Friday 29 June 2012

My waif gets hair.

Before I went to the Sasha Festival I made a request on the Sasha Mart for where to get wigs from.  I had a little Gregor Waif with no hair whom I wanted to re-wig with red hair until I learn to re-root, or can afford to have re-rooted.  Ted kindly spent some time with me discussing wigs and with emails flying back and forth between us we finally settled on one which arrived while I was away.

Well with much fiddling around yesterday afternoon I managed to get the wig to fit - I seemed to be all fingers and thumbs.  I gave the fringe a trim and then dressed my poor little fellow to see what he looked like with hair.

Here he is outside looking at the lilies that have come out to flower while I have been away.

I love the way they highlight his red hair.

He is dressed in Henry's DD outfit that I bought last year at a Sasha Fun Day at Dawn Law's and the wonderful Union Jack Festival trainers that we were given at the Festival.

Not quite the scruffy red head I had envisioned in my mind, but I like the look nevertheless.

More Festival posts tomorrow as we are off to see my son's university shortly.

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  1. Does your waif have a name? His new wig certainly looks good on him. My girls are longing for me to find a redhead (boy or girl).


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