far too sore. I did manage to make a little dress this morning though. This little dress I have made for a friend. I'm not sure if I am completely happy with it yet...but hope to post it on Tuesday, or make another!
Perhaps it is just because it really does not feel summery anymore?

Although the sun was shining this morning when this pretty Sasha modelled it for me.

In fact the sun is too bright to show the shirred bodice.

Keep the swap votes coming in, not long left now!

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Marcia in the Garden.

Little Marcia, my no-nose Gotz is modelling a pretty dress made by Sarah of Vintage Sasha. This is the first outfit from Sarah that I have bought and needless to say I am delighted with it, as is Marcia. It is the last thing to arrive that I have spent money on recently and now the purse strings are tightly closed as I pull the reins in. NO MORE SPENDING is the order of the day, as I am now official flat broke and in the red! Yikes!

Purples and violets are among my favourite colours so when I saw this little outfit I couldn't resist.

The dress does tend to accentuate her rather serious caving somewhat but I still think she looks beautiful in it.

I'd never put her hair in pigtails before either and I think it quite suits her.

Thank you Sarah for going that extra mile ;-) I am very happy indeed!

Monday 22 August 2011

Anyone up for some Swapping Fun?

I have been thinking about organising a swap. I have been involved in various swaps before on my other blog and groups I belong to. It had also been suggested by a Sasha friend that this might be quite a good idea to do as well. So what sort of swap would you like.

I have several ideas - vote on which you like the idea of, or would like to be involved in, it doesn't have to be just one.

1. A defined/specific swap, where it is perhaps suggested what we would like to do, eg make a specific item.

2. A swap of where one person might sew something, another might knit, or crochet, or perhaps another skill.

3. A surprise swap, where you get allocated partners and make a surprise for them.

4. An exchange type swap, where we list items we would like to swap and can see if someone has something we would like in exchange.

So what do you think? Any other suggestions welcome.

I will leave this poll open for a week.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The boys were out in the garden today...wearing their new camouflage trousers and jeans, thanks to DS2 either growing out of, or ripping his! :) Nothing like a bit of recycling.

Hmm...looks like there might be some mischief being planned!

I think Henry (on the left) looks a bit shocked at the idea...

Although perhaps not!

Sunday 21 August 2011

Pretty Dresses For Sale

Presenting the first of 'Serenata Sews for Sasha' clothing for sale.

I love butterflies and flowers and the focus of these dresses is of course just this.

First up is the pretty Butterflies in my Garden seen here modelled by Angela, my 2001 Gotz girl.

This pretty dress has a vibrant flower garden feel to it, with the butterflies enjoying all the blossoms.

The dress has lots of added detail with a lace and butterfly panel on the front.

Including pretty matching underwear edged with lace.

(My model Angela and her shoes and socks are not included)

Raw edges are either fully enclosed or overlocked/serged.

Partial opening down back closed by three press studs.

Not shown, but also included will be a set of pretty hair ribbons.

This lovely handmade outfit, Butterflies in my Garden is £20.00 + pp. SOLD

Next up is the pretty dress 'Tea Blossom & Gingham - Butterflies and Roses' shown here modelled by Emily.

This pretty little dress is lightweight and ever so nice to wear (according to Emily) and looks lovely teamed with either a pink or red ribbon in the hair.

The gingham bodice is lined, sleeves match the skirt.

(Emily and her shoes and socks are not included in sale)

The seams and edges are all overlocked/serged.

The partial opening back is closed with a press snap.

This dress, Tea Blossom & Gingham - Butterflies and Roses is £6.99 + pp

Next up is a pretty pale blue dress Forget me Not Hazy Days of Summer, modelled by Sophie, reminiscent of those lazy hazy pale blue skies of summer.

The contrasting bodice is lined and the sleeves are elasticated.

The skirt is teamed with a sewn in lacy petticoat which pinks up the hints of violet flowers in the dress.

This pretty dress will come with a couple of hair ribbons.

Forget me Not Hazy Days of Summer is £10.00 + pp

If you would like to purchase any of these pretty dresses please contact me by emailing me at Lorraine(at) (substituting @ for (at))

Postage in the UK or Europe is either £1.00 first class or £1.70 (recorded delivery), elsewhere price depends on whereabouts in the World, please email for cost.

Payment to be made by cheque in the UK or Paypal for the rest of the world.

Coming Soon....some clothing for Gregor, who often gets missed out...but not here. :-)

Friday 19 August 2011

A Sneak Preview...

Due to a serious shortage of funds, caused by regular Bowen Therapy and Physiotherapy appointments and of course by Sasha overspending beyond my means... I will be offering up for sale the first of my 'Sewing for Sasha' ensembles this weekend.

A sneak preview of 'Butterflies in my Garden'...

Don't forget to check back during the weekend.

Have a lovely weekend, lets hope the good weather of today will last all weekend.

Thursday 18 August 2011

Pleated skirt

Well my foray into quilting my quilt today was disastrous, so I put it aside, after lots of unpicking and designed a little skirt instead. I didn't have Sasha with me this time, I usually have her or one of her sisters with me, but they got left at home today. I therefore had to finish it off this evening to make sure I got the waist measurement right, as I'd done it purely from memory. It has been so wet and cold today that it really felt like Autumn is fast approaching, so it seemed more appropriate to make something to reflect this, rather than the usual summer dresses.

The skirt is pleated and has a waistband and does up at the back. It has no exposed seams at all and fits her really well.

Sasha looks as pleased with it as I am.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

An afternoon with Tilly Rose and Henry.

An afternoon in the garden with Tilly Rose and Henry.

Letting the photos tell the story.