Saturday 30 June 2012

Sasha Festival - Part Two - Fabulous Sashas!

One of the talks I was especially looking forward to was Brenda Walton's.  Brenda has restrung a few of my dolls and I couldn't wait to hear all about her experiences working with these wonderful dolls.  I wasn't disappointed, the talk was riveting and Brenda was a brilliant speaker.  We were treated to have a close look of several of her daughter's beautiful dolls at the end of the talk as well and I managed to get a few photos, which I will let do the 'talking' themselves.  They are just so wonderful, each individually hand painted by Sasha Morgenthaler, all so different and individual, with their own characters.  

Aren't they just simply gorgeous?  What a wonderful collection and so very special indeed.  I fee very lucky to have been able to enjoy these dolls close up, and thank Brenda very much for bringing them and her wonderful talk.  Thank you Brenda.


I was a bit concerned on the Saturday morning when I woke up with the worst head pain yet that I would be unable to take part in any of Saturday's activities, but fortunately with some medication the pain eased off, although did last for several days.  Whether this was the result of the jolt I received when the coach driver reversed into the wall/post on the Friday afternoon I am not sure.  Sitting in the back seat, I did feel it, but hadn't expected such a reaction the following day.  Just another thing I guess I will need to be aware of.  A shame the driver didn't take more care.


  1. Wish I had some of these fabulous serie dolls with the studio style painting!
    My favourite is the blonde withnthe blue eyes in the navy dress, secondly the brunette with the dark eyes, thick eye brows and tiny plaits at the front, third is the red head with the hazel coloured eyes and wearing the delicate fine lawn dress from one of the previous festivals.I had this dress at one time but have since sold it on, it was really beautiful.
    I had, quite a few years ago now, already met and held the doll with the larger brown eyes, blonde hair and cream dress.
    Hope that you are now feeling much better after the coach jolt.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. I loved Brenda's dolls, particularly the red headed girls.
    You hid the pain really well, and I hope it has gone now. I didn't go on the coach trip, so didn't know about the coach driver's carelessness.


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