Sunday 15 December 2013

Advent Day Fifteen

Do you want to help me today Molly?  Rory asks.

Oh Rory, I'd love to.  Molly replies.

Today is the 15th isn't it?  Only 10 more days until Christmas Day!  Rory both asks and states.

I know, isn't it exciting?  Molly replies.  Now where is the door for number 15?

There it is, I've found it!  Rory points.

Rory reaches over to open the door with Molly watching on.

I wonder what is inside today?  He asks.

He reaches inside...

...and pulls out the little package.

Look Molly!  He says.

Lots of little birds in here.

Just look at them, we will have fun with these.  We must let them out of the bag quickly!

Aren't these two cute Molly?  Rory shows them to Molly.

Look how they are perching on my hand!

Shall we put them on the scene Rory? Molly asks.

I'll put the snow here....

Molly places the snow on a branch

I'll put the little red bird - I think it must be a robin, on here shall I?  Rory asks.

There he goes.

They hang up the bird feeder.  

It is very important that there is plenty of food provided for the birds at this time of the year as they need a lot to keep warm. Rory explains to Molly.

The birds look quite happy.

Rory stands patiently for his Christmas photo.

Rory is an early waif, I am guessing very early 70s.

I love his eyes, and they were what drew me to him.

Funny how the camera picks up things you've never noticed!  

Molly opened the door on the second day and I wasn't taking their 'Christmas Photo's' then so she is having hers taken today as well.

Molly is my early 70s waif and the second Sasha girl I bought.  She has always been one of my favourites and is a sweet girl.

She has had her eyes touched up slightly, and may one day have them done 'properly' but I love her just how she is at present.


  1. I always think that Rory has such a sweet and youngish look about him. I too like his eyes and go well with his red high-lighted hair.
    I think that he is a 1973/4 doll.
    Lovely little package today. The snow to help the birds perch on the branches is a good idea. Stll loving the little bird table with the now hanging bird feeder.

    1. He does doesn't he Kendal. I always think of him and Peter being the youngest boys. I think you are probably right about his year...he has a kind of dark grey stringing in his legs.

      It was lovely for him to open the calendar today with all the birds inside.

  2. Rory is one of my favourites! I'm glad he got all those little birds because he is so keen on animals!

    1. They really were quite perfect for Rory weren't they? I am sure he was secretly hoping for frogs, but birds come high on his list of loves as well.

  3. Somehow the waifs tell more of a story about their previous life - well that's how I see them! Lovely as usual Lorraine and must be getting quite fiddly now with so many props!

    1. Thank you Jude. Indeed it is, as is keeping track of them all. I do love the waifs, there is something a little bit extra special about them I think.

  4. So nice to see Rory taking charge with the birds!! He is so adorable :) Molly looks wonderful in her holiday dress. I love the way you have sewn the girl's dresses--so nice and full and the fabrics are lovely <3

    1. It was perfect for Rory to get the birds wasn't it? Thank you for your compliments on the girls dresses.

  5. I think Rory is darling, yes he seems younger to me too. I love his,wonderful hair.

    1. Yes he is very much the younger one of the family I think. Very different personality to who I thought he would be originally!


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