Sunday 17 June 2012

A good weekend sewing

Well I have indeed had a motivational and inspiring weekend.  I have spent time in my sewing studio, done a load of gardening and planted three rose bushes and also cleaned out the guinea pigs, so all is well.

I still haven't quite decided who is coming with me to the Sasha Festival, but I think it will be Molly and Alice, Henry and Simon.

So of course Molly needed a new dress.

The light wasn't right to show this dress off properly but it has a pretty paisley pattern with shimmering golds, silver and blue colours.

Some 'evening' wear being modelled by Tilly Rose...who doesn't yet know she isn't coming.

A couple of 'gymslips'.  What are these for?  Well Laura and I have some ideas....

Modelled by Alice and Tilly Rose

Just got a little bit more sewing and some knitting to finished and then I can start to think about myself!


  1. I love the paisley pattern dress!

  2. My you've been a busy bee this weekend! Super new outfits for the girls.
    I too have been out in the garden trying to undo all the mess that this last seven days of weather has caused. So disheartening just when I thought that I was on top of the outside jobs.
    Isn't it marvellous how our Sashas and Gregors are got ready to go to the festival first, way before we even get to think and sort out our own needs and requirements.
    Sasha love and looking forward to seeing your four 'kids' Alice, Molly, Henry and Simon, there then. From Kendal.

  3. like you I've been very busy sewing so have had no time to blog about it (let alone take photos of the sewing results), almost ready now!

    The pretty paisley dress is lovely - it will be good to see it 'for real'.


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