Sunday, 25 August 2013

A few makes.

Just a few photos of some things I have made recently.

Beautiful Amber modelling a white studio style dress and pantaloons.

She is such a beautiful girl.

Using some vintage fabric I found in a CS the other day I made this little pink daisy dress which is modelled by Weaver.

I think I may shorten the length....

She has a lovely face.

Making another pair of dungarees again some vintage fabric found the same day as the pink daisies.

This time modelled by Alice.

The other week I made this dress with some liberty fabric

I tried the 'blind hem' stitch on my sewing machine - not especially pleased with it, so it has since been unpicked and redone by hand.

Tilly Rose is barefoot and fancy free, or so she thinks!

A little waist coat modelled by Francis that I have made and sent to a friend.

I think I will have to make another for Francis as he was quite taken with this.


  1. My word, you have been busy! All look really lovely and each suits each doll well. Nothing quite like the older fabrics for the quality.

    I particularly like the blue/pink floral on Weaver. I've never got round to buying a sidepart doll as yet but guess the time will come eventually.

    How I wish that I could still sew and knit especially for my Sashas.

    1. Thank you Kendal. The blue pink floral is really quite nice - I wasn't sure how it would look at first, but it does suit her very well.

  2. These are all wonderful, but my favorite is the white dress! Beautiful! You do such nice sewing work. :o)

    1. Thank you Bama, I think my favourite is the white dress as well :-)

  3. Awesome outfits for your lovely Sashas :). Each one is fantastic!! I love Weaver's dress, Alice's dungarees are wonderful, the lovely liberty print is so nice and full, and Amber's white dress is stunning!!! I have to say Francis' musical vest is just awesome!!!!! He is very handsome and I can see him attending a concert or a recital, so nice !!!!


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