Tuesday 10 December 2013

Advent Day Ten

Sasha was up bright and early this morning.

Good no one else is up yet.  She says as she checks that no one is following her.

I'm going to open a door all by myself today!

Now where is it?  She says to herself as she looks for door number ten.

Ah, here it is...

What was that?  Sasha glances up thinking she heard something.  Oh it is just the puppy, that's okay.  

She leans over and opens the door.

Ooh, I wonder what is inside, it is quite a big door today. 

Oh wow!  A mother deer.  She says excitedly as she looks at it intently.

Now the baby deer has its mummy.  She thinks.

She glances up again to make sure she is still alone before setting the deer down on the Winter Wonderland scene.

There you go, I am going to put you down over here.  She tells the mother deer.

She lowers the deer gently to the ground.

So sweet, they are saying hello to each other.  She thinks to herself as she watches the baby and mother deer sniff each other.

Sasha watches them for a while.

They seem very pleased to be reunited.

This was fun.  Sasha thinks.  Wait until the others realised I opened the door  ALL BY MYSELF!  She has a little giggle.

Posing for her portrait.

Sasha was my first Sasha and is a blonde gingham girl from 1974.  She has been to New Zealand and was the first to travel with me, before Henry arrived.


  1. Sasha is just lovely mum and I love this post especially as it reminds me of when I was little and used to hunt about secretly just before Christmas in search of hidden presents!

  2. I'm so pleased that Sasha got to get a super window gift having missed her turn the other day of the little fawn, as she was being busy somewhere else.
    The Winter scene if getting quite full now with the animals and birds BUT have been a bit naughty and had a sneaky look at the actual calendar photo and seen that there are quite a few more of both to come..... plus a woman figure and several other interesting items.
    10 windows down, 15 more to go!

    1. Yes that was a bit of luck wasn't it Kendal? I am also pleased Sasha got to open such a great window!

      But hey that is cheating - checking out what else is coming...looks like lots of surprises still to come.

  3. I love this window very much! Sasha is a big girl to open the window all by herself. To reunite the deer family is very special too!!

    1. It was fun wasn't it? I think Sasha was indeed a 'big girl' to open this window all by herself and what a wonderful surprise it was too.


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