Sunday 1 December 2013

Advent Day One

There is much excitement in our house today as it is the first day of Advent.

Charlotte and Susan ask Lottie if she would like to open the first door of the calendar.

Lottie is very excited and delighted to be asked.

They look for the door - it is easy to spot as it is the biggest door!

Lottie bends down to open the door and is very excited as are the other three eagerly standing by.

Wow!  Just look at this great big bag.  She gasps.

Lottie sits down to open it and starts to assemble the pieces.

It is a cute tree with a couple of squirrels.

Lottie places one of the squirrels carefully on the branch.

Oops, I've dropped the other little squirrel!

Sorry little squirrel,there you go...gently does it.

They stand back and admire the little scene.

Later on they wander off to work out who is going to open the next 23 windows!


  1. Sorry I thought that I had just left a comment here but it must have been on Facebook. Is there anyway I can copy it on here or do I have to write another one. If the latter then I'll do it as soon as I can after the evening meal.

    1. I guess if the comment is on FB (I didn't see it) then you can just copy and paste?

      Hope you have a lovely meal.

    2. I think that this and last year's calendars are the best that I have ever seen.
      Such a lovely change from the ones with only chocolates in them. These are just perfect for the Sashas/Gregors as they don't eat chocolates as such and gives them all something to play with as well as adding more scope for photos.

      We shall enjoy visiting here on a daily basis to discover just what is being added daily to the scene.

  2. Another great advent calendar by the looks of things, I like the backdrop too.
    I used to get my son a calendar up until just a couple of years ago, maybe I need to get him another, even though he is 26, then my Sashas could open it for him! And I could eat the chocolate!!!

  3. We haven't had an Advent calendar in years. I can see we will need to get one very soon. Yours is darling!


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