Monday 16 December 2013

Advent Day Sixteen

My turn today Rory.  Francis tells Rory.

So it is.  There is door number 16.  Rory agrees and points out the door.

I wonder what is inside it today?  Francis asks.

He reaches up, opens the door and takes out what is inside.

Oh look it is an Owl!  A Wise old Owl, just like me...'cept I'm not old.  Francis says quite seriously.

Rory, just looks at him....thinking Francis is at times just a little odd!

Maybe I should recite some poetry to him... Francis says and launches into 'Clouds' by Rupert Brookes.

"Down the blue night the unending columns press
In noiseless tumult, break and wave and flow,
Now tread the far South, or lift rounds of snow
Up to the white moon's hidden loveliness...."

Oh that is enough please Francis.  Rory begs.  The Owl doesn't want to hear poetry today.  He wants to go and sit on a branch and overlook the Winter Wonderland scene.

Oh, okay then.  Said Francis

Where shall I put you oh Wise Owl?  Francis asks the Owl.

Down there on one of the branches.  Rory suggests.

What do you think Mr Owl?  Is that branch suitable for a Wise Owl such as you?  Francis asks.

Well okay there you go.  Francis says as he puts the owl on the branch.

I hope you like it there.  Francis says.

I think the owl will be quite happy there.  Rory tells Francis.

Look he can see what is going on.

I guess so.  Francis agrees.

Francis poses for his Christmas photo.

Would be good if we could see ALL of your face Francis!

That's better!

Francis is my 'newest' boy, arriving earlier this year.  He is tells us his name is 'Francis Fearless' but he is anything but at times!  He was a 1974 lad 'reborn' in 2012 by Shelly & Alison.  

Shelly repainted his eyes and Alison re-rooted him.


  1. Francis and Rory, You are such good buddies and so darn handsome. Thanks for sharing your 'owl' adventure! Diana Merle

  2. Francis is so handsome and perhaps a bit of a romantic ;). It is nice he and Rory added the owl to the lovely Christmas scene. The time is passing so quickly :)

    1. Ah yes he is rather, and he knows it! The time is certainly passing quickly.

  3. I love the personality of Francis, what a hoot (please excuse the pun)


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