Thursday 5 December 2013

Advent Day Five

I looked in Mum's notebook and it is not really my turn today...Alice tells the boys.  But Sasha seems to be busy doing something else, so I thought I might swap and then tell her later.  What do you think?

Oh yes, definitely.  Sasha won't mind.  Simon assures her...

I'm not sure if she should trust Simon's word though as he has been known to be a bit of a scallywag at times!

I'm sure she will understand.  Peter says quietly, hoping Sasha will.

Alice looks for the number five door.

Ah there it is!  She says.

Alice reaches over to open the little door.

Opens it carefully...

reaches in....while the boys are asking her...

What have you got Alice?  What is in there today?

Look it is a little deer.  She says as she shows them

Isn't it sweet?  The boys have a closer look.  'Sweet' isn't in Simon's vocabulary, but Peter agrees it is.

I am going to put him down next to the little badger.  Alice tells them.

Alice reaches down with the little deer.

There, he is saying hello now.  She says.

They watch the little deer make friends with the badger.

So sweet.

So are you sure Sasha won't mind that you opened today's window? Peter asks Alice.

Alice looks a little worried... I hope not,  she replies.  Sasha is quite understanding...


Three dreamy blondes.

Simon (the ruffian of the family, Blue Suit 1974), Alice (1969 Kilt) and Peter (1971/2)


  1. Having seen the dear little dear come out of the window today I'm now not so sure that Sasha isn't going to mind missing/swapping her turn.
    Thinking that there had better be something as nice when it comes to HER turn later. (Can Mum secretly check the contents before they are actually opened.....OR is she clever enough to open it and then seal it up to look as if it hasn't been opened?)

    All three kids are looking very smart and Christmassy.....more than be said of mine here!

    1. That was my concern Kendal, but fortunately Sasha seems to be very easy going! Perhaps she is hoping for something different?!

  2. Hi Lorraine,
    Loving the advent calender and the countdown to Christmas. A real Christmassy blog at the moment!!! Well done!!
    Loving all the Christmas outfits on your Sasha's too, I look forward to tuning in every day.
    Best wishes,
    Susan xxx

    1. Hi Susan, so glad you are enjoying it. They are having a lot of fun!

  3. Love the sweet little Advent deer :) your blondes are indeed dreamy and their photos are dreamy too!!!

  4. Beautiful and simple as always Lorraine. I want that calendar next year too! Love, Fanny

  5. I am loving these posts and especially for all the christmasy outfits the little Sasha family are wearing.


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