Wednesday 4 December 2013

Advent Day Four

Liebe and Emily were originally scheduled to open today's window, but thinking on what Kendal said yesterday, I checked the size of the window and thought it more prudent that just one girl open the window today.  Just as well!  It couldn't have turned out a more perfect choice as you will see.

So Ziva, how come it is you opening the window today? Francis asks.  I thought Liebe and Emily were going to open the window.

Well as it is a small window, Mum thought it would be better if only one girl opened it, so she swapped the days round.  Ziva tells him.

Look there is number four.  Henry points out the window.

Ziva starts to open the window while the boys watch on with excitement.

Gently does it...

Oh wow look!  Ziva gasps!

A Raven!  How wonderful, I love ANYTHING black, especially birds and animals! Ziva tells them as she gives them a closer look.

Where are you going to put him?  Henry asks Ziva.

Over on that branch down there.  Ziva replies.

Ziva leans down and puts the raven on the branch.

There that is the perfect branch.  She says happily.

Ziva admires the raven and thinks he is just perfect.

The squirrel looks down to check the raven out.

Henry had spotted that the other squirrel was missing from the tree stump earlier and returns him to it.

Francis and Ziva debate about whether the bird is a raven or a crow...Ziva insists it is a raven and Francis insists that it is a crow.

Fortunately in the end they agree to disagree...Ziva knows that Francis is quite bookish and inclined to be a bit of a 'know-it-all' at times, and is happy for him to think whatever he wants.  Wise girl.

Henry is still absorbed in the scene and ignores the debate.


Ziva is a 2001 Yamka, Francis is customised by Shelly & Alison & Henry is HENRY! ;-)


  1. Lovely Lorraine! I am with Ziva and think it is a raven!!!

  2. We do TOO!.....and a beautiful one at that. Crows tend to be always seen in noisey flocks. He/she looks delightful sitting up in the tree.
    (A very appropiate window for one with her gorgeous raven hair and colour co-ordinated studio dress and shoes.)
    I see that Henry is being his usual caring self as he spots the fallen squirrel.

  3. I think it's a raven too, but I disagree with Kendal about crows in flocks! My rule is: if you see a crow with a lot of others, it's a rook; and if you see a rook on its own, it's a crow.

    Agree with you about Ziva's outfit though, Kendal!


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