Wednesday 29 October 2014

Games & Toys for Sasha & Gregor and other dolls.

My friend DollMum has a page for the wonderful toys and games sets she makes for Sasha & Gregor and of course other dolls.  You can find it by either clicking on the picture on my sidebar, or by clicking here.  Do check it out, especially with Christmas coming up - you never know what you might find for that special Sasha or Gregor's Christmas stocking!  She has boats, aeroplanes, puppets, hobby horses, garden games sets and other fun items.


  1. Thank you Lorraine. Gregor 1 and the Rainbow boat are both sold, however there are 8 more boats and 3 planes, plus several other toys still available.

  2. My Brood bought the Gregor 1 boat and one of the planes when they were there and they are wonderfully made. Very clever, DollMum.


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