Monday 23 December 2013

To all who take part in the Swaps.

This is an awkward post to write and I am not directing it at any one person or persons  in particular but it needs to be mentioned so that people are aware.

I didn't think to mention it on the swap page (my error) as I thought everyone who has taken part in these swaps knew this, but obviously not. When sending your swaps please, please mark the package with a low value and as a gift in order to save the people at the other end having to pay silly amounts in Customs tax and handling fees.  This hasn't happened in the past, but two people (that I know of) have had this happen to them this year.  One had to pay £20 which is around $33 USD and the other (me) had to pay £16.48  which is around $27 USD .  I know some people are worried about these gifts going missing, but so far as I know, nothing has ever gone missing yet, and this is perhaps a risk we have to take in order to minimise costs. You can always get proof of postage so that you can show it has been sent.   Let's face it, postage isn't cheap nowadays, so having to also pay to receive something that is a gift for the dolls is a bit of a kick in the teeth. 

Quite honestly in my experience those packages sent simple airmail (NOT PRIORITY) cost less to send, arrive quicker, and have no customs costs to pay. 

It has been suggested to not do International swaps, but as most of the swappers are in the USA with only a few of us in the UK  I really don't want to have to stop International swaps as it would limit who we could swap with and it is nice to swap with a different person each time as it helps to make new friends etc...

So please all who are reading this please take note, don't be offended as it isn't meant that way, rather as a learning experience for us all and something to avoid in the future.  I want to retain the fun factor of these swaps, and I do hope everyone has enjoyed them and by following just a few simple 'rules' as they may be, helps to achieve this.

Thank you.

Secret Santa Swap Reveals will start Boxing Day, so any who have not yet sent in their photos please do, as we all love to see what our Sasha and Gregor families have received.

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  1. its a tricky one - I was caught out by this some years ago when getting something shipped from the USA - I had to pay customs because the ebay seller didn't mark it as non commercial (I guess they saw it as a commercial transaction). I always write gift and 'no commercial value' on parcels I send.


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